Monday, June 28, 2021

Several years ago, I stumbled upon one of the most insightful books in memory: Colin Woodward's "American Nations." American Nations segmented North America into a several nations, based on their initial entry on the continent. While the Maine based, Woodward acknowledged that many of the original settlers had moved on, their initial imprints remain today. Dissecting "American Nations" is another topic for a different post. What is significant is that the nations crossed international lines. Canadian Atlantic provinces share the same nation status, "Yankeedom," as New England. Ditto for Western British Columbia, Western Oregon and Western Washington sharing membership in "The Left Coast." North Dakota, Montana and Idaho, and Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta are members of the "Far West" family. Surprisingly,Ontario is composed in the same footprint as Northern Ohio, Indiana, Illionis and Iowa. This nation, "The Midlands," originally entered through Pennsylvania. The significance of these distinctions is that the populations share major commonalities, most specifically language, race, and religion. Canada has 37 million residents. Almost nine million live in largely French speaking, Quebec. Quebec is part of another American nation accurately named, "New France." This distinction is shared by most of South Louisiana. Another nearly five million live in British Columbia, west of the 120th parallel. This is the "Left Coast" region which actually spans as far south as California. However, for this illustration, we will confine it to the proposed nation of "Cascadia." A number of maps have been drawn of Cascadia. In this post, we define it as "Oregon and Washinton, west of the 120% parallel of longitude and north of Coos County, Oregon. For those not familiar with Tim Draper's "Six Californias," Coos County, Oregon is part of the proposed state of "Jefferson." This defined map of Cascadia would be home to roughly 12.5 million people, in an area roughlty the size of Texas and New Mexico combined. lt's designated boundary would be west of the 120% parallel of longitude, excluding British Columbia east of the 120%. This area is about the size of Mississippi with about 600,000 residents. Southeastern British Columbia,Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon,are members of the "Far West" nation. There has even been a proposed American state called, "Lincoln." Northwestern Oregon, Western Washington and Western B.C., which would make up Cascadia, is a beautiful part of the planet! It is a land rich in resources. Currently the demographic makeup is approximately 91% White, 5% Asian, 1% Hispanic, 1% African, 1% Native American and 1% other. Cascadia would be renowned world wide as a progressive hotbed for expression and individualization. It's embracement of Socialism and Environmentalism suggests that Cascadia would be the consummate white liberals' paradise. Could Cascadia survive? And, assuming that it was allowed to create itself unmolested, what countries would it allign with? Nobody truly knows! We do know that many of it's more affluent residents fled Hong Kong after Great Britain's 1997 lease expired. To say that these people are no friend of the CCP is an understatement! It's also common knowledge that the Soviet Union was predicting American Balkanization seventy years ago. In today's divided America, two reactions could take place. Either the country would see it as secession, uniting to quell a possible threat. OR, they would consider further Balkanization.