Saturday, November 3, 2012

Election Outcome Could Spawn Surprising End Result

Republicans and the majority of Independents are anticipating a Romney victory Tuesday night. Defiant Obama supporters and a partisan mainstream media are saying, "not so fast!" So, what if they prove to be correct?

Every conservative in America dreads the thought of another term for Barack Obama. As Newt Gingrich put it, "a win for Obama would vindicate the president, freeing him to fully implement his agenda." This indeed would change America forever.

To many, this wouldn't be altogether bad! The promise of "social justice" resonates with a large part of the population. Unfortunately, history has proven that such a methodology is "fools gold." Class warfare has always been the primary Marxist catalyst. It sounds comfortable and reassuring, even fair and just. Yet, beneath the fleece are the steel prongs of a declining standard of living. For everybody!

Bill Clinton has barnstormed the country, spewing his "globalist, poor white trash" rationale on "why" the president should be given another term. President Clinton can be reassuring. His warmth and overly simplified message is reminiscent of Will Rogers. Behind it, however, is the "same old, same old." Fifty years from now, Bill Clinton will be remembered as a "mediocre to poor president, saved only by his willingness to compromise with a Republican Congress and Senate." Today, unfortunately, people tend to be swayed by him! How much? We'll find out Tuesday night!

The voter fraud question is already coming into play. Now they are talking about the voting machines and the question of "correct calibration." If we have a close election as so many are predicting, it could be cause of actions not totally unexpected. As in, confrontation. No matter the outcome, one side will be unhappy.

This election has exposed the growing divide in America. It didn't happen overnight. Any other nation in the world might have experienced a revolution in 2000. 2004 was close. 2008 was not. 2012 is different. The winning candidate in 2008 is seeking re-election. Most Americans have concluded that Barack Obama has proven to be "left" of the moderate that he represented. The question that remains: "Was the true Obama so far to the left that he lost too much of the middle to hold on to the White House?"

It would seem that these moderates hold the keys to the presidency. Pundits recognized them early, stating that Mitt Romney would especially appeal to those "mushy Republicans, leaning Independent," who resided in the suburbs of Detroit and Philadelphia. Experts suggest that they are in play. Hence, the last minute TV buys in those markets.

This would be a notable ending to perhaps the most vicious political campaign in history. "The Republicans resisted pressure from their own party conservatives and nominated a moderate. The Democrat incumbent refused to move to the center, after originally positioning himself as just that: a centrist."

With the writing clearly beginning to show on the wall, there is one last question: "Can the loser gracefully, graciously accept defeat?" My guess is, "probably not!"

Voter fraud is already on the tips on many tongues. If it comes down to two or three contested states, look out! Conservatives in energy states are becoming comfortable with the thought of a peaceful separation of the states. In fact, the more they think about it, the better it looks!

Hurricane Sandy briefly returned geographical awareness to much of the nation. We tend to forget how much of our population is pressed in the Northeast corner of America. We also are reminded how many states are represented here. Some have large populations. Most have small populations and minimal resources.  All have two U.S. Senators.

When America is divided by energy states and non energy states, we get a different map. It's surprisingly consistent with an agricultural and non-agricultural map. These two maps pressed together creates a valid question: "What would American look like, without our non-energy, non-agricultural members?

We should now turn to both an electoral map and a House and Senate map. Get the picture!

Preserving freedom is a never ending endeavor. The vision imposed by Barack Obama is scaring a lot of Americans. It's growth of government without end. Our debt continues to spiral out of sight. There are calls for the United Nations to become more involved in Americas' affairs. And, when looking at the presidents power base, our attention immediately turns to those same, non-energy, non-agricultural states.

Without them, the balance of power drastically shifts. To make matters even more interesting, a large portion of the nation's debt is held in these states. Like Hurricane Sandy, it has the makings of a perfect storm!



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