Sunday, February 12, 2012

No time for either side to "pigeonhole" Hispanic voters.

Reviewing an "anti-Marco Rubio" blog on "The Nation," some pieces fell into the puzzle!

Not that it was surprising that this left leaning blog would portray the Florida Senator in the most skeptical way! That was pretty much expected. But what was unexpected was the certainty held by most Liberal Democrats(along with many Establishment Republicans)that the Latino vote was fairly secure in the "blue" column.

Marco Rubio represented "hope" that the Republicans could still convince Hispanic Americans that there was an alternative. What wasn't referenced in the blog was the simple point of "shared values." Evidently the left has forgotten that most Hispanics are "pro-life," and believe that marriage is defined as a "union between a man and a woman."

These inconvenient "hiccups" along the road to "social justice" are not expected to cause any detours. However, when the Roman Catholic church is brushed aside as "a impediment to womens' rights" it becomes a bit more sticky. The Obama Administration was quick to recognize this. Hence, an alteration in the methodology of payment for controception. Problem solved! Let's move on!

What if it's not a satisfactory answer?

Nobody will know for certain until after the Supreme Court rules in March on the constitutionality of Obamacare. If it's thrown out,we'll have a different general election. If it is upheld, the battle lines will be drawn in fierce fashion. Social conservative, Rick Santorum will likely benefit from the divide.

Would Hispanics support Santorum? Chances are they might! He represents what so many identify with: "A self made success, both professionally and family." The son of an Italian immigrant, Santourm is a devout Roman Catholic. His message is targeted at small business and workers.

Does the Republican Establishment see Hispanic support as pivotal? George W. Bush did! Assuming that they do, do they think it's attainable? Conservatives think so. But there is also the belief that Mitt Romney has long written off the possibility of Hispanic support. It would certainly be more comfortable for him to look at Bob McDonald or another "like minded" soul for his Vice Presidential pick.

Those counting electors know that this conclusion would be dangerous for Republicans. Literally every pollser confirms that the GOP must gain "minimum 30% of the Hispanic votes" to win the election. That was obviously behind the thought of Romney choosing Marco Rubio as his running mate. All indications suggest that Rubio will pass if asked.

Would Rubio run with Santorum? That's a million dollar question! If he did, it would be a difficult ticket to combat for the Democrats. Both Rubio and Santorum are traditional, Roman Catholics. No Presidential ticket has ever included two Roman Catholics. In 2008, 54% of Roman Catholics voted for Barack Obama. Obamacare is suddenly at odds with the church and freedom in general. A serious shift in Catholic voters would spell defeat. Furthermore, Santorum and Rubio represent states that the Democrats cannot afford to lose!

There still might be an outside shot at a brokered convention. Either way, Establishment favorite, Mitt Romney loses. Democrats are quick to profess that Romney would be the most difficult opponent. But, make no mistake! It's a ruse! They intensely fear Marco Rubio. Santorum represents an ideological adversary to Obamacare. Nobody truly knows how Latin surnamed Americans would react to this message; not to mention this GOP ticket.

For Democrats to assume that Hispanics are safely in their camp is foolhardy. For those Eastern Elites who largely comprise the Republican Establishment, it's evidence at how "out of touch" they are with the base of their own party.

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