Saturday, September 10, 2011

Obama's true message.

President Barack Obama cares as much for Americas' unemployed as Adoph Hitler cared about the presevation of Jewish lives.

For those who dispute this statement answer two questions: "Why has Obamacare not been repealed?" And, "why are we moving forward with endless job killing regulations?" These regulations range from meaningless banking regulations to subjective EPA mandates that are based on theories that draw less water every day!

Obviously if the president held concern about jobs, he would immediately put the brakes on some of the most obvious regulatory initiatives. Perhaps, as Mitt Romney phrased in the September 7th debate, "he's a nice guy but he hasn't a clue."

Mitt gets an "A" for diplomacy. But it's quiet way of saying that the President of the United States is stupid. But can he honestly be that tone deaf?

The case is further made by Newt Gingrich's reminder that 69% of Alaska is owned by the Federal government. Energy is abundant and the the majority of America wants ANWAR developed. The enormous gas find in lower Cook Inlet translates to high paying jobs for the state. We certainly could use the energy. So what's the problem?

I think Barack Obama may be a lot of things. But one thing he isn't is stupid. He knows exactly what he is doing. For insight, please visit,

When this chilling film is viewed, fair minded, hard working Americans find themselves becoming incensed. It is a well researched account of "dumbing down" the country and quietly advancing Socialism under the guise of "social justice" and "progressivism." This is not some conspiracy theory mind you! All of this is being done in the open. It's a must see.

It does not take an Econometrist to determine that the very regulations so proudly hailed by Obama are discourging job creation in America. As soon as we relax regulations, the jobs return to our shores. Why would Obama have a problem with this?

Obama mentioned the yearning to have that "made in America" stamp on more products. Yet, guess who occupied the seat next to Michelle Obama? Jeffrey Immelt of General Electric, the "undisputed outsource king." We must remember that Immelt has shipped endless jobs to China. He has literally moved American companies there! He has also done business with Iran. Strange bedfellows!

Obama's Thursday speech was purely political. It shrewdly sets a "trap." He is trying to bait Republicans into saying"no." In fact, odds are, he hopes that they will say "no" to everything. This will be a true test for the new elects. If they unilaterally reject every piece of Obama's jobs bill, they will look like calloused obstructionists, lacking in compassion and reason. If they accept all or most of it, they will look weak. Is there a "sweet spot?"

So much of Obama's slant was to his base. He passionately defended regulations. He vigorously supported collective bargaining. When he talked about "cheap labor" and "pollution" you knew that he was aiming his gun at Rick Perry. In other words, without these regulations, we have a dirty place to live! And right to work translates to cheap labor. Does he honestly believe this? Maybe he is "clueless," with an attitude.
Or, to put it more specifically, "a combination of impudence and impotence." Unfortunately, I think it's deeper than that...

Problem for Republicans is, it was a good speech. It might have been Obama's best speech of his career. Republicans now find themselves in a box. The best way out of it might be to agree to the payroll tax cut extension, the extension of unemployment benefits, the hiring credit for long term unemployed and a couple of the other sidebar items. If they do this, while leaving out the "meat" of the plan, they will have proven that they are willing to meet the president halfway. Going a step further, they can propose a one year moratorium on any new regulations. This will save billions. Will it be enough to cover the cost of their concessions? Probably not. And it is highly unlikely that Obama would agree to it. But, it could allow the American public to put a cost figure on regulations. It would also set Obama up for the November 2012 election.

Ironically, it was Obama's intention to do this to Republicans.

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