Friday, July 22, 2011

"Punching the Winning Ticket"

Republicans are in universal agreement on one thing: "They want to make Barack Obama a one-term President."

There are some differences and preferences. For the most part, however, Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and the rest are arguing from the same piece of paper. True, Ron Paul has added some Libertarian flavor. Rick Santorum keeps social issues in the forefront. Herman Cain is a clear Tea Party alternative. Convincing "Americas' taken for granted" and "Americas' forgotten" will be the deciding factor.

I am not speaking of Republicans. They will not vote for Obama. Not even some of the "R.I.N.O.s" who were duped into straying in 08! Specifically, we are looking at two distinct groups: The "Disaffecteds," referred to in the June 16th blog and the "D.I.N.O.s"(Democrats in Name Only) introduced in the July 2nd blog. Win these two groups and you win the White House!

What do "Disaffecteds and D.I.N.O.'s" have in common? Let's examine their "wish list."

1. They want a simplified tax system that is fair and uncomplicated. A common complaint from both groups is "there are all kinds of tax loop holes that only rich people can take advantage of," that there is "minimal help" for "people raising children,"and they "don't have the resources to retain a high powered C.P.A."

2. They want a guarantee that entitlements are not going away. They understand that the Social Security age needs to be raised. They want Medicare to remain in place but acknowledge that "waste and fraud" are rampant. They are open to the idea that Medicaid "may best be handled from state level." The idea of illegal aliens, even children accessing Medicaid infuriates them. In short, they want health insurance premiums to drop. Drastically! "If it means allowing companies to cross state lines, let 'em come." To "D.I.N.O.'s and "Disaffecteds" this takes preference even over accommodating those with pre-existing conditions! "Sorry!"

3. They want jobs. PERIOD! This is more important to "D.I.N.O.s" and "Disaffecteds" than "threatening a sand lizard's existence" in Texas, or disturbing the "migratory patterns of Polar Bears in Alaska!" They are happy to relax FDA rules in favor of accommodating small food processors in rural areas. Same holds true for energy producers, mining resources in sparsely settle places like the Bakken basin of Montana and North Dakota. They have one question, "will jobs be created if these regulations are relaxed?" If the answer is "yes," they're in!

Both groups traditionally have a deep mistrust of Washington. To "D.I.N.O.'s" it was Washington that "ousted God from our public schools." To "Disaffecteds" it was Washington who "gave companies their blessing to ship our jobs overseas."

"D.I.N.O.'s" will cheer at the though of closing the Department of Education; provided pell grants remain available. "Disaffecteds" would be ready to pop the cork from a champaign bottle(or more accurately pop the top off a beer can)at word that the EPA was closing! Both groups would applaud the abolition of the Energy Department. To them, this is simply excessive government.

What about a balanced budget amendment? What about "term limits" for Congressmen and Senators?

"D.I.N.O.'s" and "Disaffecteds" aren't the brightest students of big government. They have a simplied perception of the way it should be. And maybe there's some wisdom to that! Why do we need all of these agencies? Especially if we cannot afford them! Why are we tied to standards that were imposed through judicial actions? What if those actions were partisan based? Are we yet bound to them? Can we not change some of these laws that may have been based on previously flawed judicial judgment? If so, how?

Let's start with the previous questions. Yes, a balanced budget amendment makes sense. They are painfully aware of what it's like to live on a budget. Why does Washington have a problem with it? Maybe it's because "it will be more difficult to rewards supporters" with "pork!" Term limits should be the law! Why not give more people a chance to represent their country? After all, it's difficult get someone out of office once they're entrenched! And, be real! Who's going to fire themselves from the best job in America?"

Do we detect a trace of cynicism here? If so, it is cynicism born of frustration! The "Disaffecteds" are "forgotten America." The "D.I.N.O.s" are "America's taken for granted."Both groups have been largely ignored by the political establishment, Republicans and Democrats alike. Now they are ready to send Washington a message!

Where can these "Disaffecteds" and "D.I.N.O.s" be found?

The best place to start the D.I.N.O. hunt is in the rural areas of Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Many are consistently voting for Republicans. True, they were fooled by the cordial accents of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. And, in many cases, remained registered Democrats only "to vote in local elections." This is especially the case in states holding closed primaries. Some voted for Obama. After all, they are more fair minded than some might think. However, don't double talk these D.I.N.O.s! They prescribe to an old saying, "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!"

