Sunday, September 23, 2018

Coastal Elites Funding Future Surrogates

Follow the money!

I was astounded to hear that Nevada Democrat Senate Challenger, Jackie Rosen had received 90% of her campaign funding from out-of-state sources. At least, that's what President Donald J.Trump revealed in Las Vegas earlier this week.

Trump was campaigning for Republican Incumbent, Dean Heller in what pundits suggest is a "toss up" race that could be decided by one or two percentage points. Those who were listening will likely be less impressed with Rosen, when comparing how much out-of-state money is supporting Rosen versus where Heller's financial support base largely falls.

Rosen's position mirrors the far left of the national DNC. We're talking, "Bernie people."

"Open borders. Healthcare for all, including those in the country illegally. Suffocating regulations. High Taxes." It's all there!

In 2016, Heller wasn't Trump's best friend! Fair to say is that while not a "Never Trumper," Heller was close! His views were more in sync with those of Mitt Romney. Yet...

Trump asked for a chance. He convinced conservative, Danny Tarkanian NOT to challenge Heller in the primary. He threw his weight behind Heller's fund raising effort. And asked Heller to look at his program with an open mindedness that befitted great men.

Heller did. So did other Neo-Cons, including Mitt Romney. Keynesian though they were, they grudgingly admitted that results are results!

They also acknowledged that "Rosen's bunch" were essentially like "Bernie's people." They are Socialists. A booming economy is meaningless, in their mind, if it not accompanied by universal health care for all, free college tuition, open borders and reduced law enforcement.

Here's what happens!

Open borders and reduced law enforcement will set America on a crime spree like never recorded or imagined. Only then will the public acquiesce! They will happily relinquish their hidden weapons, in exchange for the government's assurance that safety is guaranteed. Or, at least most of the women will!

People often forget that the Soviet Union, while awash with grievances, was relatively crime free. Once we reach that point, it will be too late.

Neo-Cons do recognize this as clearly as anyone. By nature, they are globalists. By culture, they are Keynesian. But, they do appreciate results and recognize threats!

Establishment Democrats fear this "coming to terms" of Trump's Populists with GOP Establishment. A fracture has opened within their party, pitting their establishment against "Bernie's people" and "Jackie's bunch."

There was hope that a bridge might come together with enough Republicans to neutralize the Trump agenda, while quelling the rise of "Socialist Democrats." That looks doubtful.

The question: "Can Democrats tell Americans who are doing better than they were in 2016, that they are actually not doing that well?"

Perhaps the country's most vivid illustration is the Kentucky 6th race. Incumbent, Andy Barr is attempting to stave off a well funded challenge from retired Lieutenant Colonel, Amy McGrath.

Amy McGrath was not initially supported by either Kentucky's Democrat Establishment or the DNC. Her primary opponent, Jim Gray, is the Mayor of Lexington. While beaten soundly by Rand Paul in the 2016 Senate race, he was hands down favorite to face Barr in the Congressional midterm.

McGrath quietly turned to her money sources.

When asked, the money is there; if you are committed to their agenda. Those who watched Bernie Sanders, 2016 campaign got a "whiff" of it. It's about Socialism and none of "Bernie's people" are denying it. Nor are "Jackie's bunch!"

Neither are young, "up and comers" such as NY Congressional candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Tallahassee Mayor, turned Gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Gillum. It is in these quarters where we find Amy McGrath...

Her opposition has worked to "strip the bark off of her." It has uncovered a slick campaign, utilizing Amy's noteworthy military record to "camouflage" an agenda that mirrors that of Sanders. Or, at least, closely mirrors it...

Her stance on health care is literally a duplicate. It amounts to "single payer, health care for everyone." Never mind if they are legally in the country! How to pay for it? You guessed it! Higher taxes. McGrath opposed the 2017 tax cuts. Vehemently.

She was also obsessed with the United States staying in the Paris Climate Accord. In her thinking, "it isn't just about Kentucky." But, WHO is she asking to allow her to represent them?

Amy's position on the 2nd Amendment is literally a carbon copy of Sander's. In her thinking, "the government needs to know where every single weapon is."

Like Bernie, Amy is an outspoken advocate against building the wall. Her positions on border security are surprisingly in sync with Jerry Brown's...

Her money? Ever hear of a California billionaire by the name of Tom Steyer? How about George Soros? Amazingly, these are the same guys who are supporting Jackie Rosen's Senate campaign in Nevada and Andrew Gillum's Governor's run in Florida.

When Amy McGrath appeared on the scene, 6th District Democrat party bosses concluded that she would be too far out of the mainstream to be seriously considered. That's why they supported Gray. While sufficiently Progressive, he isn't in the "Orasio-Cortez/Gillum/Rosen" crowd. Amy is.

6th District isn't exactly a "purple" district. Donald Trump won it by 27% in 2016. In both '08 and '12 Barack Obama was soundly beaten. On paper, it would appear that McGrath would face long odds.

Still, money is key. When candidates are willing to promise anything for funding, they generally find a bottomless reservoir of ready donors.

With those funds they can fill the airwaves with lies and irregularities. It will come down to how people feel today, as compared to this time two years ago.

The President knows this better than anyone. Look for him to place double emphasis on "who" is funding these Democrat candidates and "where the money is coming from."

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