Sunday, August 5, 2012

Identity Theft Prevention- A Winning Issue for Mitt Romney

Where oh WHERE are Mitt Romney's advisors?

An economy that rivals America in 1934, gasoline prices headed out the roof, jobs leaving our shores daily and there seems to be no end to the madness! Yet, the President still continues to pound on his opponent's liabilities. Amazingly, some are actually buying it!

Common sense dictated that Mitt Romney would face a class warfare campaign if nominated. This blog had predicted as much last summer. The politics of resentment are strong. Especially when a lot of folks aren't doing so hot! Fortunately for Romney, there is an issue that neither side has picked up on. Maybe it's time he enlightened America.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. As a business man, Romney is in an ideal position to point it out to everyone, including the President. Better yet, he can introduce a solution that crosses party lines and  rubs salve into a visable and growing sore.

If you are looking for an issue to unite the country look no further than "offshore outsourcing." Americans are furious, genuinely livid over the practice. Companies contend that it is the result of high corporate taxes and excessive regulation. This is true. Yet, neither side wants to find a middle ground.

Most Democrats favor a tax on offshore outsoucing. But few are ready to seriously cut the corporate tax rate. Never mind that it is now the world's highest!

I am certain that Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman and Ed Markey would readily vote for an outsourcing tax. But would they do it if it meant returning E.P.A. jurisdiction to the states in accordance to the 10th amendment? No way!

Where does Mitt Romney stand? We expect him to be more business friendly than Obama. But will it be enough? And will he tell business that they must bring the jobs home or else? Probably not. However, it's predictable that he will push for a corporate tax reduction. And so it goes.

This kind of discussion typically leaves Americans with the conclusion of "same old, same old." A little here. A little there. Perhaps some marginal improvement. But we are still evading the issue.

That issue is privacy. Statistically it's fact that identity theft has mushroomed with the increase of offshore oursourcing. Where and why?

The "where" is easy! Look at the banks, credit card, and debt recovery industries. Have you noticed how many are employing help from beyond our borders. Call Trans Union. Call Equifax. Guess what! You will be talking to "Jerry from New Dehli, John from Taiwan or Pricilla from Manilla." Not to impugn these fine people! It's just that we can't check them out like someone stateside.

Here is where Mitt Romney can hit a home run with the American people; in the name of knowing and understanding business. Unlike his counterpart, a "nice guy but clueless where business is concerned," the former Massachusetts Governor can offer a sensible solution. "Let's make it unlawful to outsource offshore any job utilizing all or part of an Americans social security number."

Wow! Mitt magically introduces legislation that will return tens of thousands of jobs to our shores. Talk about a "grand slam home run!" Yes, we're talking about tens of thousands of jobs that would pay less than $10 per hour. In fact, a lot of these positions would pay $7.25 per hour. Without question, the banks and collection agencies would howl! $7.25 may be minimum wage in this country. But the majority of their offshore help is fortunate to be paid one-third of that rate!

Romney's argument would evoke Patriotism. It would go like this: "Many of the recipients of these jobs would be sixty years of age and older. These workers are dependable, punctual, loyal and have no issues at home. They will be happy to work for $290 per week. Because,  they will gain access to their employers group health insurance plan. Best of all, they will not compromise their social security entitlement!

A strong case could be made that these older workers will be three times as efficient as "Jerry from New Dehil, John from Taiwan or Pricilla from Manilla." It would begin with their superior English language skills.

Many offshore employees have only "some working use" of English. In other words, they can read an English script, but can't answer questions in English. Some have accents so think that it practically takes a translator to understand them. It adds up to inexpert, inefficient and unqualified help.  Not to mention a potential compormise of an Americans' privacy!  

In the end, Romney makes a sound argument that creates jobs while attacking a growing problem in America. In the meantime, he positions Barack Obama as "the nice guy who is clueless about real problems because he has never worked in the private sector." In other words, "why didn't YOU think of this great idea, Mr. President? Don't answer that! I already have!

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