Sunday, August 18, 2019

Green New Deal Runs Through Russia

Forget about A.O.C.'s Green New Deal! It is a ruse; a wily effort to slip Communism through the back door!

The Soviet Union controlled their population by essentially impoverishing them. In grounding, disarming and making Americans Vegans, the A.O.C. crowd will have done the same to their countrymen.

Make no mistake! This Green New Deal is about certain people gaining power. Real concerns are irrelevant.

Case in point: Many communities in rural America do not have access to clean drinking water, thanks to outdated infrastructure. The Government Accountability Office estimates that the costs of remedying the looming water crisis might take $190 billion in the decades to come.

Being forced to follow through with the Obama plan; to cut gas greenhouse emissions 80% by 2050 came with a price tag of $5.3 trillion dollars, per Columbia Business School economist, Geoffrey Heal. There would obviously been little money remaining for clean drinking water in rural America!

In truth, Obama's plan amounted to an excuse to push a Socialist, Globalist agenda. According to Heal, the plan would have had a marginal, if any effect on global temperatures!

Global temperatures have been rising and falling for eons. During the Minoan Warm Period,1300-1000 B.C., the Earth was about five degrees Celsius warmer than today's average. Today, Earth's temperatures are comparable to the Roman era. When Columbus was discovering the New World, we were probably three degrees cooler than today. That period was known as the "Little Ice Age."

Billions have been spent on research. Yet Government funded scientists have ignored evidence that global warming has nothing to do with carbon dioxide emissions.

This is the real problem! As carbon emissions go, we do have a problem. But, fixing the problem doesn't amount to destroying American prosperity. We already ARE the example for the rest of the world! And don't bring up our pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord! That amounted to "trusting" the United Nations with 100 million of our dollars. I don't think so...

Here are the facts about bringing about a real Green New Deal: We must forced China and India to comply. In essence, we must successfully pressure them to adopt our standard. And that won't happen. Unless, we have help...

From Russia? Are we kidding ourselves. Russia has nearly as bad of an environmental record as the Soviet Union had. How could they be anything but a nuisance, if not a deterrent?

When I first visited Russia in 1998, I was astounded to learn that the average life expectancy for Russian men was but 57! Medical sources cited the fact that 70% of Russian men smoked cigarettes, often of the highest nicotine content. Then there was the inexpensive, often preferred beverage of choice: Vodka! Today, most of those in power during Gorbachev's years are six feet under.

Gradually these old Soviet types are being replaced by the "Children of Perestroika;" those in middle and high school during Gorbachev's time. These Russians have lived for the most part with computers, cell phones and world access. Many are noticeably embarrassed with the nations' recent environmental record.

In short, America will eventually need to come to terms with Russia on a number of key issues. This might be the starting point. If we come up with a plan that we can adopt; and that amounts to American financial help for Russia to implement our emission standards, it's probable that we will gain immediate European support. At that point, our "New Green Alliance" can pretty much mandate the plan to the rest of the planet. That's the real "New Green Deal!"

The biggest opponents will likely be 70's and 80's Vintage Cold Warriors still in power, who are stuck in Gorbachev's day. Their Soviet/Russian counterparts have already passed. Now, we must either vote them out of office, or wait for them to retire, or die.