Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Perfect Society Replaces Concessions With Acceptance

Forget the idea of Governor Perry coming out to lead any kind of Secession movement!

He is living on a plain much higher than the average disgruntled Republican.  Chances are he was deeply insulted by the display exhibited by fellow party members in last years primary. If he wasn't he should have been!

The Tampa Tea Party debate contributed greatly to Barack Obama's re-election. When the tuition tax waiver came up, Rick Perry defended his and the Texas legislatures action. From a 10th amendment point of view, he was justified. From a mere practical standpoint, there was nothing else that he could have done!

The response demonstrated by Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum, not to mention Governor Romney was what the Tampa Tea Partiers wanted to hear! It scored well with conservatives. Even my neighbor asked me "why was Rick Perry so liberal?" But it wasn't liberalism. It was pragmatism. He and the Texas legislature were attempting to turn the fruits of  federal negligence into an asset. Perry's actions and defense of them were not lost on Hispanic voters. This fact should be remembered.
The federal government has failed to show any leadership on the immigration reform. They have gone through the motions, especially when election time neared. But, there has been nothing produced other than amnesty proposals.

 Every poll has indicated that "a better economy" outranked  "immigration reform" in the Latino community. That was why Rick Perry captured 44% of the Hispanic vote in the 2010 Texas gubernatorial election!

The Republican party, however, may be moving toward liability status. There are reports that Latino voters are "afraid" of Republicans. That's cause for some concern.!The question becomes "which" Republican Party?

It could be the party of Mitt Romney. You know, the "get in line and wait your turn," position that advocated e-verify. Perhaps it is the Tea Party's GOP that booed Governor Perry when he pleaded with them to "have a heart." regarding the tuition waivers. Either way,  the report card was delivered on November 6th. Only  27% of Hispanics broke for the GOP !

Common sense would suggest that "either Republican party" would be viewed with scepticism by
Hispanics. Especially those questioning how they would be perceived in a new Republic. It could go either way!  An offshoot of Tea Party narrowness or non inclusive Romneyism would be greeted by thumbs down! Yet a republic with "perfect society" tendencies, as practiced by Texas and Governor Perry, could yield a favorable response! 

Both parties are good when it comes to pandering for votes. "Throw some bones here throw some bones there!"  Democrats have perfected this methodology when dealing with the Black community! But what about something that truly matters? Such as general acceptance?

"Perfect Society" as outlined in the November 10th post, described the norm in Southern society during the antebellum era.  Hispanics were, first and foremostly Southerners. In fact there was little reference to ethnicity, other than those made to foods, music and architecture. Pride came from the knowledge that even a person of limited means, originating from a modest background, held the same power at the voting booth as the richest citizen.

The American English Unification Amendment, if adopted by a new republic, would strongly appeal to Hispanics.  The mandatory second language requirement, beginning in third grade would virtually guarantee preservation of both the Spanish language and cultural heritage.

This marvelously enriching directive would have the same effect on all children! It would hold true for young minds embracing French in Metairie, Louisiana, German in Cincinnati, Ohio or Swahili in Atlanta, Georgia.

Six years allows for a "slow accent" into the basics of a language. Students focus on history, geography and the culture of the people who speak the language. As children learn vocabulary, tenses and sentence structure, they are simultaneously introduced to transformational grammar. Thus begins the journey of teaching our children how to think. Upon completion of the eighth grade, our students will have mastered not one but two languages! As compared to many of our "dumbed down" kids of today, they will be brimming with ideas!
Why is this important? It's about developing our children. This begins with "deepening" of our children. For Hispanic children it starts with "knowing who they are and where they came from!" And, above all, being proud of it!  
Governor Rick Perry has always connected with Hispanics.  Maybe it because they have never been anything but Texans in his eyes. Much may be explained in his roots. His ancestors were products of the Perfect Society.

Would he favor the "E" Amendment. He might. He has never been one to say that something couldn't be done! The Texas public schools under his watch have outperformed most union dominated  schools in the north! It would not be surprising to see him embrace "E"!

It is about results.  The Governor is currently  focused on a "$10,000 college degree initiative" at Texas colleges and universities. Nine have signed on thus far. This lends insight into his priorities. Affordable college tuition benefits everyone! Especially those trying to climb the socio-economic ladder.

Rick Perry passionately describes the importance of "the dignity of a job." He doesn't reference ethnicity. It's all about "Texans."  He doesn't merely talk. He delivers. 

Previous accomplishments should be the barometer  regarding anyone being considered for a major leadership role. It cannot be about a political party. In fact, a new republic may start with no political parties!
That may actually be healthy! There are Republicans and Democrats who have grown tired of being forced to march, lock in step with the same "leadership." It is painfully apparent that both parties are not meeting the needs of their constituents.

What's unique about Perry is that he has experienced membership in both parties. Prior to his departure from the Democrats, he managed Al Gore's Texas primary campaign. Some Republicans still see him as "a Democrat at heart."  Democrats for their part, saw Perry in 1988 as a "boll weevil." Like many Southern Democrats, he switched parties when it became evident that the party's leftward drift was permanent. Through this transformation, two things remained consistent: Perry's focus on his constituents, his own people and his belief in "states rights."

In short, Governor Perry epitomizes leadership. This isn't about a particular group of people. Nor is it about a political party. It all has to do with a return to the original course laid out by our founding fathers.  It manifests why he could be the ideal "father" of a new nation. Or, more specifically, a preserver of the original American ideal.

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