Monday, January 21, 2019

Trump's Overture Insufficient for Fantasy Based Democrats

So it's on the table!

President Donald J.Trump cagily rendered a compromise plan that is just moderate enough to generate moans from his conservative fringes. Overall however, it is brilliant.

Without getting into specifics, the President and Republicans are offering to postpone the DACA decision until after the 2020 election. This sets it on the table as a campaign issue. In process, they are providing items from the original Democrat "wish list." And, they are reopening the government.

It's all about positioning.

5.7 billion is a lot, but not really when compared to the 50 billion that we're forking out for foreign aid. If Trump were asking for fifty-seven billion, wall opponents might have a serious beef. But, it's not even twenty five billion, the original number. 5.7 billion? That's a compromise!

In a true compromise, neither side is totally happy. This proposal is no exception. If you don't believe it, ask Ann Colter! It's nothing either side wanted. But, it is a plan that Mitch McConnell thinks that he can find 60 Senate votes. If he does, it's over. Nancy Pelosi will have been outmaneuvered.

Then again, "Fancy Nancy" may not see it this way! If she doesn't,the Democrat party as we know it,will be gone. Look for at least 10% of party membership to become "walk-a-ways."

Historically, when finding themselves on the losing end of a debate, the left has cried racism.Trump's initiative most benefits those trying to get an economic leg up. As in, African Americans and Hispanic Americans! They suffer the most from the "wage depression," that results from an influx of unskilled illegal aliens into the U.S. labor market.

Many question "why" Republicans didn't answer this question when Paul Ryan was House Speaker. The answer is easy: "Paul Ryan Republicans" saw illegal aliens as an endless source of cheap labor. Many were replaced by Democrats in the midterm elections. A record number of them retired, in anticipation of primary challenges. In most cases, their districts were carried by Donald Trump in 2016.

Good, bad or indifferent, the President has found a winning issue: "Border security." Spin it as you wish, CNN, but people care! The recent skyrocketing of Hispanic approval numbers reflect as much. Pelosi's ill advised refusal to even counter the offer will open the door for Trump to declare an emergency. Conservatives hope that he will take the offensive.

This would amount to ending sanctuary cities as refuges for illegal aliens; starting with the arrests of non-compliant sanctuary city mayors. This might trigger a war. But what kind of war? And for how long?

Most of the nation simply does not have a stomach for an 1860's style bloodbath. The parts that do, are the same parts that are already armed, in hopeful anticipation that this day might come. They represent the core of Trump supporters.

Easy to see why some are so enthusiastic about gun control!

In short, it would be a massacre.

Those left leaning ideologues would realize that their far left brothers and sisters had taken them on a fateful detour. In the end, the left would lose; obliterated. It would be the most one-sided crushing in the history of warfare!

The country would subsequently take a rightward swing that would not be reversed for at least two generations. Maybe longer!

Conservatives would reference "The Naked Communist," a telltale, 1958 book written by former FBI special agent and political theorist, W. Cleon Skousen. They would rebrand the so-called,"Progressive Left" as "Communist Insurgency." Skousen's analysis would lend credence to this assertion.

It will start with education. The Department of Education in Washington D.C. would be eliminated. The National Education Association would be labeled a "Communist Insurgent Organization." All members would be precluded from ever working in the industry again. "Tenure" at all public colleges and universities would end. Each faculty member would be subject to an annual "objectivity review."

The term "separation of church and state" would be redefined. History would be consulted. It would be decided that the objective of the wording was the "keep the state out of the church." In essence, Americans didn't want a "Church of America" ala Great Britain's "Church of England," or Anglican Church. Over the years, Secularists have quietly reversed the original intent.

The "Lyndon Johnson era" edict of "disallowing churches protected tax treatment if they endorsed political candidates," would end.

America would be educated on the evils of political correctness. "P.C." would be classified as "cultural Marxism." Those advocating P.C. would be identified as "cultural Marxists." Employers would be encouraged not to hire "cultural Marxists."

Members of the Broadcast(over-the-air) media would be required to take a loyalty oath to the United States constitution. Those apprehended in the act of generating "fake news," would be treated like bankers generating fraudulent mortgage loans: They would be "precluded for life," from any employment in Broadcasting Journalism.

Sound crazy?

Think again. Governor Mike Huckabee pointed out that less that 30% of Evangelicals voted in 2012. That number climbed to almost 50% in 2016. To these Americans, it's about destiny and the ultimate "slaying of the beast."

Bottom line is this: Nancy Pelosi doesn't want to make her stand at this time. At best she will create a landscape for a 2020 presidential election which the Democrats will probably lose. At worst, she will compromise freshmen Trump districts, leading to major Republican House pickups in 2020.

In short, the nation is currently experiencing a "cold" war. Potentially, Pelosi and her party leadership could turn the "cold war" into a "hot" war.

A better idea is to try to work for the good of all of the people! Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi doesn't care if she starts a war! Not even one that might result in two million deaths. She is "Americas political class; the ruling class." If war comes, she'll be sitting in her Geneva chateau, sipping chardonnay. It helps when you are enormously wealthy as she is!

The new Democrat left is all about "hating America and doing everything within their power to destroy it." A growing number of "salt of the earth" Americans(Hillary Clinton called them deplorables)may ultimately conclude that the only remedy is "an old fashioned ass kicking."

Unlike the first civil war, the second war won't initially be "civil!" So many of these "deplorables" harbor a belief that "the only good Communist is a dead one."

With a clash of perceptions, both sides are right in their individual assertions. The side that wins is the side with the most power.

Jefferson Davis would attest to it.

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