Monday, February 3, 2014

Christie's Implosion Creates Quandary for Establishment

Chris Christie may be imploding to the point of no return!

Who would have ever thought that something as seemingly minor as a traffic jam could change the face of history! But it might.

As the story unfolds, pundits are scrambling to determine if it will be the end of Christie's Presidential aspirations. While the jury is still out, it would appear that the noose is closing!

With the Establishment, there is cause for concern. Some have suggested that the New Jersey Governor represented the parties' "best chance" to reclaim the White House. If memory serves me correctly, these same strategists were telling the party that it was Mitt Romney who represented Republicans "best chance" to defeat Barack Obama.

I recall the son of a former CIA operative ruefully admitting that is was all "predetermined." His analogy was food for thought.

"It's like a red team and a blue team playing for the same university." His comparison suggested that our two-party system was rigged. Really? Are we that cynical?

The 2012 Republican primary does support such thinking. Do we recall when Mitt Romney begin losing ground to Rick Santorum. For a brief instant, it looked like the former Pennsylvania Senator might actually win Michigan and with it, the primary! It was at that time that the Fortune 500 coffers opened up on behalf of Governor Romney. His campaign survived.

It was equally disquieting to note that these same sources were contributing to the Obama campaign, effectively hedging their bets! There was concern that Santorum's message hinted "protectionism." This is inconsistent with the globalist mindset.

A Christie versus Hillary campaign offers the same benefits as a Mitt versus Obama face off. True, there are some differences. In reality, however we are talking about "slightly different variations of the same ideology." Case in point: "Romney, Obama, Clinton and Christie are "Keynesians."

Losing Christie as a candidate creates a quandary for the Establishment. Who is their next best option?

Ideally it would be Jeb Bush. His father was a noted Keynesian. He knows the ropes. While more socially conservative than Christie, he is trusted by big business. Like his brother, he thinks globally. He would unite the Republican Party. But there is one major problem with the former Florida Governor: He may not be interested in the job!

Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker has been on the tongues of "blue state" Republicans. But does he have the desire to make a go in 2016? Ohio Governor, John Kasich, has likewise been mentioned. But, like Walker, he may not be ready to map a 50-state campaign.

From there, the field becomes even more murky. One liberal blog even suggested that the "big boys" secretly wished for Mitt Ronmney to make another go in 2016!

Obviously, the remaining GOP possibilities concern the Republican Establishment. It may come down to determining who is "most safe" for their interests.

Earlier in the week, Governor Mike Huckabee was listed by one poll as the leader of potential 2016 Republican Presidential contenders. Would the Establishment back him? Possibly. His television show on Fox News has introduced him to the country. He has a warm and reassuring presence. He won the Iowa primary in 2008. Like Bill Clinton, he is from Hope, Arkansas.

Governor Huckabee also knows more about the Clinton's than anyone. His soft, satirical wit would paint the former Secretary of State into the corner of "secular globalism," effectively "demonizing" her, in a nice way! This creates complications. Plus, his "fair tax" is purely a consumption tax. We're talking "major change" in the tax structure.

Governor Rick Perry is more likely to seek the office than either Mike Huckabee or Jeb Bush. While business friendly, Perry believes in the 10th amendment, as in, "states rights." He could prove unpredictable.

From there the field rapidly spirals into an oblivion of uncertainties. These power brokers do not like or want something that they can't put their finger on!

In many ways, the implosion of Governor Christie may be the best thing that could happen to the Republican Party. There is a need for something new. But the Establishment doesn't want "new." They want dependable. They like knowing the outcome, before it is upon them. Mitt Romney and Chris Christie are as close ideologically as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are.

The same thinking prevailed in 1976 when Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford were the nominees. George H.W. Bush was their preference in 1980.

In is encouraging to remember that Ronald Reagan won the nomination in 1980, proving that the system is not rigged! Keynesian Bush initially called Reagan's "supply side" economics "voodoo economics." But, he became Reagan's Vice President and served admirably.

It is probable that whomever the eventual nominee, a similar concession will be made. It comes down to money. These guys have it! Without it, a 50-state campaign in today's America is next to impossible.

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