Sunday, December 25, 2011

Outsourcing- "The taboo issue"

The 2012 Electoral map lends insight into the thought process of political strategists. A little better than ten months before the pivotal 2012 Presidential election there is little argument that a handful of states will determine the outcome. The question becomes, "are party leaders truly in sinc with the "pulse" of their constituents?

Few would argue that "jobs" will be the key issue. Yet, there is little being said by either party on an ultra sensitive topic with voters: Outsourcing.

In 2012 this could be a "make or break" question. Big business is hedging its bets on a Romney nomination. This looks probable and if it comes to fruition, they win. Romney and Obama share a very important common denominator: They are both confirmed globalists.

I recall last summer when asking a manager of Dallas based, Lifeway Books "who" was his presidential preference. He never actually answered the question. Instead, he warned me that Texas Governor, Rick Perry was "in league with the Bilderbergers."

Fascinated, I googled "Bilderbergers" and was astonished at what I uncovered! True, Perry had some minor dealings with them, essentially two meetings. However, their man was Mitt Romney, hands down. One source, however, said that this Europeon based secret society was apprehensive. They were disappointed in the progress Romney seemed to be making toward affirmatively explaining the merits of national healthcare. There were other concerns. Evidently they were feeling out Perry to see if he might be their new guy.

I went on to learn that this same group had backed both Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush the Elder, John Kerry, Michael Dukakis and Jimmy Carter. Other notable leaders included Christopher Warren, Madeline Albright, Newt Gingrich, Donald Rumsfeld and Colin Powell. This is obviously serious company.

Globalism is something that most people simply accept. Thomas Friedman's book, "The World is Flat" describes how the practice of leveling the world playing field has become the accepted norm. As University of Kentucky, ESL Professor, Dr. Kay Combs admitted upon reading "E" is for English, "if your proposed American English Unification Amendment were adopted, the entire world would be changed."

That would probably not be a good thing for any political leader touted as a globalist! Yet, who in the field besides Obama, Romney, Gingrich and perhaps Perry is not a globalist?

It is certainly not Ron Paul! He even accused Rick Perry of violating the Logan Act with a previous trip to Istanbul in 2004 to meet with this same organization. As an isolationist, Paul is on the opposite end of the spectrum. And, in fairness to Perry, there is no definite connection to the Bilderbergers, CFR(Council of Foreign Relations) or the Tri-Lateral Commission. It might be noted that the Clintons have ties to all three organizations.

Rick Santorum really wants to re-establish manufacturing in the United States. So much so that he is calling for a zero corporate income tax. These are noble intentions! Practical? Hard to say! Would these new plants be union, right to work or both? Where does the former Pennsylvania senator stand on outsourcing? I'm sure that he has mentioned it along the campaign trail. I just can't recall hearing it.

Even the dogmatic Michelle Bachmann has said nothing about identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America. It would seem that she would be the first one in line to say "nyet" to outsourcing jobs that required the most personal of information: the social security number.

Speaking of job creation! Does anyone truly know how many jobs would be created overnight with adoption of such a standard? Jobs within the fifty states?

The good news for Mitt Romney is that the rest of Republican field is either too damaged, too focused on the wrong issues or too utterly lost in the twilight zone to properly introduce him to the real Republicans. Who are these "real Republicans?" The ones who will actually cast their votes at the ballot boxes!

Governor Romney can be grateful to Reince Pribus, Karl Rove, Ann Colter and the rest of the all knowing Republican Establishment. They will keep this "dirty little tidbit" buried. The last thing that they want is to have their "flock" start nosing around someones dirty linen closet! It wouldn't take Sherlock Holmes! Simply go to your local bank. Did you notice the empty desks and office spaces? Where are the people?

Wall Street will tell you, "the stock prices are going up." In the meanwhile, the loser continues to be the average American. Not to mention the consumer who has seen service compromised in favor of more hefty profits for stockholders.

Nobody has considered what kind of benefit "Joe Six-Pack" would reap with the adoption of the "American English Unification Amendment." So let's take a closer look:

For starters, he would not be forced to watch his country go broke. Some say it already is broke! And, rather than swallow the Democrat solution of "a need for shared sacrifice," he could be satisfied to experience "English only." The stock market might be a little dinged! The special interests would howl! The diversity cultists would silently cut their throats! But the country would be solvent again! And, as a bonus, stronger, smarter and more secure!

Let's not forget about the jobs! With no outsoucing of jobs that utilited even a part of an Americans' social security number, look for at least 250,000 jobs to return to our shores. It may actually be much larger when you consider the contract jobs. I recently spoke to a nationwide mortgage lender who bragged that they outsourced all processing to India. Just imagine income documents, tax returns and the most personal of information floating around in cyberspace! It's little wonder identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America!

These are winning issues for a presidential wannabee. But they must first say ,"no, I am not a globalist." And frankly, any candidate who is a globalist should be dropped from consideration.

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