Monday, June 29, 2015

Republican Candidates Should Answer These Questions

Three questions should accompany each and every one of the Republican Presidential candidates:

(1) Do you believe in the 10th amendment?
(2) Do you love your home state more than the federal union?
(3) Do you believe that the military, including all veterans, and the law enforcement officials nationwide would follow you?

If the answer is "no" to any of these three questions, candidates should be precluded from further nomination consideration.

Cut and dry? Maybe. But, consider this.

We will have sixteen or more possible nominees. The good news is, "Democrats will have no clue as to what Republicans are doing." The bad news is, "we have some real "stinkers" in the field!

Rand Paul distinguished the difference between "Con-Con" and "Neo-Con" in his book, "The Tea Party Goes to Washington." Kudos for Rand! We really got a taste of the distinction in the recent Trans Pacific vote.

There is a saying. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Isn't it time that we practiced what we preached?

What about those who saw both sides of the issue? I can't condemn anyone. But, I can review their voting record. As in, their chances to vote! Missing the chance is as good as saying, "I don't care! I have bigger things in mind!"

How about the military? Have we truly given this question much thought? Their support could be the difference between a rally that made the six o'clock news and something much bigger...

And finally, "how much do we love our home state?" Are we with her? Or, did she merely give us the necessary platform to move on with our careers?

The time is short. Soon, we will be forced to make a call: "The contenders versus the pretenders." We must pass the emotion test and begin looking at reality. Can we honestly say that our preference is capable of leading a nation in the time of ultimate turmoil? In the tradition of Abraham Lincoln?

If the answer is "I don't know," perhaps it's time to experience that crucial, pivotal paradigm shift. Before, it's too late!

Oh! By the way! If you haven't already figured it out...Donald Trump is running to take out Jeb Bush, in the tradition of Ross Perot. He knows that he can't win. But, he can make certain that Jeb does not win. Even if the Republican Establishment crams him down the throat of the base, which is likely the plan. Does anyone remember Ross Perot?

For those who are secretly resigned to vote for Bush, because he is allegedly the "most electable," never forget! If Trump runs as a third party candidate, Hillary will win. And Trump might run! Has anyone checked to see how much he has given Democrat candidates over the past twenty years?

Back to the original questions. Check the candidates from A to Z. Take a moment to forgo the question of "who" is the "most glib," who is the perceived "slickest debater."

Try to merely focus on results. As in, a previous report card...Then return to the three questions asked previously. For the sake of what's left of this once great nation...

Are we there yet?

I rest my case...

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