Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beyond Political Correctness. What is Truly Wrong!

What happened to our Republic?

The answer would require a lot more paper than this post has allocated. What we can say is this: "Our people have been compromised." Most don't realize it. This is where the education process must begin.

Americans are a generous people. We are a bit naive. That's part of our charm. Have you talked to any Brits lately? Somewhat cynical, aren't they! How about about the French? You can definitely hear about out mistakes and problems if the conversation lasts more than ten minutes!


Here's a little surprise. Russian people actually like American people. A lot! In fact, they copy us. Our government? Now that's a different question!

Throughout the years, it has become fashionable to embrace all things from France, England, Italy and anything that is Western European. You hear mostly things that are digested by the average naive American as "good, well okay, but it would still make for a nice second honeymoon vacation!"

Russia? NYET! Most of what you hear is not promising. In fact, it almost sounds belligerent. Is that honestly the case?

Actually, it's somewhat complicated. The American people are so shielded by the mainstream media from what "is, is" that they are clueless. Most don't care! For the ones that do, it's a "labyrinth of nothing!"

Here's the "long and short" on it!

Russia is arguably one of the most "homophobic" countries in the world. Gay people are in closets. Good, bad, indifferent, that's the way it is! No questions asked!

Our state department, as well as our media is likely one-third or more gay. The compound in Libya?         Check the sexual orientation of the people who were employed there. In fact, check the sexual orientation of the U.S. Secretary of State!

Are we politically correct? Or, are we mad? Does the shoe fit? If it does, "sorry about your luck!"

For our country to fix it's ails, we must begin an introspection. It may not be pretty! In fact, it may lead to some awful revelations. But, "what is, is!"

America may have been co-oped, if not "hi-jacked" by forces no where close to our ideals, standards and moral values. Can we launch a reconnaissance campaign? Yes. And we need to! Soon! This is about the soul of our country. What we have are those attempting to "steal" our forefathers revolution.

It's time for the chickens to come home to roast.

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