Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hidden Dynamics of the "E" Amendment

"Those unable to pass a 4th grade English proficiency examination will not be issued a voter Identification card."

In other words, if you can't pass a 4th grade English proficiency test, you will not participate in the electoral process. That's it! PERIOD!

I can hear Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson now. "A literacy test? Are you kidding? No way! You are attempting to disenfranchise Americans! It is obviously a method of discrimination."

Not really, Jesse and Al! The proposed "American English Unification Amendment" has one thing in mind: 100% English literacy in America. You have had your chance! There continue to be too many people who can't attain this standard. In fact, it's getting worse, not better!

The fact is, we continue to have large segments of our children completing the 4th grade, the 8th grade for that matter, who are still unable to pass such an exam! That's deplorable! And it continues with each passing day. Yet, nothing seems to be done about it. Maybe some don't care!

Everyone will care when these "children" become voter eligible and are looked to sway elections. The old way called for simply telling them how to vote. They would usually comply, especially if they were promised some sort of "goodie" in return. Those days would be over with the "E" Amendment's passage!

Unlike the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons, there is a genuine belief that these Americans who cannot pass a 4th grade English proficiency test are being shortchanged. These are Americans! They count! Period! For any American, it should be an imperative that we, as a society, hold to this conviction. Unfortunately, some give it "lip service" and nothing more.

However, when their value as a voter becomes consistent with their passing a 4th grade English proficiency test, things will change! Suddenly, literacy will become a priority. And it will emerge with an urgency never seen!

Our first hurdle will be the ideologues. They will insist that a literacy test is unconstitutional. And, under the present constitution, it is. The "E" Amendment would introduce this requirement and with it, stir up a "hornets nest" of controversy. In the end it will be the right action.

Creating a "stronger, smarter, more secure" America will not be easy. In fact, there will be opposition! Expect it!

100% English literacy in America in route to making Americans the "masters of the English language" is an aggressive goal. It will make a lot of our leaders uncomfortable. Especially those politicians who cater to the poor and illiterate.

The good news is, "such is to be expected!" There are always those who will resist change. Even good change that benefits everyone. We must "consider the sources, focus on the end result and brush aside  detractors.:

America is more important than any special interest consideration.

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