Sunday, March 10, 2013

Selling "Contraction" to America

Come on Jeff! You're dreaming! Nobody would ever consider 40 states divorcing ten states! Planting a human colony on Mars during the next ten years would be more likely!

So they would say. And, if you think about it, the chances of a development discussed in the March 2nd post on this blog are unlikely. Still, if we are considering what is best for the majority of Americans, not solely the privileged few, an argument can be made. However, let us begin with Americans in those forty states who would oppose the concept.

"Bolsheviks and Mensheviks." As in, "Stalinists and Trotskyites."

Stop! We're are not only in the wrong time! We are in the wrong country! Communism died twenty years ago. Right? Wrong! It's here in America! And thriving!

Thanks to these ten states, it has made an improbable recovery. Now it threatens to destroy the entire nation. And, we are so blind, so ignorant of history that we refrain from admitting as much; in the name of "political correctness!" Guess what? Political correctness is derived from Marxism! Imagine that.

Even more disquieting is the fact that perhaps 15% or more of those residing in these 40 states are Americans who lean toward the teachings of Lenin. Crazy? Not hardly. Study Marx. Research the Frankfurt School. Follow it's 1930's migration to New York City. It's a sad revelation! And even though Communism is responsible for 150 million worldwide deaths in the 20th century, the leaders remain unconvinced.

"Pushers" of this failed, godless system would vehemently oppose contraction. Why? Because  it would signal "end game"for their attempt to steal America, "curtains" for their deceptive rhetoric. In essence,  "exit visas" would be imminent for these silver tongued traitors!

Illegal immigrants would be highly concerned. The loss of ten of  America's most liberal states representing 20 of America's most liberal Senators would have an impact. The "E" Amendment, proposed in my book introduces an immigration plan that has been called the most "fair, practical and comprehensive" proffered.

The "E" plan creates a path to citizenship. But, to get on that path, those illegally in the country would be required to pass a 10th grade English proficiency exam. This might create difficulties for those who have been slow to assimilate! For those able to pass the exam, there would be a requirement of (a) military service, (b) peace corp service or (c) service in the newly created "American Corps of Stateside Engineers." Unlike the Dream Act, those given a "path" would be on probation. This would translate to no access to entitlements.

Career entitlees throughout the nation would be horrified at the thought of someone "turning off the spicket!" However, is it fair for those having decided to be career "wards of the state" to enjoy the same privileges as those who continue to try eek out a living?

In a previous post, we investigated the Antebellum South's "Perfect Society Theory." Modern application would take these "career entitlees" off the voting rolls. No harm would come to them! They would simply be denied the right to vote. And this would cause a "hail storm" of protests from leftist groups needing the career entitlee voting block.

Fair? What about the families, working at low wage jobs, struggling to put food on their tables? Is if fair for  career entitlees to live better than they do? The right to vote might not be considered much. But, it  gives the working poor a say in government. The career entitlees have "no skin in the game!"  Why should they have the same voice?

Obviously we are talking about destruction of Marxism in America! And with it, destruction of the Democrat Party. Without these constituencies, the donkey would die an agonizing death. Contraction causalities would also include Republican "Neo-Cons," whose inner most philosophy mirrors that of Leon Trotsky! 

It is possible, if not probable that a forty-state union would repeal the 14th, 16th and 17th amendments. These changes would (a) partially fix the immigration problem, (b) force the federal government to live within it's means and (c) return power to the states.

With the previous generations' accrued wealth returned to the rightful owners, there would be an economic explosion never seen on the planet. And with Americas' new found affluence would come new alliances complete with new trading partners.

What about the "problem pockets" such as Los Angeles County, California and Cook County, Illinois? Many of those residents would be unhappy with the development! In fact, some would be extremely unhappy! What then?

There is no room for violence in a rich, bountiful country. As "E" is for English addressed, most of these urban dwellers have been kept illiterate and semi illiterate by divisive advocates of Marxism. Why? Because "sheeple" are easier to control than "people."

The re-emphasized educational approach would rescue millions from the horrors of ignorance. True, it will be a mortal wound for Marxism! But, their agenda should not be on the radar. Let alone a priority! Every American is significant and relevant. Every American deserves a shot at the American dream.

Sounds idealistic, doesn't it? Could it actually work? Yes, but we must first purge the continent of Marxism.  Can anyone think of a more noble cause? But how would we do it?

The first step is to actually identify the Marxists. Don't expect them to hang a sign around their necks! There is a way. It starts with new broadcast network media ownership.

Stay tuned.

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