Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nationalism, not Globalism

Whether by Republican or Democrat politicians, news media or slick, professionally done television commericals, we are constantly reminded that  ours is a "global economy" and  that we live in a "global society." How refreshingly enlightening! Could anyone possibly object to contemporary progress?

Ron Paul made overtures that questioned this "contemporary progress." In double quick time, he was labeled an "isolationist." When he began insinuating that there was something afoul with the Fed, he was branded a "reactionary." But his words were not lost! Millions understood. And acknowledged.

Rick Santorum pressed the social issues a little too intensely. His real traction came when he spoke of an America that centered around the family, church and the factory job. Even the reliably conservative National Review labeled his vision, "twenty years" out of step.

Perhaps the trick comes down  to convincing Americans that we do live in a global community. The sale stems around "this is the way that it is, for the good of the world. You must think globally!"

Thomas Friedman's book,  "The World is Flat" covered a plan to "level the worlds playing field." This equated to a stepped up effort to use the worlds labor force, whenever possible, especially if and when it was cheaper! If higher unemployment in America resulted, it was a trade-off that Americans could live with!

The watchword is "cheaper." Fortune 500 companies want to be as efficient as possible. If it means exporting U.S. jobs abroad, American people must understand! It is being done for the good of "global peace, prosperity and cooperation." And, of course, enhanced profits for these companies! How could we overlook such an important factor. Let alone not appreciate it's implications!

You can't blame any one person! I have heard George W. Bush repeatedly praise "the global economy that we live it." Hasn't Barack Obama given his due to "our global society." Ditto for Bill Clinton , John Kerry, Mitt Romney and Al Gore!

Maybe some of us are simply living in the wrong time! Or, on the wrong planet!

Today,  nationalism  often connotates to a militant, almost zealous type of bigotry. Growing up, it was "cool" to love your country. Today's standard includes mocking it and apologizing for it! All in the name of being a trusted global partner whom other nations can look up to and preferably exploit!

There are growing numbers of red blooded Americans who are beginning to ask the proverbial "why?" As in, "why" are we so obsessed with our becoming a mere spoke in the world's ever transforming globalist wheel? Wouldn't it be more to our advantage to resume our place as the world's bastion of strength, leading by example?

In theory, most agree. Then the difficult truth surfaces. G. Edward Griffin's "the Creature from Jekyll Island," opens the door to some startling revelations. This provocative 600-page read, leaves no stone unturned. Upon conclusion, you will know about the Federal Reserve, when it was established, how it was established and why.

That was in 1910. 103 years later, we have eight cartels, primarily headquartered in the Northeast United States and Western Europe. Their collective net worth exceeds 100 trillion dollars. Nobody is yet to fathom how they accumulated such wealth.

Majority stock ownership of every Fortune 500 companies can be traced to one or more of these eight cartels. In a 2012 post, I made note that these same companies were contributing to both the Obama and Romney campaigns. As a former CIA operative phrased, "it's like a red team and a blue team, playing for the same school."

There are some who say that we no longer live in a Republic. What we have is actually a giant, multi-level, international corporation. And, there is positively nothing that we can do about it! It just is!

Or is it?

Griffin explains that they average politicians' price is "$125,000." So, when someone begins questioning "how it is," the checkbooks come out. For those who may need stronger persuasion, there are other methods. Ask John F. Kennedy!

Conspiracy theory? This is often the notation pinned on  Griffin and Congressman Paul. Best to "leave well enough alone!" After all, things could get dangerous! The only time of true concern is when people become desperate.

The most lethal adversary is one who concludes that he has nothing to lose. We have experienced a huge wealth transfer since 1997. The middle class is being squeezed out. Tell tale films such as "Gray Nation" and "Agenda-Grinding America Down," are being viewed with diminishing skepticism. There is a growing isolationist yearning. The issue that Barack Obama so expertly used to destroy Mitt Romney's credibility is being murmured on both sides of the aisle.

The American economy is not creating jobs fast enough to keep up with population growth. Republicans blame the Obama policies. But Romney missed a golden opportunity to make identity theft a key issue in his campaign. Maybe it was due to his mediocre advisers. Perhaps he couldn't bear to tell Fortune 500 companies that offshore outsourcing had to be prohibited when an Americans' social security number was required. Either way, the former Massachusetts Governor missed the perfect chance to nail Barack Obama as the ultimate hypocrite.

Mitt Romney is a smart man. If I saw this as a game changer, he certainly did! Therefore, it can be concluded that he refrained because "as a member of the "red" team," he didn't want to embarrass a member of the "blue team,"  hopelessly embarrassing the school." Let us not forget, every time the Repubican primary began to tighten, the negative advertising would come out against, first Gingrich, then Santorum. Who paid for it? Romney pretended that he didn't know.

Is America done? Perhaps not! After all, when enough of the nation says, "not so fast," there is a chance of a reversal. We must first cope with  the media. As Griffin reports, the mainstream media is "totally controlled by the Council of Foreign Relations."

This can't be right! Isn't it prohibited for a foreign entity to control our broadcast media? Yes, it is. But somehow, the law has been transcended! And that brings us to the core problem: How are we going to get the word out when they control the airwaves?

Newt Gingrich was accurate when he labeled the mainstream media as a "reflection of Soviet Pravda." To successfully bring about changes in media ownership, we must transform the state that they are based in  into a foreign country. And there is only one way that this can happen. It is called "contraction."

CFR controlled NBC would not cease to broadcast! It would be broadcasting to a smaller universe. This ploy would be nothing short of revolutionary. We are not talking about secession, 1861 style. It's more like a part of the country biding another part of the country "adieu."

More specifically, forty states would cut New England, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland
loose, repudiating all debt owed to these states. Would it lead to global depresssion? Yes. And it would greatly reduce the wealth and influence of the cartels!

New York City would resemble Warsaw, in 1944. Boston would be reminiscent of Jackson, Mississippi; in 1865. But the remaining 40 states would survive and actually emerge as the new world super power. These forty states hold practially all of the nations mineral and agricultural wealth. What they would be leaving behind would be "paper," as in debt.

Impossible? Never underestimate Nationalism. It has proven throughout history to be consistently potent. When Americans begin to "read between the lines," determining who these cartels represent, there will be rage, accompanied by an overflowing feeling of joy. When the cartels realize that the strongest, smartest most bold people in the world have "pressed their number," they will quietly acquiesce. After all, the memories of Auschwitz are still too fresh for comfort!

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