Friday, September 28, 2012

Evangelicals Could Spearhead Peaceful Separation

"Separation of Church and State."

This has been the official explanation used by government to systematically evict all religion from the mechanics of running the country. Strangely enough, it has been accepted by millions holding spiritual convictions. The question becomes, "why" have so many believers willingly relented? Political correctness? The comfort of "going with the tide?" Marginal commitment to their beliefs?

One of the most baffling aspects of American life has been the willingness to accept a verdict passed down in the sixties that came from, you might say, "left wing fringe."

Madeline O'hare, the famous atheist successfully eradicated bible teaching and prayer from the public schools. I recall when our elementary school principal circulated a petition asking for signatures to fight the action. There was some brief pouting. I don't recall hearing much of anything from my church. Nothing more was said on a national scene, until Ronald Reagan unsuccessfully challenged the ruling.

We have watched the rise in school violence. We have witnessed a rise in teen pregnancies. Drug use in public schools skyrocketed following the ruling. And, our finished product, our kids, was compromised. Yet you never heard media make much of a stir over this inconvenient correlation. This was to be expected!  What is difficult to figure is "why faith based organizations," namely churches didn't create absolute bedlam when the statistics became known? Maybe they were afraid.

Afraid? Yes. Afraid, to lose their tax exempt status. The power of the purse is always persuasive. The consensus was, "focus on what we can control and don't get bogged down in politics." This was the message believers gleaned from the whole affair. Amazingly, many bought it!

That may have it's limits. As Christians, Jews and even Muslims are seeing, the current Democrat party isn't about any religion. On national TV we watched a large number of delegates' vocally express their desire to eliminate "God" from the platform. For Americans of faith, this should serve as notice. In Democrat eyes, God is in power. His name is "government." His message is best transmitted through the doctrines of Atheism, Agnosticism and Secular Humanism.

Does tolerance and submission have a limit? For the sake of our children, I hope so! Freedom is not free! Christians, the dominant faith in this country, lived through persecution during the Roman era. Nobody ever imagined that they would face similar trials in America! These times are not easy and getting more difficult. People who believe in essentially nothing have taken over. They are now considered to be the "norm." People of faith are positioned as "religious zealots, fanatics, right-wing-fringe, and much worse.

Instead of confronting the accusers, those who believe in a higher being have withdrawn. Many churches have become nothing more than social clubs. People patiently listen to dry little sermons on "grace or redemption." Then they enjoy their "fellowship." Discussing how their beliefs may interface in the world we live in is considered annoying, inappropriate and even rude!

Is this the end of the story? I sure as hell hope not! The country stands at a crossroads! We can go quietly in the night. Or, we can draw a line in the sand. It is my everlasting hope that we will draw the line in the sand. After all, Jesus wasn't a wimp!

Mobilizing Evangelicals has always been the aim of the Republican party. Under Reagan and to a smaller degree, George W. Bush, they were successful. When they did, they won the general election. When they didn't, they lost. The "religious right" was needed for the votes. But there was concern that they might alienate independents. Where they got that notion is a mystery in itself!

With the November election looming darkly, there is a deep rooted fear that the America that we know and love may soon be a fleeting memory. Yet, there is another scenario. What if the "religious right" joins with the "fiscal right" and concludes that "anything is better than another four years of Barack Obama!"

Even, a peaceful separation of the states!

Throughout history, more wars have been fought over religion and resources than any other reasons. When the "fiscal right" is joined by the "religious right" a front that exudes "unquenchable exuberance" emerges. And what a force! Considering that the other side is largely ignorant, apathetic and unfocused(not to mention unarmed), an outcome is predictable.

You can see in the worried expressions on peoples' faces. You can feel it in their voice tone. You can sense it in their mannerisms. We are at our limit. It's like a volcano getting ready to erupt. Make no mistake! We're close!


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