The "Disaffecteds" generally abound in high unemployment areas. The Midwest holds many and if a candidate can convince them that their entitlements will not be placed in jeopardy, they have no problem with "reducing the cost of government." In essence, "you can pull the plug on any and all Washington agencies, if it means more jobs and doesn't take away my Medicare and Social Security entitlement."

In short, convince these two groups that "their needs are the needs of the country" and help yourself to the keys to the White House! Barack Obama did as much!

My inner most feeling hints that America will not give the President a second chance. Certainly there are those who will say it is because he's a "man of color." There may be a hint of truth to that! Nobody ever suggested that it would not be harder for a first time Black President. Even with media support, questions remain with Barack Obama's original qualifications. He didn't have a "thick resume" when he sought the office. Some of his appointments have been suspect. Perhaps the greatest hurdle for the President is the preception that he "campaigned from the center, then governed from the left." To "D.I.N.O.'s" and "Disaffecteds" this constitutes "disception."

The Republicans should remember this when nominating an opponent for Obama. Establishment Republicans will vote for any of the aforementioned candidates. Tea Party Repubicans may like some more than others, but they are not wavering. Welcoming all Americans hurt by the Obama's agenda can and will make the difference. Especially in swing states.

Many "D.I.N.O.s" are Evangelical Christians. Others are "fiscal conservatives" concerned with the debt and rising healthcare costs. They are key to Republicans recapturing Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana and Iowa. They do not support Obamacare and they are disgusted with the growth and overreach of government. They believe that states should play a greater role in education and the environment.

Ohio, Florida and Michigan are awash with "Disaffecteds." Many are unemployed and underemployed. Their attitude is "show me a job and I'll show you my vote!"

The question becomes, "which Republican candidate can best bring both "D.I.N.O.'s" and "Disaffecteds" into the GOP tent? Here's a hint! He is not on the list of candidates named earlier.

In an earlier blog Florida Senator, Marco Rubio was identified as a candidate who could defeat Barack Obama. I stand by that assertion. But in the Republican scheme of things, it doesn't always work that way! Rubio's time will come and he stands to be the best possible Vice Presidential option for the 2012 ticket.

Considering the economy and the need to attract "D.I.N.O.s" and "Disaffecteds" the candidate who best fits the bill is Texas Governor, Rick Perry. Perry simply has it all!

It begins with the fact that he switched parties in 1988. It wasn't a matter of changing his mind. It was more along the Ronald Reagan logic of "I didn't leave the Democratic Party, it left me."

The Democrats have evolved from a party that favored working families and small business' to a mouthpiece for special interests, non-taxpayers, unions and the ultra-super rich. Perry grew up on a farm near Abilene, Texas, the son of tenant farmers. He graduated from Texas A & M University. He later flew F-130's in the Air Force. Sounds like Middle Class America! He epitomizes the "Reagan Democrat" of the eighties. To "D.I.N.O" Democrats, "he's real."

Rick Perry has served 10 years as Governor of the second largest and one of the most diverse states in America. To top it off, Texas has accounted for 38% of all of the total U.S. jobs created during Obama's tenure. That, it itself will convince "Disaffecteds!" To them, it's about surviving! This translates to jobs, while retaining entitlements currently held. In spite of his flowery rhetoric, Obama hasn't delivered!

Perry is a constitutionalist. He is very quick to point to the 10th amendment as reason to rethink our massive Washington establishment. Maybe we need to bring decisions closer to home! It's food for thought!

The bare facts are, Perry's report card is "all "A's" when it comes to job creation. He has, what Barack Obama didn't have when seeking the Oval Office: "a resume!" True, he will scare anyone who loves the status quot. To them, he will "rock the boat," upsetting the way that "things have been done" in Washington.

To those wanting to make Barack Obama a "one-term president," Rick Perry is truly the "winning ticket." He will dramatically bring both "D.I.N.O.s" and "Disaffecteds" into the fold. They will support him hands down; for different reasons. Part of it relates to dissatifaction with Obama. Another factor is that Rick Perry "exudes confidence." As Dizzy Dean once said, "it ain't braggin', if you've done it!"

Barack Obama has demonstrated a sensitive ego throughout his tenure. He doesn't take criticism well. It's as if he is, "a legend in his own mind." At the core Obama is an "ideologue," painfully "over his head," who wants to give the impression of being in charge. Maybe this explains the arrogance that most perceive. When times are not good people resent being lectured! Especially from someone who hasn't felt the pain of a seemingly endless recession!

Which bring me to another saying, this from former University of Texas Head Football coach, Darrell Royal. As Royal quipped, "there is no such thing as King Kong. For those who think that there is, you better get ready to wipe your bloody nose."

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