Sunday, March 16, 2014

American Down, Not Out, Long Awaited Leader in Our Midst!

A plague is upon America.

Actually, it is more like a growing sickness. It's called hopelessness. Our people are giving up. The passion that lead to the founding of this great country is gradually giving way to cynicism and apathy.

It is easy to blame Barack Obama. He certainly hasn't been that "uniter" of men as promised. In fact,he has proven to be opposite of what was advertised on the campaign trail.

At best, he will be remembered as the facilitator of the "left wing status quot." Didn't John McCain predict that he was "running for Jimmy Carter's second term?" At worst, he will be remembered for his efforts to "grind America down."

I recall the President saying that he wasn't the "candidate of fat cat, Wall Street bankers." Words and deeds are two different things, totally separate." Or, at least that's what the Russian say. Concretely put, the gap between rich and poor has widened more during Barack Obama's watch than any other Presidency in history!

The more politically astute admit that "all of this is above Obama's head." One Nashville insider rendered some profound history: "the powers" met with Obama's parents years before he ran for the White House, mapping out his future Presidential victory. It was all part of a grand plan. The "long range goal" was to "bring America in line" with the rest of the world. In other words, to "lessen" America.

I recall a Pennsylvania friend, the son a CIA operative who described our current American system as "red team versus blue team, playing for the same university." He advised me to "forget about saving the world or bringing about significant change." Just accept it and "try to make a couple of bucks and enjoy your children."

As the eternal optimist, my retort was, "are you sure about this." He was. And, when I watched the 2012 Presidential campaign unfold, his insight was clearly manifested.

Another great conservative, who resides in Nebraska refers to them as the "string pullers." Any positive reform will never have a chance because the "string pullers" will not allow it! But wait! We shouldn't talk about these things! It's how one gets killed!

Strangely enough, some are talking about the roots of our predicament. Fortunately, the "fat cats" never have taken Ron Paul seriously. Nor, did they consider G. Edward Griffin's writing, "The Creature from Jekyll Island," any more than a "right wing ranting" from an unbalanced opportunist!

A growing number of Americans are taking note, however. They are younger and yes, slightly naive. Or, that's what the Establishment has long concluded. The assumption is that the Millennials will reach age 40, realize that the situation is beyond remedy and eventually take the advice of the son of the ex-CIA Operative.

I recall a Lexington, Kentucky Broker-Dealer who reminded, "we're talking about career politicians. John Boehner spoke to our group just last week. He asked us for ideas." Yet, with every idea or suggestion, it had "already been proposed" or "they were working on it." He ruefully acknowledged, "then, they'll be off to Washington, D.C. for more of the same."

Judson Wheeler Phillips, the owner of Tea Party Nation, a nationally renowned conservative blog, recently published a thoughtful post on "eligibility." The question was, "did Obama's father change his citizenship?" Evidence suggests that he did. And, even if Obama changed it back, would this not have disqualified him for the presidency?

This revelation would indeed be the ultimate political hot potato! As a longtime Lousiana friend predicted, "they" wouldn't allow it to come up because, "we'd be talking about a civil war." In other words, "what Americans don't know won't hurt them!"

In essence, "our Democracy has become an Oligarchy."

History has proven that all Democracies eventually become Oligarchies. Yet, the United States was not founded as a Democracy. Our forefathers thoughtfully created a Republic. Confused? Perhaps we should define both "Republic" and "Democracy."

Definition of Republic- "A political order where the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and represenitives responsible to them."

Definition of Democracy? There is no clear consensus! Are we referring to "Direct Democracy? Representitive Democracy? Constitutional Democracy?" For the sake of clarity we'll define Democracy as "by the people; rule of the majority."

In theory, the latter would sound more inclusive. But, as Benjamin Franklin pointed out, "tea is typically too hot to drink when first poured into a cup. Therefore, one first pours a part of what's in the cup into the saucer before drinking it."

In other words, our ultimate protection from an American nobility is the slowness of the system created by our founders. A prime example is the U.S. Senate. The founders designated United States Senators to be elected by the individual state Senates. The 17th amendment changed that. Today, U.S. Senators are elected by the people directly. Isn't that preferable?

At first glance, it might be. What's unseen is the reduced authority granted to the individual states that resulted from the 17th amendments ratification.

Many Americans seek to abolish the electoral college. Wouldn't that be a more true measure of the will of the majority? Sure it would be. But, the power would be ultimately concentrated in seven or eight states. Smaller states would in effect, be relinquishing their voice in Presidential elections.

