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Charting a New Course Through Peaceful Separation

Disenchantment with the Obama Administration is universal with 50% of the U.S. population. The divide has never been greater and is worsening. Yet, many have gone no further than basic enmity for the President. For a movement to have legs, a "better way" must be outlined, accompanied by a vision that cultivates hope.

The Republican Establishment will not contribute to any secessionist aims. They are part of the problem. On paper, they represent the opposition to Obama's machine. Behind closed doors, it's actually reminiscent of Soviet style party democracy. Some bold words, some reassuring rhetoric and finally, a "consensus."

The alternative course is quite different. In a previous post, three distinctions were introduced. They began with a "national right-to-work law" that would restrict collective bargaining rights for public sector employees. They included, "Perfect Society," the destroyer of class, race and ethnic warfare. And thirdly, a proposed constitutional amendment, which would both make English the official language in America laying out new parameters for immigration.

When viewing these three proposals in unison, it is easy to see how they would offer a clear alternative to the present Obama course. Let's start with "Perfect Society."

The "Perfect Society" theory has it's origin in the antebellum south. It's premise is "no matter how rich or poor that you are, who your parents were, what country that your ancestors immigrated from, what your skin color might be, what religious preference you held," you were one rung higher than the slave. Revisionist historians wrongly equated "slave" to "race." In reality, this isn't accurate.

Modern application of "Perfect Society" would amount to disenfranchising all who (a) did not receive social security, (b) did not receive disability, (c) did not receive a pension, (d) had not received any form of entitlement over the previous two years, (e) did not own two acres of land and (f) could not show proof of paid employment at some time during the past three years. Wow, who did we miss! That sounds like nobody is excluded!

Actually,  there is one group that is excluded. They are the "career entitlees." In short, "career welfare recipients." These Americans have made a career out of beating the system. They learned that the "free way" is better than the "low pay way!" From an economic point of view, it is. When you are receiving generous housing subsidies, A.F.D.C., food stamps, and medical cards, you are likely better off than working for $10 per hour. When you add valuable extras such as Pell grants, free lunches in the public schools and cell phones, the disparity broadens!

The aim of "Perfect Society" is not to pull the rug from under these Americans! It would simply take them off the voter rolls. By doing so, you are telling the guy who has the $10 per hour job, struggling to pay his bills that he does have something that the guy taking the easy route doesn't have: "a voice!"

Obviously the Obama administration would vehemently oppose such an action. In effect, it's going straight for the jugular of one of their key constituencies. "Perfect Society" states that "everyone is relevant and significant." But, those who are allowing the rest of us to carry them, will not have a voice in collective decision making. Therefore, like the slave, they are on the "bottom rung" of society.

The goal of the "E" Amendment, outlined in "E" is for English, is to "turn "sheeple" into people."

Making English the official language in the United States of America is the goal of several foundations. But none of these foundations have truly grasped the essence of  what they are attempting to achieve! By making English the official language, we are binding the nation together. Unfortunately, there are those who oppose it for political reasons. Even though 87% of the nation favors it, they have effectively blocked implementation on a national level.

A new republic would have no such barriers! Instead of striving to keep Americans functionally illiterate in English, it would "mandate passage of a fourth grade English proficiency exam as a prerequisite for a voter I.D. card." The objective: Assimilation. Only through assimilation would these Americans be able to have a true shot at the "American Dream!" Suffrage should provide the necessary motivation!

"Sheeple,"(The Russian word for "Sheeple" is "Pleb yea ih") are easier to control and manipulate. They are much easier to influence. They are more susceptible to the politics of class warfare. When there is a direct focus on their individual improvement, they become more productive as citizens. It begins with education. However, better educated people tend to be much more difficult to control and manipulate.

The new republic would focus on individual development. The mandate would challenge every member of society to live up to their potential. Obviously, the Obama vision doesn't accommodate individual achievement. It promotes division through the mythical desire for "diversity."

A new republic would base immigration on "getting the best possible  immigrants." While the alternative path promotes "quantity," it would focus on "quality." True, this closely mirrors the Republican plan. But, in truly grasping the "E" plan, there is much more.

Should the new republic adopt the "E" immigration plan, several new ideas will come into focus. Starting with a "re visitation" of the 14th amendment.

 The 14th amendment stipulated that any person born in America was granted citizenship. There is evidence that it was referring to the recently emancipated slaves. After all, it did not include the native Americans when conceived! Since then, many children have been born to parents illegally in the country. Under the "E" plan, "at least one parent would be required to prove that they held no less than permanent resident alien status."

"E" would create a "priority points" system. In addition to education and English proficiency, "age"(applicants under 30 would receive preference points) and country of origin(immigrants coming from N.A.T.O. countries would receive preference points) would be included in the mix. Applicants from terrorist countries would not be accepted in the new Republic.

Under the "E" proposal, any man, woman or child currently in the country illegally would be given a path to citizenship upon passage of a 10th grade English proficiency exam. However,  unlike the D.R.E.A.M. act, they would not have access to entitlements. A form of service would be required for all. The path would be probationary in nature. But it would insure that those already assimilated would be allowed to remain.

There would be an initiative to curtail identity theft. It would start by emphasizing the importance of individual privacy. A quick way to reach this goal is to place "individual privacy ahead of profit." By prohibiting "off shore outsourcing of any job requiring all or part of an Americans' social security number," a major step would be taken!

Fortune 500 companies would downplay the value of such a standard! They would argue that "most of these jobs would pay less than $10 per hour." This is true. However, what is important is knowing the actual recipients of these jobs!

Who would they be? Mostly 62-66 year-olds, awaiting qualification for Medicare. Many would have already opted for early Social Security. An $18,000 per year, banking job with health insurance would not compromise their entitlement! And, business would gain access to an experienced, consistent and punctual work force!

Right-to-work is an issue that should be determined at the state level, in accordance to the 10th amendment. However, forcing workers to involuntarily contribute to political candidates not of their choosing is simply wrong! Under a proposed "national right-to-work" law, the practice would be prohibited.

The public sector now enjoys significantly better pay and benefits than the private sector. They also wield an inordinate amount of power! In Obama's America, they are allowed, even encouraged to hold the people they are supposed to be serving, hostage! The new Republic would take a lesson from Wisconsin's historical stand and restrict public sector collective bargaining rights!

These would be the three principle distinctions between the America that we see that is currently unraveling and a new Republic. Questions such as abortion, prayer in the public schools.,gay rights, marijuana legalization, and health care would be determined by the individual states.

The question of "money" and how it would be raised to fund the new Republic will be addressed  in a future post. Important now, is determining what kind of alternative those departing states would aspire. These three standards would change the landscape dramatically.

Our founding father established a Republic. Somehow, along the way, we have forgotten this fact! You hear "Democracy" frequently on the tongues of both Democrats and Republicans. Perhaps they need to consult history!

These three measures put forth would insure that a new Republic would always be just that: "A Republic." The time for watered down, meaningless compromises is past. The day of career politicians reaching a consensus is gone. Americans need to individually ask themselves "which vision" best illustrates their America. When they have their answer, they can concentrate on reaching it.

Whatever that vision may be, it will begin at the state level.

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