Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Huckabee Could Prove to be GOP's Secret Weapon

Rick Perry made perhaps the most incisive statement to date regarding the stakes of the 2016 Presidential election. "The next President may appoint as many as four Supreme Court Justices."

Three Supreme Court Justices will be 80 years old or older. One will be 78. The thought of Hillary Clinton shaping future courts is positively chilling! Hence, the Republicans better win in 2016! Or accept a future America that will be shaped in the mold of the Frankfurt school! Anybody ready for Communism?

This bleak, lugubrious thought is sickening! In fact, it is so awful that many Americans will question the value of staying one nation! A large number of patriotic Americans would find a Hillary-America wanting. Make no mistake of that!

Still, the Republicans haven't lost the election. Signs are evident that Hillary may not be as formidable as once believed. Circumstances, wisdom, practicality and a little bit of compromise might result in a Republican victory in 2016. It starts with looking at the electoral map logically, not emotionally.

Ah, the debate begins! Don't dare say who is electable and who is not! It's about nominating the truest of believers! Better to lose the general election knowing that a real conservative was the nominee, than settle for anything less! Or, so some think!

Republicans' biggest advantage is knowing who the Democrat nominee will be. Running mates are generally good for two or three points in their home states. Maybe some edges in certain demographics. It's smaller than most imagine. Paul Ryan is proof! Yet, when speaking ideologically, things can be a bit more unpredictable.

Mike Huckabee has accurately identified Evangelical voter turnout as the key to the 2016 election. Per Huck, only "30 of 89 million" showed up to vote in '12. Amazingly 22% of these 30 million broke for Barack Obama! As the former Arkansas Governor suggests, if 45 million turned out, the Republicans would be looking at a landslide!

Few question Governor Huckabee's credentials. Speaking as a native Arkansan, I can assure the nation that he was a much more effective governor than Bill Clinton. What slips by the bulk of the country is how Glass-Steagall's repeal caused the Financial Crisis. Amazingly, it was repealed during the 1990's, under Bill's watch.

The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 separated deposit taking commercial banks from securities trading investment banks. The act, considered controversial at the time, long symbolized America's unusual history of bank regulation- maybe the most unusual in the developed world.

The history, intricacies and players of Glass-Steagall's repeal is another subject for a different post. What's important is that it's repeal made insiders associated with the Clinton's wealthy.

Mike Huckabee arguably has more inside dirt on the Clinton's than any human alive. This makes him especially valuable to the GOP. Not merely because he knows it. But, because he can so eloquently express it in a benign, disarming, even charming manner. If Mike describes Hillary as a "dedicated public servant who is a good person and a secular humanist," Evangelical voters will translate this to be "atheist political insider."

Huckabee doesn't have money. Or, at least not currently. Not to say it won't come! Unfortunately 50-state campaigns are not won with ten and twenty dollar donations.

Perhaps the former Fox News Prime Timer has another idea. Such as "completing a presidential ticket."

Any way you cut it, Mike Huckabee would be a great running mate for a number of would be nominees. He mobilizes Evangelicals like no other candidate. And, he knows the enemy! Nobody would doubt his qualification for being a "heartbeat away" from the Oval office. He is considered honest, ethical and sincere. He is a superlative communicator.

Republicans must win Florida to have a chance in 2016. That's why it's a strong probability that either Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio will land somewhere on the ticket. Rubio is a fresh face. He scares Democrats who fear a "2008 in reverse." It helps that he and Huck are close personal friends.

Huck would be a valuable running mate for Bush. However, Cincinnati whispers create the impression that the Bush camp has already settled on John Kasich, if things go as planned.

There are many possible tickets that will be discussed. But make no mistake! The Republicans path to victory runs through Florida. Lose Florida and it is endgame! Furthermore, Hispanics must turnout for the GOP. The short list on "best able to attract Latinos is(not necessarily in this order)Bush, Rubio, Huckabee and Perry. This is based on voting results from previous state and federal elections. Not presumption!

And then there are the Evangelicals. Even a twenty percent increase in turnout might make the difference. This is why Mike Huckabee may ultimately enter the picture.

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