Thursday, October 31, 2019

Democrats Impeachment Antics Could Lead to Civil War

Are the Democrats crazy?

What's happening at this moment is, to quote Dr. Alan Dershowitz, "Stalinist."

Trick or Treat!

The closed door proceedings currently taking place in a windowless Washington D.C. basement, are reminiscent of Antoli Rybokov's Glasnost thriller, "Children of the Arbat."

The setting is Moscow. The year is 1934. General Secretary, Joseph Stalin is flexing his muscles. Suddenly, fear is enveloping the Russian countrymen in a manner similar to a wet blanket in thirty degree weather. I shiver at the thought!

Yet, we have those in our own country who are relishing this moment. Maybe even embracing it! Now, they are moving to the next step: A coup against the American people. It starts with kicking out a duly elected president.

2016 was a surprise. To everyone! Especially those entrenched Washington elites. There would be no way that Trump could win. And, if he did, there was always "the insurance policy."

Nobody asked the question, "what if Hillary loses and the insurance policy proves inadequate?"

Well, we can always impeach the guy! Can't we?

There is a problem alright! That problem amounts to the people with the desire, and guns, absolutely love Donald Trump. Don't think for a second that an impeachment will end with quite acquiescement! It won't. Instead, we will see violence on this continent not seen in 155 years!

Here are the facts. The military is behind Trump. Homeland security is behind Trump. Law enforcement is behind the President. Most importantly, "armed America" is with Donald J. Trump.

In a recent National Rifle Association finding, it was discovered that there are roughly 312 million firearms in America that are accounted for! There are probably that many more unaccounted for. 90% of these firearms are in hands of 30% of the population. Get the picture!

Democrats need to quit trying to change the 2016 election outcome. They lost! Yes, it may be that Hillary Clinton received the most popular votes! But, she was soundly beaten electorally. So, if you don't like the electoral college system, propose a constitutional amendment and abolish it. Until then, shut the f...k up! It's over! Move on!

Democrats need to wait just a short 53 weeks and they can defeat Donald Trump at the polls. That isn't that long, if you think about it. So why all these divisive, marginally illegal hearings?

Maybe it's because the party knows that it's going to lose in 2020. The Democratic party is hopelessly compromised. There is no longer the party of Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy or even Bill Clinton. They're history. At best, today's party is reminiscent of Britain's contemporary Labor Party. At worst, it has a Stalinist hue.

Meanwhile, the American economy is humming. People are feeling it! More money in their pockets. New cars in their garages. Who would want to return to the "Great Recession?"

Old habits die noisily! So... Do Dems want to try to impeach this president? If so they could nullify all gains made over the past 50 years! Take a moment to reflect on this question...

Here's what will happen. The left will be beaten horrifically. It would be a whipping that will later be described as the worst that recorded warfare has had to share! Thousands, if not millions, would no longer be with us. Including some dead Congressmen!

Nancy Pelosi would be sipping Chardonnay from the porch of her Lucerne mansion, provided that she could slip out of the country unscathed. More than likely her San Francisco bayfront mansion would have guests sipping wine too; from Nancy's private wine cellar.

Adam Schiff might not be so lucky! It's probable that he would become acquainted with a "blow torch and a pair of pliers."

Sanctuary cities would be encircled by little mounds. Planted atop of these mounds would be signs reading, "here lie the Communist traitors." Previously, they were known as "ANTIFA." That was before those "deplorables" from "fly over America" got ahold of them!

The "great reckoning" as they would later call it, would right many wrongs in America. Starting with taking Harry S. Truman's advice and precluding federal workers from unionizing.

Currently, the average federal worker earns 70% more than their private sector counterparts; with better benefits and job security.
For those Article Fivers pushing for a balanced budget amendment, this will get us there; in much quicker and less painful fashion. It amounts to taking Ronald Reagan's positioning statement literally: "reduce the cost of government."

In the end, America would cleanse itself. Defacto Communism would be expunged from the continent. California would undergo an "1869 style" Reconstruction. Voter fraud would be virtually eliminated. Bias would disappear from college campuses. Health care would be less expensive and more available. Real environmental policies would be in place.

Do Democrats want to go there? I don't think so! If they are lucky, they will simply lose the house and watch their executive hopes go out in Elizabeth Warren splendor.

The alternative would be quite unpleasant.

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