Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Explaining "Perfect Society" to America

Class warfare is a derivative of Marxism. The "pursuit of social justice" cleverly veils the true objective.

We are divided as Americans, reminded of our differences. We attempt to accommodate these differences, in the name of diversity. We are quick to correct any and all who attempt to transcend this notion. In some case, we ridicule and chastise those who rise above this accepted practice. Senator Marco Rubio can testify to that!

Why would any true believer in the United States of America deride a Marco Rubio? Should he not be commended for his rapid rise into Americas governing class? Is he not more representative of America than many who hold ruling positions of power in Washington D.C.? Is it not American tradition to applaud self made inspirations who proved that through hard work and dedication, that the ultimate might be achieved?

In some circles, it is. In others, it is considered a threat. These are the believers in Lenin. These are the disciples of Stalin. They believe that Karl Marx had it right. They want no detractors. Marco Rubio scares them. As long as he exists, their very existence is threatened.

What does Marco Rubio truly represent? In short, he represents the "Perfect Society." In no other current American figure, is the nearly forgotten "Perfect Society"more perfectly manifested.

"Perfect Society" as we remember was a theory that "no matter what your linage, irregardless of your country of origin, the color of your skin, your creed, religious preference, your material resources, you were always one rung higher on the socio-economic ladder than the slave."

This was the true essence of the Antebellum South. Revisionist historians have attempted to bury it. But, it still exists. One of it's fruits is the absence of ethnicity. As we may recall from a previous post, the ethnic groups so prevalent in the north are nearly absent in the south. The reason: "Perfect Society" is a southern thing! But, it could and should be shared with the rest of the country!

Could it be sold to America? It should be! For one simple reason! It is the polar opposite to Marxism. Hence, it is feared by those who want a Communist America. If Perfect Society takes hold in America, Marxism is finished.

But wait! There are no slaves in contemporary America! Right?


Those who have decided to become "career entitlees," are today's slaves. Of course, they aren't referenced as such! For good reason! Without them, the Marxist plot to take America ends!

This is the concept that our people must entertain:

"If you do not draw social security, disability, pension, an income from a regular job, an income from previous investments, have held a job at at any time during the previous past five years, own two acres of land, or have never taken a dime from the government, you are eligible to vote. If not, you aren't!"

Could this idea be sold to America? I think that it could. The first concern, however, would be the myriad of lawsuits that would be certain to accompany such legislation. That's why it would be an imperative to treat it in similar fashion to the "E" amendment that is outlined in my book: "Immune from legal challenge." This is about the future and security of America; not lawyers!

Are there sufficient Americans who would be ready to fight for this standard? I think so! It would begin with a grass roots movement that is introduced in Chapter Seven of "E" is for English. For those who have not read "E," definitely check out "Eagles to the Rescue."       

Reform of this nature won't come easily. There will be resistance like never seen. But those resisting are mostly Marxists. Many don't even know that they are Marxists, but they are. In future posts, we will discuss how we will "unmask" each and every one of them.

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