Friday, June 30, 2017

Selling Secession- Party IV

Thank God that I was wrong!

Last year, I admitted that Hillary Clinton would likely be elected president. It seemed that Donald Trump, while infinitely determined, would be incapable of overcoming odds that were somewhere between "overwhelming and impossible."

Secession seemed the only way to save a part of the country that we love. Wow, has the landscape has changed since my last post!

Not to say that Americans are not talking about the ultimate break-up. They are! In fact, Trump opponents have shown an ugly side to them that is unfathomable. But, as the election showed, they are concentrated in the large urban areas. Many "red staters" believe their numbers were inflated, thanks to voter fraud.

In the October 13th, 2016 post, a new map of North America emerged. Today, nine months and a general election later, it is more clear. The biggest difference is the fact that Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota either were carried by Donald Trump, or in the case of the "Gopher state," barely went to Hillary Clinton. Republicans didn't "eek out" Ohio and Iowa. They won those states in landslides. Even Pennsylvania broke for Donald Trump!

So...Let's assume that Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota stay with their lower Midwestern neighbors and Canadian "friends." We now have "Yankeedom with, not 82 million people, but 60 million. We could conclude that Quebec choose to join New York, New England, North Jersey and Puerto Rico in their experiment with Socialism, bringing the t to total population to 68 million. I do believe that "Peoples' Democratic Republic of America," would be a more "catchy" name for this diverse country that would be officially "tri-lingual."

As the original post outlined, "Cascadia," composed of British Columbia, Western Washington and Northwestern Oregon, would number 13 millions and would be the "ultimate Utopia for white liberals."

Which leaves two remaining questions: The first is Chicago.

The "Windy City" is nothing short of a train wreck! As of yesterday, President Trump has decided to send federal help. Which may be the first step toward martial law! Decades of corruption resulting from "one party" rule, has pretty much damned them!

Then, there is California. In the previous three posts, Tim Draper's model of "dividing it into six states" was proffered as a solution. Three of the six would join the "new and improved" United States of America. The remaining three, constituting 23 million souls, would go it alone. Maybe a better strategy would be to (a) "deport all in the country illegally, sans "dreamers," and subsequently make those who remain comply to the new constitution. Which would include the newly adopted "E" amendment.

Let's return to the original distinction between the new Republic and the current one. The 14th, 16th and 17th amendments would be repealed. A new amendment that made English the official language would be added.

Under "E," all voters would be required to pass a fourth grade English proficiency examination, as a pre-requisite for a voter I.D. card.With no 14th amendment, there would be no Phyler v. Doe. In essence, illegals would be unable to drive, vote or tap into the entitlements. With no 17th amendment, Senators would be elected by their individual state Senates.

These measures would allow California to be "saved from itself." Chicago? Perhaps instigation of a measure relieving many of their residents from what they consider, a "lousy lot in life!" The program would be called, "Operation Homecoming."

"Operation Homecoming" would guarantee any resident in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, or any place in America, able to prove that their ancestors were adducted by force from their native lands, "compensation." The federal government would offer $25,000 cash, boat passage and administrative assistance to these persons, in an effort to make amends for previous wrongs.

There would be no alternative proposition. Participants would board climate controlled buses to New Orleans, where they would be given international transportation vouchers, processing assistance and,of course, their cash; in "tens and twenties" if they so chose!

No matter how great we think out nation to be, there are those who simply don't want to be here! Let us give them their wish.

Thus California would remain intact. But, they would be "six as opposed to one." With almost certainly, less voters.

Finally, attention turns to South Jersey, New Castle County Delaware, "what's left of Maryland" and Washington, D.C.. This will be discussed in Part V.