Saturday, June 23, 2012

"E" and Immigration Reform: More than "Kissing Cousins!"

Are we to the point that politics and political expediency are the only things that matter?

Looks that way! Yet, in the heat of battle, Florida Senator Marco Rubio deserves some credit for attempting to bring closure to an argument that has gone on too long. The President? Well, there is an election taking place in November.

What is puzzling is "why" immigration reform and English as the official language have not joined hands. They are more than merely "kissing cousins!" Maybe it's because it's too simple. Senator Rubio has advocated English as the official language. Now, he is piecing together a plan that actually might gain bi-partisan support.

Obama's actions are not surprising. He made a truckload of promises to the Hispanic community in '08. Then, those aspirations became back seated in favor of a stimulus package, health care and green energy. Sorry, Hispanic community! Your needs are secondary to those of more key Democrat constituencies!

July is breathing down our necks! Time to start thinking about the election! That means, recounting old promises to key voting blocs. There is concern in the Obama camp. They are fortunate that the Republican nominee, in the words of former Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales "doesn't connect" with the Hispanic Community. But that doesn't insure that the 16% of America that they represent will automatically flock to Obama!

41 year-old Florida Senator, Marco Rubio is favored as Romney's running mate by the majority of Republicans. If Mitt listens to them, and to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush as well as Tea Party spokeman, Jim DeMint, it will be bad news for Democrats. That's why the 11th hour hoopla of a pieced together immigration plan that bi-passes the legislative process. Rubio's proposal, at least goes about it legally!

What about our plan, proposed in "E" is for English? Why not bring it all together? It isn't that House Speaker, John Boehner hasn't been exposed to it! Maybe it's because I am who I am. Nobody but another voice of mainstream Amertica. I haven't made any significant contributions to the party or GOP candidates! Perhaps there isn't time for anyone save those with the Fortune 500 stamp of approval. Could that be it, Mr. Speaker?

What differentiates the "E" plan from Rubio's is that it provides a direct path to citizenship for those who are here in the U.S. illegally through no fault of their own. All they must do is pass a 10th grade English profiency exam and participate in some sort of service. Rubio's plan allows them to stay legally. But it is vague about eventual citizenship.

Obama's plan is simply the D.R.E.A.M. act which failed to make it through the leglislature. The D.R.E.A.M. act would provide a path to citizenship. But, unlike the "E" plan, it would extend entitlements to offenders. This includes Pell grants, food stamps, student loans and other safety net entitlements. The "E" plan puts these offenders on probation, making them ineligible for entitlements.But, it creates a legitimate route to citizenship.

The "E" plan also takes a second look at the 14th amendment. This is where we need to start! In 1866, "Born in the United States" was a direct reference to the newly freed slaves.  In the proposed "E" Amendment, this definition would be redefined as "anyone born of at least one parent having permanent alien resident status." It would also clarify the "birther issue" by affirming that anyone born of "at least one parent having attained permanent resident alien status would have all of the rights and privileges of an American." In other words, they could run for President or Vice President of the United States of America.

This proposed legislation is truly a "bridge for the moderates." And, in full view, it is superior to Rubio's proposal! It is certainly a better option than the Presidents!

Best of all, it forces the country to go "English only" with all official documents, voting ballots, drivers license testing and literally anything government sponsored, or under the auspices of the federal government. It virtually eliminates voter fraud. It puts a major dent into the identity theft crisis, creating tens of thousands of domestic jobs in the process!

This is about a stronger, smarter, more secure America. The present course does nothing but Balkanize the nation. In the name of political correctness!

I would challenge Senator Rubio to take a look at the "E" proposal. It will be a winner for him. Both with the Immigrant community and long time Americans.

"E" is about making us "one." If there was ever a time to have such a discussion, it's certainly now!

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