This question is not something new! Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton waged an endless debate on "how much" power should remain in Washington and how much should be administered at state level.

Hamilton wanted a stronger central government. In his mind, the average American lacked the education and general knowledge to self govern. Jefferson wanted to protect future Americans from the same social and political aristrocracy that they had left behind in England. The necessary antidote was the 10th amendment.

What does the 10th amendment have to do with checking a gradual shift from Democracy to Oligarchy? Possibly everything!

Hamilton's vision of America amounted to more centralized control. This, in itself, creates a country more susceptible to influence from the few, the rich and the powerful. Hamilton was the voice of these entities.

Conversely, Jefferson spoke for the common man. He determined that their best protection from oppression was de-centralization. He feared that a big and powerful government could create "what they had fled Europe from!"

Sadly, much of Jefferson's insight has been forgotten. In Washington D.C., we see today, what he feared the most: Ultra-wealthy, well connected, political aristocrats, who have made "governing" their careers. They have been largely supported and facilitated by a burgeoning bureaucracy.

It has been the Oligarchs who have perpetuated the life spans of these careerists. As Griffin coined, "it takes only about $125,000 to buy a Congressman." And so it goes!

Is this the end? Not hardly! As another "Agency" acquaintance stated, "we're going to get move involved in these upcoming elections. The place to be is in Texas. It could get messy in, say Miami."

A prediction? A possible warning?

It would stand to reason that de-centralization, as Jefferson implied could alter the present scenario. Yet, much of the country would vehemently oppose a more literal interpretation of the 10th! And, less we forget, this discussion was previously taken up in 1861!

This is 2014. There is apathy. There is dispair. There is a measure of hopelessness, mixed with a historical amount of cynicism. Underneath it all is anger. Amazingly, this anger could quickly become "joy,' when the right path is shown by that long awaited leader.

Is this leader in sight? Actually, yes! And, is it ever obvious! Yet, as with the Jews and Jesus Christ, true messengers are often spurned due to their simplicity and familiarity!

The Democrats have it all together. They have a plan.They have a compliant, well organized machine, situated in the nations' nerve center. They have millions of loyal "subjects" who ask for no more than day-to-day subsistence.

The Republican Establishment has largely abandoned it's base. The watchwords have become, "Do as you are told," because it's about a "lessor of two evils."

Perhaps the underlying rationale held by these "leaders" is that "even the blue team" would be more predictable than selecting any Jeffersonian alternative! I am certain that Colin Powell would support this conclusion. So would my friend in Pennsylvania!

Are we talking secession? Are we talking an outright revolution?

For the former, no. For the latter, yes, in a manner of speaking!

The "revolution" insinuated would be a revolt against what amounts to a departure from what America was originally meant to be. In truth, we were founded as a Republic, not a Democracy. Decades of manipulation, starting with a near breakup of the union, placed us on this path. What we have today, is what our ancestors fled from when they immigrated to America.

Only a committed Jeffersonian can bring about this reversal. Only a leader who has seen the "opposite" side of the fence, can include "all" of America, and not merely part of it. Only a person of maturity and wisdom is capable of destroying an entrenched system that must be destroyed.

This isn't just about ideas and aspirations! To pull it off, there will need to be more than basic resolve! Executive experience is an imperative. So is on-the-job exposure to both economic and cultural diversity. And, most importantly, previous success beyond comparison!

Obviously, I am referring to Governor, Rick Perry! Not only for our 2016 Presidential election, but our "uncontested Republican nominee!"

We may get one last chance at reclaiming our Republic as we know it. It is time to set our differences aside and unite. If we can't we will, at best, be forced to settle for reclaiming a portion of it. At worst, we may lose our identity altogether. This is the verdict that so many fear.

As the American story unfolds, we are experiencing a "blight" that has stricken the very foundations of our soul; our psyche. Was it administered intentionally? Maybe! But, our fate hasn't been sealed. Or, at least, not yet!

Our salvation is two-fold. We must return to our original Judeo-Christian principles that inspired our founders. Of equal importance is the conclusion that Jefferson was right and Hamilton was wrong!

Each state should be seen as a separate laboratory, in peaceful competition. The end result: Strong states. Strong states make for a strong nation.

Best of all, government is "closer" to the people. Politicians are more accountable to their constituents and less so to special interests and lobbyists that have descended upon Washington, D.C. like vultures on a road kill.

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