Saturday, June 2, 2018

Kentucky 6th District a Bell Weather for Midterms

Kentucky's 6th District may be the Congressional bell weather for fall midterms, and Americas' future.

Incumbent Republican, Garland Hale "Andy" Barr is seeking his fourth term. He replaced Democrat Ben Chandler in a second try in 2012. Chandler had nipped Barr by 772 votes in the 2010 congressional midterm.

Barr has been consistent with his promise to "support tax cuts, regulation cuts and to reduce the size, scope, and cost of government." A strong supporter of the recent Trump tax cuts and an ardent advocate of reapealing "Dodd-Frank," Andy sits on the powerful House Financial Services Committee.

2018's Democrat challenger is recently retired, Marine Lieutenant Colonel, Amy McGrath. McGrath's story is inspiring, if not sexy. She is a decorated combat fighter pilot turned student, turned university instructor. August 1st of 2017, she made the You Tube announcement that she planned to run against Andy Barr in the 2018 midterm.

Positioned expertly as the underdog, McGrath faced Lexington Major, Jim Gray who had been beaten decisively by Rand Paul in the 2016 Kentucky Senate race. Most pundits gave McGrath minimal chances of ousting Gray, who had the support of the national party. The outcome was not as close as even the most optimistic McGrath supporters predicted.

Without question, Barr has done a superlative job! Not only has he kept his promise to "support tax cuts, regulation cuts and to reduce the size, scope and cost of government," he has been one of the most vocal supporters for border security. And, he is bringing home results to 6th District.

From his position on the House Financial Services Committee, he was one of the architects of the "Financial Choice Act," proposed legislation that would begin the dismantling of Dodd Frank. This past week, President Trump signed into law a watered down version of the Act. But, changes so critical to Central and Eastern Kentucky made the cut! Perhaps the greatest accomplishment was the exclusion of Community Banks doing less than 500 mortgage loans per year from Dodd Frank and relief from Dodd Frank for the Mobile Home industry.

Making it easier to borrower money at Community Banks, and obtain small loans for mobile home financing, is more important to Americans living in Berea, than Boston, or Berkley! Expensive regulation from Dodd Frank, has forced better than 1500 Community Banks out of business. Because the little guys couldn't afford the armies of lawyers and accountants that Chase or Wells Fargo could. Now, they are exempted.

Barr who gained his undergraduate degree at Thomas Jefferson inspired, University of Virginia and later graduated from University Kentucky's law school, had immediately sized up the problem. His father, Garland Barr is a prominent Lexington C.P.A.. You might say that Andy "grew up" in an accountant's office. As a result, he was privy to hundreds of hours of tax law discussions. When you combine philosophy, law and numbers, the results are quite amazing!

Congressional Districts send Representatives to Washington D.C., with one purpose in mind: "To represent the needs of the district." From this perspective, Andy Barr has hit a "home run!" After initially supporting Scott Walker for the nomination, he has voiced unwavering support for Donald Trump. His support for Obama Care Repeal, Dodd Frank repeal, help for the V.A. and the Military, plus tax cuts, immigration reform and border control, are a reflection of the majority of 6th District voters. In short, this is what they wanted. This is what he promised. And, this is what they are getting and will continue to get!

Assuming that he wins in November...

Amy McGrath is a fine person. Her service to her country should be revered. She is married to a career military man, who happens to be a Republican.

Her political positions? Well..She supports free healthcare for all. On this subject, she is very close to Bernie Sanders. She opposed the U.S. exit of Paris climate accord. How she would vote on most pending legislation? It is always difficult to speculate when a "thin resume" is involved!

We know that she has a solid academic record, especially on globalist topics. How that would benefit Central Kentucky is unknown.

The question becomes, "is it worth it for 6th District to replace Andy Barr with Amy McGrath; when Barr has been instrumental in getting legislation passed that is vital to members of the district?"

We do know that a vote for Amy McGrath is a vote for Nancy Pelosi's return to House Speaker and Maxine Waters advancement to Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.

Nancy Pelosi called the tax cuts "crumbs." To her, they likely are "crumbs." Pelosi is extremely wealthy, with a net worth well north of 30 million. In her book, $1000-$2000 is "crumbs!"

Waters is another "limousine liberal" with a seven-figure net worth. Representing one of California's poorest districts, she herself resides in a home estimated to be worth 4.5 million. She has passed three bills in 27 years of service.

The economy is booming like never before. Unemployment is at an all time low. African American and Hispanic unemployment is the lowest in history. To hear Pelosi and Waters talk about today's America, "the sky is falling and the president should be impeached."

So, "is it worth it for 6th District to bring Andy Barr home, in favor of Amy McGrath, knowing what Andy has accomplished for the district? Do we want to put the breaks on the record setting economic recovery, pausing to impeach the president?"

That's pretty much Nancy and Maxine's agenda!

Amy? Well, she is a military hero and should be revered for her service to the country. Whether he votes lock step with Nancy and Maxine is unknown. One thing is for certain. If she strays too far from the party leadership line, she won't be appointed to any important committees. It goes back to "why" do districts send representatives to Washington.

In short, is it worth replacing Andy Barr with Amy McGrath?

Turnout in 6th district Kentucky should decide. If Republicans stop and weigh this elections impact on them personally, they'll show up at the polls in November. Andy Barr will win going away.

Such is the case with most "red leaning districts" like Kentucky 6th.

It's about rewarding results.

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