Sunday, July 22, 2012

Romney's VP Select: "Who else but Rubio."

Mitt Romney better get out his calculator!

The key for Republicans to win the election will be Florida. Win Florida and we have a horse race. Lose Florida and we have Barack Obama for another four years. It can't be more cut and dry that that! However, it seems that Govenor Romney may have become sidetracked. The advice that is coming from all corners, ranging from Washington "experts" to his wife, may have clouded his mathematical judgment.

This years Presidential stakes are the highest in history. Barack Obama has laid out his agenda. Half the country looks to be buying it. The other half, the half with the most to lose, is faced with a "must win" election. Lose this election and the America that we cherish may be gone forever.

At times it appears that Romney is running as if he is the incumbent. He evidently forgot that 70% of the Republican party wanted another nominee. He may have decided  that he should play it "safe," essentially playing not to lose. Bad idea!

Imagine playing a basketball game and you have a three-point lead with six minutes to play. How smart would it be to go to a four corners offense in an attempt to run out the clock? Most basketball coaches would say, "bad idea."

How about a football game where you are milking a three-point lead, heading into the fourth quarter. Because passing is more risky than running, it is decided to not chance a pass. The oldtimers call this "sitting on a lead." Most contemporary coaches would tell you, "bad idea."

The point is, Mitt Romney cannot afford to play it safe. He has a mostly reluctant Republican constituency. He is polling behind with women, Hispanics, voters under thirty and first generation Americans. Traditional Republican voters such as Evangelicals and "blue collar" Democrats aren't impressed. His candidacy has some "holes" in it!

Karl Rove, Cal Thomas and Dick Morris amoung others have concluded that Florida will decide the presidency. Why would Mitt Romney look further than the Sunshine state for a running mate? It may come down to "who is available?"

Jeb Bush seemingly has everything. He has executive experience and a successful legacy as Governor. He has a Mexican wife. He is a solid conservative. A lot of Republicans saw Jeb as the ideal opponent for Barack Obama. True, there were those who said that the "Bush hangover" might be detrimental. But the bottom line is, Jeb is evidently not interested in either being President or Vice President.

It is a certainty that he and Governor Romney exchanged ideas. Jeb's recommendation was to "take Marco Rubio."  Rubio has everything that Romney lacks. He could plug virtually every "hole" with the exception of foreign affairs experience. And, he is gaining that with each passing day in the U.S. Senate.

There are some conservatives who see Allen West as an option. But Congressman West has gone on record as "not being ready" for the nod. Insiders believe that West covets Rubio's Senate seat, which would be vacated if Marco became Mitt's VP. That makes sense and Governor Rick Scott has indicated that West would be a "good option" for such an appointment.

Rubio has gone on record as favoring English as the official language. When analyzing the proposed "E" Amendent outlined in "E" is for English, it makes sense for Rubio to "ride point" in presenting the proposed amendment to America. Romney would be in an ideal position. He could propose a plan to improve literacy, reform immigration, eliminate voter fraud and conquer identity theft. He could then turn it over to Rubio. In doing so he would have the ultimate spokesman for carrying out this exceedingly demanding objective.

Unfortunately, Mitt's mind may not be working in this manner. Even though some very smart political strategists are urging him to pick Rubio, he is getting advice from other sources. Starting with these same entrusted "inside the beltway think tankers."  But how good is this advice? Comparing Rubio to Sarah Palin reflects their true naivete.

While Govenor Palin and Senator Rubio share similar ideologies, their comparsion ends abruptly. Palin is a product of rural America. Rubio is an urbanite. Palin briefly ran a geoghaphically large energy state with a mere 650,000 total residents. Rubio was House Speaker of the nation's fourth largest state.  Palin represents the best in "White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism." While Europeon, Rubio is Roman Catholic and represents the largest and fastest growing minority in the country. Palin's husband is part Alaska native. Mrs. Rubio is a French immigrant . Last but not least, Palin's Alaska is a "deep red" state with three electoral votes. Rubio's Florida is a critical swing state with 29 electoral votes that will decide the Presidency.

Then there is Ann Romney. Mrs. Romney favors Tim Pawlenty. After all, she and Mrs. Pawlenty are friends. Never mind that Pawlenty was soundly rejected by voters in the GOP primary. Forget the fact that Minnesota will not be won by Republicans. So what if the former Governer is seen as a "wet dishrag" by most Republicans. The wives like each other! It might also have to do with the memory of how Governor Pawlenty withheld what would have been an knockout blow on Governor Romney in an early debate. Mitt Romney may well feel that he owes Tim Pawlenty.

Rob Portman is as dry and as boring as last week's newspaper. True, he might bring in Ohio and her 18 electoral votes. The problem is "he attracts the same establishment voters already in the Romney fold."  The VP selection is an opportunity to expand the base. Neither Portman or Pawlenty attract women, Latinos, young voters, or first generation Americans.

