Saturday, December 22, 2012

Perfect Society- "Marxism's Ultimate Threat!"

Most conservatives have become accustomed to the normal response to any thinking outside of the standard liberal line.

Opponents are generally classified as "racists, bigots, homophobes, Nazis, far right fringe elements and lunatics." As with Communists in the former Soviet Union, anyone speaking inconsistently with their doctrine is "psychologically unstable and in need of help."

This will certainly be the case for advocates of "Perfect Society." And for good reason! Perfect Society represents the polar opposite of Marxism. It scorns class warfare. Without class warfare, Marxists have no principle issue, no starting block. "Social Justice" becomes nothing short of "legalized theft!" That's why it's a mathematical certainty that Marxists will greet Perfect Society will vehement vigor!

Let's look at the fine print.

Perfect Society states that all men are equal. But, there is more. Everyone is higher on the socio-economical ladder than the slave. It doesn't matter who you are. It matters not how much money you have. Who your parents were is irrelevant. Your skin color means nothing. So does your country of origin. Your creed makes no difference. And, your religious preference is likewise of no significance.

The single question asks, "are you a free person or are you a slave?"

Wait a minute! We don't have slaves in 2012! Or do we?

The slaves of today don't call any one person "master." But, they are as fettered as any in history. They are those who decided that it is easier and more profitable to live as a ward of the state. They are the "career entitlement recipients." Or, to put it more bluntly, "career welfare recipients." They owe their livelihoods to their master. Their master is the government.

Perfect Society mandates that these career entitlement recipients be taken off the voting rolls. In this manner, all who are not on those rolls are elevated to a rung higher on the ladder. It makes possible for a distinction that separates the working poor from the entitlee. The minimum wage worker, unlike the entitlee shares with the wealthiest the right to express their preference at the voting booths.

Revisionist historians have derided the Antebellum South in many ways. But they never pieced together why it successfully functioned. What made that society work was, in fact, that it was perfect. There was no class warfare. There was only the knowledge that everyone had the ability to rise within society. It generally came down to hard work and ingenuity. But the opportunity always beckoned.

When a Marxist is confronted by such a paradigm, they know that they have met their match. Innately they realize that if this reasoning ever takes hold in America, they will be eventually squeezed out. Theirs in a legacy of failure, of suffering, treachery and deceit. The report card reflects 135 million dead in the previous century. Their forlorn hope is based on one single twisted notion.  "Communism failed previously because it was attempted in the wrong country."

Marxists believe that the right country is the United States of America.

Where are these Marxists? Look no further than the White House.

Many have figured it out. There are others who continue to look for resolutions. They truly expect the Obama administration to react not unlike previous Presidencies. They are wrong. Dead wrong!

Don't expect cooperation in the best of American tradition. These people aren't interested in anything except transforming the United States into a Marxist state. Those, who still can't see it should invest time in reading Russian history. It's all there. And make no mistake! It's upon us!

What can we do at this juncture? We have two options.

The first is to disqualify Obama for the presidency. There is evidence that he isn't eligible based on a number of factors. This is a subject matter for a different post. What is important to note is that there have been continuous efforts to bring the question to light. At odds is a self preservationists media uninterested in taking the "bull by the horns."

The second and perhaps the best option is a "peaceful separation" of the states. This creates the opportunity to implement Perfect Society. True, many good Americans have an issue with secession. It is a frightening path. But, it offers boundless opportunities.

Obama's constituency is not stable. In fact, it is highly suspect, in not unpredictable. Mention "civil war" to the average single, 38 year-old-woman with children and the response will be, "work something out. Quit being so stubborn! We don't want a civil war!" They're certain that "hope and change," as in "fundamentally changing America," isn't going to work if a "war" is part of the package! These "vote once every four years" women would be the first to defect.

Gay Americans would quickly withdraw to the shadows!

The Union leaders might stir up a fuss. Until, they found out that they were being abandoned in droves by their membership!

It's possible that some minorities would take exception. But, they might change their tune when they realized that they were agreeing to their own "legalized slaughter." At that point they will finally do what they should have done already: "Bid self serving opportunists such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, "adieu."

Perfect Society makes all of these outcomes possible.

In the end, Obama's coalition of "Americans without conviction" would crumble. Perfect Society would provide the long awaited answer to the question of "am I significant and relevant?"

It's important for true American Patriots to take this next crucial step. We must be willing to fight for our freedom. Obama will go as far as we allow him to go. By invoking Perfect Society into the discussion, firmly comparing it to his Marxism, we will be giving the American people a choice. A real choice!


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