Friday, September 7, 2012

"Second Chronicles 10 & 11"- Preamble to the Coming Fury

Rehoboam was the son of King Solomon. Solomon, the son of David had built a powerful Kingdom. When he died, the Elders of Israel warned their new king:

"Thy father made our yoke heavy, but make thou somewhat lighter for us, thus shalt thou say unto them, My little finger shall be thicker than my father's loans."

King Rehoboam responded in promising, "my father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions."

In other words, "moderate," said the elders! But the new king would have none of it. In the end, only two of the twelve tribes of Israel stayed true to him. The remaining tribes went with Jeroboam, his father's trusted general.

Barack Obama would be wise to review Second Chronicles, especially chapters ten and eleven. It would serve as a reminder of how arrogance can be the downfall of what was seen as an impregnable position.

Mr. Obama has decided that "50.1% is good enough." Never mind how he might get there! In his eyes, this is it! For those who don't believe it, there are stronger measures. Could one million hollow point rounds recently ordered by Department of Homeland Security be a clue?

The president's arrogance may be tempered by a single statistical fact. There are 270 million firearms(that we know about) in America. They are in the hands of 30% of the population. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is aware of this statistic. For those not following her antics, check out recently proposed legislation!

What are they afraid of?

There is always the specter of a conservative population that finally says, "enough is enough!" Obama, Clinton and Democrats in general are banking on "bluster without action." If they are correct, American conservatives will talk, even issue mild threats before quietly succumbing.

The Republican establishment and many independents are praying for a Romney victory. If this happens, it will be business as usual. The big difference will be a more "energy friendly" administration. There will be  marginal impact, namely relief from oncoming legislation. But very little will change.

From the outset, most conservatives were unhappy with Mitt Romney. He was considered "too moderate."   Romney is a combination of Bill Clinton, without the sex scandals, and Gerald Ford! To centrists, he is the answer to a divided, divisive government. This is a stark alternative to Obama, who has emerged as the perfect mixture of Walter Mondale and Joseph Stalin. 

What if Romney loses? What if the election is contested? What is there are numerous cries of "voter fraud?" Will the "right" quietly accept the verdict? My guess is, "probably not."

There has likely never been a president more hated than Barack Obama. This includes the Southern animosity held for Abraham Lincoln in 1860. With Lincoln,  his desire to limit the expansion of slavery was seen as "an insult and a threat to  the Southern way of life." With Lincoln, it was "salt in a wound that had been festering for forty years." With Obama, the enmity is different. It goes much deeper, fully accentuating the growing divide in America.

Obama advocates a large central government. Conservatives consider his view of governments' role as encroachment upon their individual lives and freedoms. There is open bitterness with Obama's partisan "Affordable Health Care Act."  The massive spending and debt is ever troubling. There is worry with excessive regulatory oversight. Most Americans have experienced a loss of disposable income. Job security weighs heavily on most minds. Rising energy prices are considered unnecessary. The moral fiber in the country is being compromised.

 Obama's  vision of America  runs contrary to half the country's vision!

In the President's eyes, it doesn't matter; provided that this "half" is only 49.9% of the electorate. This is a dangerous posture for any leader to take. Even more disquieting is the "class warfare" campaign Democrats are openly waging. It is derived from the Marxist playbook.

Obama proponents fear "armed opposition." It doesn't take a statistician to know that most gun owners are conservatives. Thus,  if there was a second civil war, it would be "liberals versus conservatives and the liberals would lose!" There would be a mass exodus to Canada, Europe and Latin America. President and Mrs. Obama would be at the front of the line!

The second amendment is the true "thorn" in the President's side! That's why he, Mrs. Clinton and devoted disciples would love to compromise it. Then there remains a third option. This alternative is reminiscent of Jeroboam, Rehoboam and post King Solomon Israel: "A peaceful separation of the states."

When this happened in Israel, there was little if any bloodshed. The tribes of Judah and Benjamin stayed with Rehoboam. The remaining ten left with Jeroboam. It wasn't that Jeroboam had secretly contemplated a revolution. It just happened.

America is divided on three core issues. Energy, Health care and Right to Work. Under ordinary circumstances, a compromise could easily be devised to circumvent any potential division. Obama, as Commander in Chief has designated himself judge and jury. With food and energy prices rising in America, it's a bad idea to take a "my way or the highway" stance, as Rehoboam did!

Let us throw in a massive tax increase, coupled with continued high unemployment.  To "ice the cake," we have debt that is spiraling our of control! And finally, a contested election! It's the perfect storm!

Most Americans can't bring themselves to think about a war on the continent.  This isn't 1861. We don't live in the "age of innocence." We have television. We have Internet. Make no mistake! Americans will not endure an 1860's style blood bath! Not for this president or any before or since! No way! No how!

This prevailing mindset makes it possible for Barack Obama to become the "Rehoboam of the 21st century." Could this actually happen? Without question!

People today are apathetic. Most living in New Jersey couldn't tell you where Arkansas is! Let alone, South Dakota! Our youth is essentially bored with History and Geography. Most wouldn't bat an eye, unless it directly impacted their lives. Which it wouldn't! Or, at least, not at first!

There is a different intensity level when comparing these, "gum chewing, email texting, rap music lovers" to the average American conservative. The same intensity gap holds true when comparing conservatives to the "Plebyeaih(Pronounced PLEB YEA IH)." These Americans, referenced in "E" is for English, are unable to read English at a 4th grade level. Both groups typically see Government as a provider and facilitator.

When one side holds a passion that borders on fanaticism while the other side essentially doesn't care, the outcome is predictable! The President and his supporters know this. They frantically aspire to level the playing field. The question is, "can they buy enough time to fully bring about the change they promised before the other side catches on and punches their number?"

We should have a better idea in two or three months. If Romney loses the election, we should see a major revival of the nullification argument. Nullification is the first step toward secession.


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