Thursday, August 24, 2017

Trump's Support Base Potent, Growing, Potentially Lethal

Donald Trump's election was not supposed to have happened.

Everything seemed to be falling in place. It would begin with a relatively easy victory for Hillary Clinton, probably in conjunction with reclaiming the Senate majority. A new America that included open borders, a single payer health care system and the world's highest corporate taxes, would take shape.

This America would include membership in the Trans Pacific Partnership. It would maintain an influential role in The Paris Climate Accord. And, it would welcome a new leftist Supreme Court member...

In essence, everything was going as planned! The Washington D.C. ruling class would hold onto their protected place, complete with special privileges. The United States would simply be a member of a global community, committed to the whims of the United Nations.

Republican "Globalist Neo-Cons" would splash around, issuing lip service objections. Quietly they would assure their financial backers that a Hillary Presidency "would actually be a safer route." A weakened military would continue fighting endless wars, for the sake of lining the pockets of a few.

The regulations would be increasingly oppressive. Companies would continue their quiet exodus, in search of more favorable business climes. Private citizens would take a more assertive approach to residence abroad. Seniors in search of more safe, affordable locales would bid the land that they cherished "adieu."

Oh,the anguish of carefully laid plans gone awry! But somehow, they did!

How did this improbable, if not impossible scenario come about?

A June, 2011 National Review article, called "Dangerous Disaffection," identified a segment of America Donald Trump refers to as "forgotten America." According the NR, they were "two-thirds independents, 77% white, averaged $30,000 income per year, didn't trust government and often didn't vote." Interestingly enough, there were no connections found to the conservative Tea Party movement.

National Review called them "the Disaffecteds" and they made up 20% of the United States population. Donald Trump found them.(Or they found him...) They connected. Hillary Clinton later referred to them as "deplorables." Unfortunately for her, they voted.

Pollsters didn't see it coming! Not because they were dishonest! These voters typically have only cell phones and are not included in surveys. Many who were reached were not forthcoming with their preference when asked. In the end, a lot of people were embarrassed! Even more were completely blindsided!

When the dust cleared, Donald J. Trump was president. As a special bonus, the GOP had managed to hang on to the Senate, further surprising perplexed prognosticators. Suddenly the Republican party controlled the Presidency and both houses!

The Democrats were understandably shattered! To the point that many couldn't accept the election verdict. For months America witnessed a Democrat party in denial. Their ever loyal ally, the mainstream media, was quick to accentuate every conceivable hiccup of the new administration. When a fallacy wasn't found, they simply manufactured one!

Donald Trump is a fighter. To smile and sit quietly while inaccuracies and outright lies were shoveled relentlessly upon him was unthinkable. He retorted vigorously. His supporters vocally applauded. The political class cringed.

Trumps unexpected victory brought new trials. Beginning with a contingent of Republicans who are enraged with both his perception of procedure and irreverence for tradition. Many are in leadership roles.

Trump's "America First," posture presents a quandary for "Establishment" Republicans. Most are "Globalist Neo-Cons." They refer to themselves as "free traders." Yet when Trump refers to "shipping American jobs overseas," he is pointing at their constituents.

To these sorts, Trump is the bawdy outsider, who doesn't respect the rules; doesn't understand how Washington works. Trump's now famous counter punch amounts to "drain the swamp."

Is there an end in sight? For Democrats, there is! It's called "impeachment."

Some Establishment Republicans might secretly be delighted to accommodate their friends across the aisle. Except for one small matter: These "disaffecteds" have been joined by the Christian right.Trump has tapped into another potent force mostly dormant in past times.

Governor Mike Huckabee and others estimated there to be upwards of 90 million Evangelicals in the U.S..In 2012, less than 30% voted. This Last cycle their participation neared 40%.

Both Disaffecteds and Christian Righters are not sympathetic to the status quot. Chances are, they will be the leaders in what Herman Cain calls, "a RINO hunt." This could be bad news for GOP establishment incumbents seeking re-election in 2018 and 2020!

Having corralled "forgotten American and Faith based America," Trump can face his adversaries with more than rhetoric! Any efforts to administrately unseat him would likely lead to civil war.

It amounts to a part of American that is not only willing, but ready to rumble. Decades of being continuously compromised by America's political class have left them in a foul mood. Donald Trump has emerged as their long awaited leader. An ingrained fear of Communism, coupled with a long held mistrust of Washington, have resulted in a potent force, standing ready to mobilize.

With blood in the eyes.

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  1. Very interesting, Sir Jeff. Count me in as part of the Christian Righters and certainly as one angry with the status quo and ready for wholesale change! The establishmnet wing of the RNC must go. As to the DNC, there is no hope for them we just have to get more votes but not for establishment disasters like McConnell, McCain, Ryan and all other sellouts.