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Recasting America-How it Would Commence

A highly educated gentleman recently reminded me "how large our country is geographically in proportion to our population." It is! We have less than one-third the numbers of China, with 97% of the land mass. Furthermore, we have more land that is actually livable and arable than they do.

Russia is a huge land mass, two and one half times the size of the U.S.. But much of it is north of 60 degrees latitude. For those not acquainted with maps, Anchorage, Alaska rests at 61 degrees latitude. And, it's on the water. Most of Russia is that far north and hundreds of miles from a large body of water. Their second largest city, St. Petersburg is on the Baltic Sea and is about the same distance north as Anchorage. Driving across the vastness of Siberia is a humbling experience. So is January weather in this remote land!

Yes, America has the best of the best! Most people have never visited the Ouachita Mountain Region of Western Arkansas. It is an area the size of five New England states, with abundant rainfall, great farm and timberland, a temperate, four-season, mid-latitude climate and less than 30,000 people. Even little known Prince of Wales Island, in Southeastern Alaska boasts a climate similar to that of Scotland, a size that is slightly larger than Connecticut with a population of 3100 souls!

So why are we complaining! We are not! Common sense would tell you that we can take more people. A lot more people! But, isn't that what we're doing? Did not the United States hold 130 million in 1940 and 190 million in 1960? Are we not at almost 310 million today? Yes. But those numbers are deceiving.

With the passage of Roe versus Wade, the birthrate in the United States stabilized. This was post Baby Boom, which yielded  increased birth rates between 1946 and 1964. As the Boomers retire, there is grave concern on who will be paying into the future Social Security system.

There is a shift in population to the west and especially to the south. Today, there is a much higher percentage of children under ten years of age in the south than in the north. At this rate, we will eventually see most of the population in the south.

In "E" is for English, I introduced an immigration plan that was based on a "points system." Points were given for education, skill or trade, language proficiency and, above all, age. The system was designed to attract immigrants under thirty with marketable skills and professions. Those proficient in English were given a preference due to the belief that they could more quickly and easily assimilate.

So what if the United States followed through on the subject of last week's post? What if we did contract to forty states? Would not there be a lot of Americans living in those ten states who would head south and west?

Most definitely!

Likely half of the population of those ten states would depart. They would be welcomed with opened arms! Those left behind would be composed of four groups: (a) the ones who couldn't financially afford to leave (b) those too old with roots too deep to make the transition, (c) Americans with large business interests who concluded that they would be better off taking advantage of the recast, and (d) Marxist ideologues dreaming of a "Socialist States of America."

Not surprisingly, those departing would meet fellow transients heading in the opposite direction! It could be expected that those adversely affected would make a bee line to the Northeast, where continued good times might prevail!

The Northeast would eventually be forced to close it's doors to the hoards of entitlees and illegal aliens, seeking asylum and/or, a handout. Their economy would transform into one of "wine, fishing and government." Charlotte would replace New York City as the "financial capital of the world."

The rest of the nation would take on a different terminology. It would go like this: "With the systems' cleanup, illegals living in the shadows and lifetime welfare recipients would be given a chance to become fully fledged contributors, something they always sought."

This is where the paradigm shift in America must take place. We must begin thinking of every American as "significant and relevant." It begins when each American sees himself or herself as "significant and relevant." They must become reacquainted with John F.Kennedy's famous proclamation, "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

No doubt there would be some who would not want to become fully fledged contributors. But, most would. And for those who didn't, there would always be the immigration option. As well as adjusting to "life on the bottom rung" of the new perfect society.

Could we not bring these vital constitutional changes with fifty states? In a perfect world, yes. But, we're far from perfection!  The necessary "tweaks" to our constitution cannot be achieved with a three-fourths vote from our present fifty states. But, they might be with a three fourths vote from those forty states.

Besides! There are too many Americans living in those ten states. We need migration to lands less settled. The forty states hold 96% of the land in the United States and roughly 99% of both the agricultural and mineral wealth. What the Northeast holds is debt; from the rest of the country. If that is repudiated, they will have nothing, save thousands of smug, Marxist ideologues, rapidly declining real estate values, overpriced and overrated private institutions of learning and throngs of lazy, shiftless people seeking boonies.

The reprieved forty states could immediately benefit from a population justly compensated for monies stolen from their ancestors by Northeastern and European bankers. They could promptly fix an ailing entitlement system by implementing the immigration plan outlined in "E" is for English.

Overnight, America would gain young skilled professionals and tradesmen who would enter the country speaking English. The lunacy of our present immigration lottery would be written off as a "bad dream." Those refusing to assimilate would be taken off the highways and voting polls.  Ours would be an America that was truly smarter, stronger and more secure.

What about those "smug, Marxist ideologues" residing in the forty states?

Many would head to the Northeast. Some would immigrate to Canada. Others would conclude that Europe was where their heart was and always had been. Still others would attempt to hold their ground, continuing to push a failed system based on faulty logic. For these "desirables," stronger measures might be in order.

We must remember that there has never been a Communist who considered themselves wrong! These people won't go down easily. They will fight. And, as they have proven, they fight dirty, accompanied by lies and deceit, with no ethics or compunction. They will recognize the threat upon them.

The day the contraction commences, will be the day that their dream of enslaving America dies. They will argue. They will protest. But, they should be given no quarter! This evil system is the polar opposite of what this country was founded upon.

Are we suggesting that the Northeast will become "Bolivia north?" Or, worse still, Cuba?

For a few years possibly. Then, the day will come when they will beg for admission, on our terms. Their population will be greatly diminished, which is something that needs to happen anyway. At that juncture, we can reconstruct them, using the same plan that they used to reconstruct the Southern states in the 1860's.

There is also the chance that New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine might ask Canada to annex them. This would not be a surprising development.  These states are more closely aligned to the Canadians, ideologically than the New Yorkers.

Speaking of Cuba, look for the 40 states to move toward annexation. This should have taken place a century ago. Instead of bringing the island into the family of states, we allowed something called a "sugar beet" to cloud our judgment! More on that in a future post.

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