Saturday, February 8, 2014

With Christie Done, Establishment May Turn to Romney

With Chris Christie likely dead in the water, the Republican Establishment has gone to plan "B." Who else but Mitt Romney!

Are we serious?

The Wall Street crowd is! It goes back to selecting a predictable candidate. With Hillary Clinton, they know what they will be getting. Romney is merely a different variation of the same element.

Isn't Mitt a moderate? Throughout the primaries, he tried to recreate himself as a conservative. The base didn't buy it. Then, in debate numero uno, the real Mitt emerged. Democrats were initially surprised! For a couple of weeks, they could see the election slipping away.

Barack gained the usual media help. A devastating storm briefly diverted the nations' attention. Governor Christie appeared as the man in charge, working robustly with the President to aid the Sandy victims. True, the relief effort was pretty much "botched." But the overall exposure portrayed Christie as an in touch, on the spot leader. Romney's image of an out-of-touch elitist was not impaired.

Sixteen months later, Governor Christie shows signs of having "clay feet." We recall his RNC convention speech. There is the question "why" he held the Jersey Senate race on a different day as the Governors race. Then came "traffic-gate." Hints of a rejection by the Republican base are everywhere!

In returning to "Moderate Mitt," as Bill Clinton phraised, Romney reaffirmed his trust with the Establishment. As a result, they may look to him in 2016. As with Hillary, they will know going in, what they are getting.

Is Hillary more moderate that Barack Obama? Not hardly! She represents the entrenched Establishment. There are two wings of the Democrat Party,but differences are more connected with personalities than ideology. Consistent with both is their conclusion that "big government is the best government."

While the Republican Establishment may talk about the "grave contrast," they aren't particularly dissimiliar from Democrats. Like their counterparts, they favor a "large, Washington D.C. based government." As with Democrats, they reason "we know what is best" for the people. True, there may be differences on how money is allocated. But, it still goes back to the same idea that "big government is the best government."

It is essentially an understanding of how our system works. We are in what some describe as a "global" economy. Fortune 500 companies collectively determine outcomes. It begins with an understanding of the general principle of one world government.

Conspiracy theory? Not really. Hillary, Mitt, Christie and Obama have four things in common: They are avowed Keynesians. They favor a large central government making decisions for all. They do not threaten the power structure. In short, they are safe; for those manning the ship!

What about the rest of the people? If you are talking about the poor, they will be saved by the safety net. This "net" is growing daily. Meanwhile, the Middle Class is shrinking. And the top 1%, those making $394,000 or more per year, is getting richer.

Is America done? Possibly. But there may be hope. Take a look at how many states are calling for conventions. Something is happening in America. The Establishment is keeping a wary eye on it. A lot could result from rediscovery of the 10th amendment in America. From Wall Street's prospective, this might prove costly!

Two months ago, I posted "All Roads Lead to Nashville," on this blog. It called for a Nashville convention, held first quarter 2015. A 15-plank platform would be adopted. The disposition of the Republican Party would be determined. It would accept the platform. Or, it would die, right then, right there! We're not talking "third party." We are talking "replacement party." Potentially, the modern Republican Party would go the way of the Whig Party.

A drastic outcome? Maybe. But the alternative is "a red team versus a blue team, playing for the same university."

Can this be done? Definitely. It is a matter of finding a proven leader who blends experience with insight. And, the coming together of all who seek to "reduce the size, scope and cost" of the federal government. This amounts to change. And, least we forget, not everyone wants this kind of change!While decentralization of power may benefit the majority, it will take from those who currently enjoy it!

In short, their allegiance begins with Wall Street. Their true masters are the Fortune 500 companies. They are mainly concerned with protecting and advancing their wealth, influence and power. This is the Establishment. These are the people pulling the strings. Democrat? Republican? The line grows fuzzy. The question becomes, "how long" will it be before those who hold a different American vision unite.

It won't happen with a Chris Christie or Mitt Romney, anymore than it will happen with Hillary Clinton.

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