Friday, July 7, 2017

Selling Secession Part V- The Alternative

We have now come full circle!

The question remains, "what would be the alternative to a peaceful separation?" Amazingly, a huge segment if not the majority, of the American population, would favor the alternative.

Television illustrates the daily anguish of the losers. Some Americans still can't accept the 2016 Presidential election results. Donald Trump was never taken seriously by the mainstream media. His own party establishment's begrudging acknowledgement did not go unnoticed.

What Trump has exemplified is the real divide in America. It is not sectional. It is ideological. To categorize it as "liberal versus conservative" is one-dimensional. In reality, it's about "America first." Trump's opposition sees America as part of a family of nations.

In essence, "nationalism versus globalism."

Barack Obama held a simple commonality with the Clinton's and the Bushes: All are globalists. They see our world as interconnected. Trump and what turned out to be an electoral majority, said, "charity begins at home."

The mainstream media is unquestionably in the globalist corner. Only natural are their efforts to demean and discredit those who are not.

Most disquieting is the lack of tolerance held by anyone who defied them! Jonah Goldberg's eye opening book, "Liberal Fascism," unveiled this tendency.

Our country is dangerously divided. So divided that Civil War cannot be ruled out! From California's insistence on harboring criminal illegal aliens to the violence and corruption that symbolizes Chicago, it's apparent that some would be fine with an all out conflict; "Mano a Mano" for the "whole Enchilada!"

Better be careful for what you wish for!

This is no joking matter! There are those so incensed over the 2016 election results that they have openly encouraged violence. Others have actually practiced violence, while advocating sedition. That's right! Opponents to their point of view are heckled, ridiculed and in some cases, beaten. Uhm! Sounds like the infamous "brown shirts" of NAZI Germany! Herr Goebels would be proud!

The differences of the two opposing ideologies is most profound! It is "secular global socialism," versus "Christian Nationalism."
It is, "Open versus closed" borders, "American exceptionalism" versus "the world is flat," and "a larger role" versus "a smaller role" for government. "Climate change" is embraced by one side, scoffed by the other. Same holds true to "energy development."

In the end, a clash of perceptions.

In a clash of perceptions, both sides are right, in their own eyes. The last time a clash of perceptions so stark presented itself was in 1861. The side that wins is the one with the most resources and power. Unfortunately resolve by itself won't get it done! The South learned this truism, at great cost!

Which is why those rioters in San Jose and Chicago should be careful! They may be on the verge of awaking a long sleeping dog! As one Alabaman put it, "if 50,000 rednecks with 12 gauge pumps in one hand and AR-15's in the other, were to show up in those places, it would be over in twenty minutes."


The N.R.A. estimated in 2012 there to be approximately 312 million firearms accounted for. It is believe that there are that many, if not more, unaccounted for. They are believed to be in the hands of 30% of the population! We can guess which persuasion the majority of them represent! It is easily imaginable that if Donald Trump called for "one million" volunteers to defend America, he would probably have that number in 48 hours. Armed and ready!

Now, let us pretend that it is Abraham Lincoln and not Donald Trump who is president...

For starters, Chris Cuomo, Rachael Maddow, and two dozen other journalists would be interned. They would be joined by Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel, Bill de Blasio, Maxine Waters and three dozen other politicians. As was Lincoln's way, Habeas Corpus would be waived!

Trump would not do this, because it is not his way! But, he might have difficulty stemming the long suppressed anger turned joy that would flow from a silent majority that finally said, "no!"

Make no mistake! The left doesn't want this scenario! It would be remembered for the next five-hundred years as the "worst whipping in the history of the world." This is a mathematical certainty. From being satisfied with a peaceful separation, their opponents would quickly demand it all. Because they could take it!

One could expect a massive exodus. Europe and Canada, for those who could afford it. Arkansas sized Uruguay would watch it's population of three million triple in a few months. Even Africa would receive countless applications for immigration.

With the globalists expunged, both from government and media, a new start would be possible. Imagine a constitution missing the 14th, 16th and 17th amendments. Now imagine adding "English language" and "term limits" amendments.

Foreign policy would be greatly simplified by understanding that this is today, not fifty years ago. We can bring Eastern Europe into the family of civilized nations. We might need to rename N.A.T.O.. "The Coalition for World Peace" has a nice sound to it.

Meanwhile, those who attempted to compromise our great nation in favor of their own selfish agenda, would get their due.

Will it come to this? It might need to! As Thomas Jefferson so gamely phrased, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

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