Sunday, December 15, 2013

Practicality, Discipline Could Net Ten Senate Seats for GOP

Oh, the promises of 2014!

Obamacare's rough start are cause for glee in Republican circles. A law that was passed without one Republican vote! Broken Presidential promises! Massive misrepresentation! Could it not get any better?

Without question, the GOP could retake the Senate this November. Democrat Senators in Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina are in deep trouble. Open seats in Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia will likely result in pickups.

It could get even better! Scott Brown is hinting that he might return to his home state and challenge Jeanne Shaheen for the New Hampshire Senate seat. Shaheen, a solid supporter of Obamacare, is taking some heat from constituents over "sticker shock." Brown is not only a "ninth generation Granite Stater," he is a true moderate. Shaheen, a native Missourian, is considered a "rubber stamp" for the Obama agenda.

Gary Peters, the choice of the Democrat Establishment is expected to be the nominee to fill retiring Carl Levin's seat in Michigan. As of now, Grand Rapid's own, Terri Lynn Land is the GOP front runner.Polls suggest that the race will be a photo finish. The stars would point to a close Democrat win. However, if Congressman, Mike Rogers decides to run, all bets are off!

In Iowa Tom Harkin is retiring. State Senator, Joni Ernst is silently backed by Governor, Terry Branstead and may be the most electable. But the Republican field is crowded and if no candidate receives at least 35% of the primary votes,the nominee will be chosen by a state convention. Democrats have apparently settled on Congressman, Bruce Braley. This could be a very close race! If Obamacare continues to sputter and Republicans nominate a "non-controversial" candidate such as Ernst, another pickup is possible.

There are other races to not dismiss, such as Virginia, Minnesota and Colorado. But these ten seats would totally change the dynamics in the U.S. Senate. Of course, Republicans would be required to hold all of their current 45 seats. That's doable. But there can't be any more Angles, Akins and Mourdocks!

It comes down to discipline. Why waste resources to recall Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell? Do not Reublicans have bigger "problems" than Lindsey Graham? The Tea Party may have saved the Republicans after the disaster of 2008. Their next hurdle is learning how to understand the meaning of "a lessor of two evils."

Democrats are disciplined. And, they are unified. They know that their best chance of holding the Michigan and Iowa seats lies in uncontested primaries.

Odds are Scott Brown would trounce Jeanne Shaheen in a general election. But he would still need to gain the nomination of his party.

So, the opportunity is there! The prizes include, but are not limited to, "repeal of Obamacare!" It's probable that a fifty-five seat majority, would be successful in gaining enough "across the aisle" votes to override a Presidential veto.

And the nightmare would be no more!

And there's more!

Dodd-Frank would likely be next on the repeal docket. More court appointments, Mr. President? Forget it! And then it would be time to begin impeachment proceedings! Starting with Mr. Holder and Ms. Rice!

Like the 2012 Presidential race, this is the Republican's to lose! They have the best issue of a generation. The key will be learning from previous Senate and Presidential selection mistakes. If they can do this, they will get everything they want.

And more!

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