Monday, March 21, 2016

Anger, Frustration, Fear Fueling Americas' Preference

No Lindsey Graham! It's not a matter of death by drowning or poison!

New Conservatives still don't get it. America isn't buying their definition of the world. To their chagrin, we are not accepting their assurance that "we live in a global society and must conform to a globalist state of mind." Maybe trust, or lack thereof, has something to do with it.

The term "free trader," which once carried positive connotations, has become synonomous with "outsourcing American jobs offshore."

Former Governor's Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush are viewed as "the political class."

Last year, I recounted Henry Olsen's April 2011 article that appeared in National Review. It was entitled, "Dangerous Disaffection." You might want to google it for review. For those who take the time, Donald Trump's success will be clearly understood.

The "disaffecteds" account for 20% of the American population. 77% are white. Two-thirds are Independents. Most of their households generate less than $30,000 per year. Trump has connected with these voters.

Not to suggest that these voters are ultra conservative. They are not! But, they do not trust the federal government. As a whole they loathe Barack Obama. Oh, by the way! Most have little if any knowledge of the Tea Party.

Republicans have been attempting to court these voters for years; from the time that the Reagan revolution referred to them as "Reagan Democrats." They contributed to the "Gippers victory." As the years slid by, they resumed their place in the shadows.

The great depression, as Olsen recounts, hit these Americans especially hard. They are dismayed to learn that individuals in the country illegally often have easier access to entitlements. Hence, a resentment for illegal immigration takes on a more personal meaning.

The left driven media seems to equate everything out of their politically correct bubble as rascism, bigotry, fascism, homophobia and Nazism. Shame on them! Like the Republican ruling class, they are learning that these generalisms only fuel the fire.

It comes from the perception of being screwed! Middle class America is angry. Real angry! To the point of finally taking action. All that was needed was a leader. It appears that they have one in Donald Trump.

Conservative purists insist that Trump isn't one of them. After all, he is talking protectionism and universal health care, hardly Republican positions. Conversely, he is promoting border control, second amendment purism and a national defense that will be second to none. All resonate with the most conservative voters.

New Conservatives scorn Trump. Maybe it's because he represents all that they are against. His nationalism stands as polar opposite to their globalist tendencies. His opposition to the Iraq war was clearly inconsistent with the Neo-Con preference for engaging in pre-emptive wars.

This is a very dangerous time for the Republican party. That they scorn Trump goes without saying. But, the electorate has embraced him. If they push him aside in favor of a candidate more in sync with their aims, they could subsequently hand the White House to Hillary Clinton.

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