Sunday, April 20, 2014

Probable Hillary Nomination Creates Opportunity for GOP

All signs indicate that America's power structure has settled on a Jeb-Hillary face-off in 2016. There is certainly comfort in such a scenario. Yet, today we have a different America; an America more divided than ever. Extreme ideologies create a spawning ground for a multitude of outcomes.

In an October issue of "The Nation" magazine, Richard Kim labeled a Hillary Clinton candidacy as "no new ideas here." Kim surmised. "It's hard to imagine a Democrat of national stature more ill-equipped to speak to the nation's populist mood."

Are we suggesting that there might be "trouble in paradise" for Democrats? You bet!

According to Berkeley economist, Emmanuel Saez, "the top one percent captured 95 percent of all income gains in the so-called recovery, while the bottom 99 percent barely gained at all."

Not a good report card for Democrats, considering that they have held the White House since '08 and the Senate since '06. In fact, it's evidence that the status quot may be worth voting against. Doesn't matter whom the option might be. Even the "right" Republican could garner consideration.

Kim's article reveals several counts of "Crony Capitalism." Topping that list was Doug Band, Bill Clinton's former body man, "who managed to turn his lowly position as jacket holder and BlackBerry keeper into a consulting business that afforded him $8.8 million in Manhattan real estate."

With 2014 moving toward the one-third point, few strong alternatives to Hillary are appearing. Joe Biden draws more guffaws than praises; from his own party members! Andrew Cuomo is feared to bring about another Bush-Dakukis verdict. Martin O'Malley is too much of an unknown.

The far left embraces Massachusett's Junior Senator, Elizabeth Warren. And why not! She thinks that a $25 per hour minimum wage is salvation in America. Her knowledge of business and economics is comparable to Mike Ditka's expertise in home economics!

Kim's conclusion: "If Hillary wins the nomination it will likely be because she scared off potential insurgents and shut down the debate early."

That's what generally happens when you have a monster war chest and elite connections. The problem is you must take care of those who helped you. It's called "the spoils system."

Hillary supporters point to polls, showing her running far ahead of all Republicans. They speak confidently that she would be a first; an experienced woman with credentials. But has anyone really put those "credentials" under a microscope?

In short, Republicans may face a very beatable Democrat in 2016. Their challenge will be to nominate a real alternative to Hillary Clinton. The pattern has been to nominate someone safe, preferably a moderate who appeals to swing voters in the suburbs of Philadelphia and Chicago. Herein lies the problem.

Unless Illinois finds a way to expell Cook County, the state is out-of-reach for Republicans in 2016. Pennsylvania could go "red;" if the Catholic Church would endorse the Republican candidate. But it won't! In spite of it's vehement opposition to both abortion and same sex marriage, like all contemporary churches, the numero uno concern has been "preserving and protecting tax exempt status!"

Can Jeb Bush defeat Hillary Clinton? Yes. But, he is not the only Republican who could.

There was a brief window in 2012 when it looked like Rick Santorum might shock the world. His supporters were openly talking about New Mexico Governor, Susanna Martinez as a possible running mate. The power brokers were actually becoming alarmed.

Two Roman Catholics against a gay rights advocate, holding a twenty-year seat in Jeremiah Wright's congregation, did not bode well. Eventually, even a stagnant institution such as the Roman Catholic Church must make a stand! The Establishment's saving grace was Mitt Romney. His LDS affiliation made it politically correct for the GOP to keep religion out of the discussion.

Perhaps Christians are content with the status quot. Going to a service and hearing a mealy mouthed sermon on "grace and fellowship," is safe. Discussing real issues, such as the "moral decline of America" is laced with pitfalls and fraught with peril!

Winning the 2016 election may be as easy as "mobilizing Evangelicals while simultaneously reaching out to Catholics." The majority of the latter continues to vote Democrat, in spite of Democrats embracement of same sex marriage and government funded abortions!

Americans are seeing a nationwide decline in overall moral standards. The difficulty of arresting this decline amounts to "bigness." The country is simply too large to instigate a resurrection of values from Washington, D.C.. It must be orchestrated at the state level.

This is why Jeb Bush would not be the best choice. While having a good heart, this sincere man may hold too much of a "big government orientation" to embrace a "bottom up," resurgency. For illustrative purposes, imagine the following scenario:

"Alabama passes a law that legalizes classroom prayer in the public schools. A member of the student body complains. The ACLU sends attorneys to halt the practice. Their argument of "separation of church and state" is challenged. Alabama contends that the 10th amendment gives them the right to allow prayer in both the school and the individual classroom. The Governor summons the state militia, mandating that the ACLU representitives be escorted to the state lines."

What would a President Jeb Bush do in this case? In fact, this is a good question for every Republican candidate. Isn't the President sworn to uphold the Constitution? The question is, "does the 10th amendment supercede subsequent rulings that would infringe on an individual state's right?"

We know that Hillary Clinton would say, "definitely not!" It's probable that Jeb Bush would concur. But what about America? Would Americans support a state's individual preference for such a question?

This is where Conservatives can introduce the solution: "Birds of a feather should flock together."

Perhaps most of Massachusetts would oppose this hypothetical action in Alabama. Conversely, Alabamans might not support "Mass Care;" or abortion on demand clinics that surround African American neighborhoods in Chicago and New York City.

Good, bad or indifferent, this is how the framers set up America. Or, as Rick Perry suggested, "move," to states more reflective of one's own values!

Hillary Clinton's inside track creates a wonderful opportunity for Republicans. They can play it safe with a Bob Dole, John McCain, or Mitt Romney. Or, they can reach out for a disciple of real change.

It begins with finding an issue that transcends.

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