What about Louisiana's Bobby Jindal?  He is a smart Governor who connects with immigrants and first generation Americans. He would be especially appealing to Asian Americans. His home state of Louisiana will go "red" irregardless  of VP selection. What nobody mentions is that Jindal would be an excellent opponent for Mary Landrieu in the 2014 Louisiana race. Landrieu voted for Obamacare in 2010. She's especially vulnerable! Easy Senate pickups should not be readily disregarded.

The Tea Party Express has endorsed Marco Rubio. Romney has a opportunity to let them know that "they are significant and their opinions do matter." Up until now, he has treated the Tea Party like "bastard children." By selecting Rubio, Romney reaches out to conservatives. Mitt needs an enthusiastic Tea Party this November. To completely ignore their preference would be arrogant. Not to mention ill advised!

In short, Romney is presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity. He can kill "several birds with one stone" with the selection of Marco Rubio. It would start with winning the November election.

From there,.he can effectively introduce legislation that will eliminate future mistakes such as the 2008  Presidential election. He can lay the ground work for a future Republican party and future President. He can drastically expand the party base.

Rubio's selection takes Florida off the board for Democrats. Dick Morris likewise concludes that Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico would be "iced"  for Republicans. Collectively, we're talking about 49 electoral votes. All went to the Democrats in 2008.

Jeanette Rubio is both an Immigrant and an Evangelical! That will help in Iowa,North Carolina and Virginia. Evangicals consider the "Trinity" as the true litmus test of Christianity. If you believe that the "father, son and holy ghost" are not "one in the same," you fail. The key will be to redirect focus from Romney's Morman faith to Obama's actual record.

Mrs. Rubio can define Mr. Obama as "a President not governing under the blood." Government sponsored abortion and normalization of same sex marriage, two of Obama's key initiatives lend credence to such an assertion. This insight is obviously over the head of secular humanists, Chris Mathews and Rachael Maddow. But it touches a critical chord with Evangelical voters. If Republicans can get 50% of them to turnout, these three key states and their 34 electoral votes will be off the board for Democrats. Obama won  all three in 2008.

Rubio will appeal to young Hispanics from coast to coast. There are those who say that his appeal is limited to Cuban Americans. That logic reflects more "inside the beltway" naivete. Rubio grew up in a Spanish speaking household. He is a devout Roman Catholic and strong Christian. He is a family man who reflects the best of America. He is the son of a bartender and a hotel maid. Working people relate to Marco Rubio.

To suggest that Mexican Americans could not "look past the Obama freebees" and "look to individual success," is selling them short! We must never forget that Mexican Americans are some of the hardest working people ever to enter the country. Traditional family values and belief in Jesus Christ places them naturally at odds with the Obama agenda.

Romney would get more than a general election victory with Rubio's appointment. He would gain the ideal ambassador for the proposed "E" Amendment. Legislation geared to reduce the nations debtreform immigration, improve literacy, eliminate voter fraud and conquer identity theft would be entrusted to Rubio.  He could present it in a manner that would neutralize opponents. In the end, he would share in it's successful implementation. An ideal springboard for continued Republican administration would have been launched!

It would be as if Athletic Director Mitt Romney hired Head Football Coach, Marco Rubio to win the NCAA National Championship. He would be handing Rubio a team that featured six returning All Americans, sixteen returning All Conference performers and two Heisman trophy candidates. The talent on the team would play into Rubio's strengths and experiences.

The "E" Amendment is a perfect match for Marco Rubio's talents. Jeb Bush called him "the best orator in America." He can convince Hispanic Americans that under "E's" implementation, they will immediately be transformed from "Latinos" to "Latin surnamed Americans." He will be able to impress upon African Americans that their true freedom is linked to improved literacy. He will explain to all immigrants that the legislation would ultimately guarantee a bi-lingual population in America. Histories and cultures of the world will be retained and in many instances, rediscovered. Schools would become "teaching children how to think" laboratories. The immigration riddle would be solved fairly, compassinately and in a manner that looked to the future.

Marco Rubio's deep love for the United States of America makes him the ultimate messenger for such a mission. People are touched when they look into his eyes and hear the passion in his voice. His brand of intensity is lacking in America.

It will take every ounce of this instensity, not to mention valor, to overcome the opposition. Make no mistake! The Chuck Schumers and Nancy Pelosi's seek to divide and Balkanize America. They will fight to the death to prevent this kind of awakening in America.

It was once said the the Vice Presidency was as worthless as "a warm bucket of spit." Not anymore! In fact, Romney could set the stage for an eight-year Rubio presidency, following his own successful eight-year run. In doing so, he would be both uniting the party and effectively laying the groundwork for the future.

Rubio could do more than break ties in the Senate. He could spearhead proposed legislation that would bring the country together like nothing ever concieved. In essence, a stronger, smarter, more secure America.

Thus, when considering all of the variables, the question becomes, "who else but Rubio?" Hopefully, Mitt Romney can steal some "quiet time," away from the "experts, cronies and even his beloved,"
and come to the same conclusion.


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