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CPAC Defines Conservatism; Clueless on Path to Victory

While there were some sticky spots, this past week's CPAC convention was a refreshing respite from today's troubled America.

Conservatives clearly defined their vision. It amounts to "reducing the size, scope and cost of the federal government."

The convention contained some emotional, even rabble rounding speeches. Ted Cruz rankled a few old guardsmen, suggesting that some were not sufficiently conservative. There was a lot of thoughtful panel dialog. Perhaps most impressive was the distinction of Democrat and Republican perception of women.

Sarah Palin wrapped things up with her typical fiery, plain spoken rhetoric. A straw poll was taken. The result unfortunately pointed to a 1964 repeat for the GOP.

Republicans have literally everything going for them. A sick economy. A mountain of unpopular regulations. A partisan health care plan that will bankrupt the nation. A growing world perception that America is weak and indecisive.

Best of all, there is an approaching midterm. Several "red state," Democrat Senators are anticipating termination. There are a half dozen open Senate seats in winnable states. A ten-seat, Senate pick-up would not be impossible!

The wind is definitely blowing in Democrats' face. But they have one advantage. They are united.

While some say that Hillary Clinton may not run, don't count on it. Even if she were reluctant to do it, the pressure from the party machine will be overwhelming. And, for good reason! What other front line candidate would Democrats have? Joe Biden? Andrew Cuomo? Moonbeam?

So, let's assume that Hillary is the opponent. She will have a "monster" warchest, courtesy of near unanimous Union patronage and left wing PAC generosity. Her game plan will be simple: "Scare the daylights out of Americans with predictions of apocalypse from Republican extremes."

Unfortunately this strategy is "tailor made" for CPAC straw poll winner, Rand Paul!

Michael Dukakis made a memorable statement in his losing bid for the the 1988 Presidency. "This is not about ideology. It is about competence." The only problem for Dukakis was that a closer look at his watch as Massachusetts Governor revealed incompetence!

When you talk the talk, you better be prepared to walk the walk!

Surprisingly enough, a clear plan to send Hillary Clinton to Martha's Vineyard permanently, just surfaced!

In a previous post, we explored Mrs. Clinton's actual public service accomplishments. They are essentially non-existent. A lackluster Senate tenure. A failed Presidential run. A stint as Secretary of State that remains shouded in controversy.

As first lady, she authored "Hillary Care," which resulted in the Democrats losing both House and Senate in the '94 midterms. A decade earlier in Arkansas she was deeply involved in what was labeled "the Whitewater scandel." Had her husband not been Governor, she might have forced to relocate to Pine Bluff, the home of Cummings Prison Farm.

Without question, Hillary Clinton is beatable. But Republicans won't beat her on ideology. Nor, will grandiose drivel proclaiming "my way is better than your way because..." score points with America. Like 1980, America is tired and frustrated. Unlike 1980, the nation is overwhelming cynical.

If you plan to "talk the talk, you better be prepared to walk the walk." In other words, we want more than promises. We want to see previous results."

A "report card" comparison would be something new in a Presidential election. And for a tired, frustrated, overwhelmingly cynical" America, it might be just what the doctor ordered. It is definitely not what Hillary Clinton wants!

While Rand Paul could make his case for being a committed conservative, like Hillary he has no Executive experience. Thus, it's "my way is better than your way because..." You could throw Rick Santorum into this same hopper.

Marco Rubio would attract new members to the Republican Party. As a result,Democrats see him as "dangerous." Ted Cruz isn't exactly the "apple" of the Establishments' eye. The constitution requires that a President "be born in the United States, live in the United States 14 consecutive years and be 35 years of age." That's it!

In essence, Rubio is eligible to be President. Cruz is not. Period. Those who consider "Minor versus Happersett" the final word on eligibility may also think that "Dred Scott" and "Brown versus the Board of Education" were thoughtful and conclusive SCOTUS decisions.

Scott Walker has scored some victories in a deep blue state. So has Chris Christie. But could either win their home state in a general election against Hillary? In Walker's case, "possibly." In Christie's case, "not likely." No President has ever been elected when not carrying his home state.

Jeb Bush? It appears that the Tea Party is defiantly against the former Florida Governor. While the Establishment loves him, could he mobilize the base? He would be a more difficult opponent for Hillary. But would he represent "same old, same old" in Washington D.C.? Yesterday's CPAC message reflected intense anger at the entrenched political establishment. Even though Jeb is neither his father or brother, he has the name. His Florida report card as Governor was better than average.

In short, Republicans have several suitors who could make their Presidential case. But, if the nomination were to be determined solely on a previous report card, the hands down choice is Rick Perry. In fact, it is so overwhelming, that the Republican's smartest option may well be to forego the primaries and "ask" the Texas Governor to be their nominee!

Crazy? Not hardly. Perry's track record as Governor of Texas may be the most successful in U.S. History. What will stand out most significantly is the fact that "for every two full time jobs created over the past five years, one has been in Texas." That means that the "other job" was created by the remaining 49 states collectively?

Believe it!

Perry's message of "10th amendment rediscovery," reflects this past week's
CPAC message. And, he actually has run a "lab" that proves that it works!

Under Perry's leadership, the Texas Educational report card has been superlative. The test scores prove it! Not only has Texas benefited from Charter Schools and voucher programs, but there are now ten Texas colleges and universities offering four-year tuitions for $10,000.

Texas' Environmental record is equally noteworthy. It stems from the truth that this important duty is better handled from Austin and not Washington. Leading by example is the key to unlocking the riches in states such as Alaska, Kentucky and West Virginia. Perry has done this splendidly.

Republicans can turn the 2016 election into a question of competence, with the candidates' actual record as evidence. On this field, Hillary Clinton is seen for what she is. "The Woody Allen of Politics."

Woody Allen? Wasn't he wildly successful as an actor? Isn't he a rich man? Yes. But every single movie that he was involved in lost millions! Today, he is referred to as the "most successful failure in show biz!"

Okay. Perry has been a wildly successful governor. His approval rating stands at 55%, after nearly 14 years on the job. Ted Cruz called his performance "terrific." We can even throw in the fact that he is the only front tier candidate with military experience. Don't forget that he flew F-130's in the Air Force. His tour included several Middle East sorties.

Impressive! But do voters even get that deep into a candidate's credentials? Barack Obama is proof that they don't! Wouldn't all of Perry's accomplishments go unnoticed, except for those who had already decided to vote for him?

Maybe not, if three things can happen.

First of all, the Tea Party must get behind Rick Perry. After all, he is the most qualified spokesman for their cause. This could happen with one simple overture. It amounts to this. Ted Cruz would journey to Kentucky and endorse Mitch McConnell. In exchange, McConnell would agree to withdraw his name from consideration as Senate Majority Leader if re-elected. Republican Senators would agree to name Cruz Senate Majority Leader. Cruz would endorse Perry for President.

Secondly, Republicans would ask Perry to be their nominee, foregoing the primary. This decision would be based on "not repeating the calamity of 2012."

Finally, Perry would annouce his selection of Marco Rubio for running mate prior to the June convention.

Rubio is an incredible orator. Jeb Bush called him the "best" that he has ever seen. He would canvas the country touting Perry's Texas record. He would remind America of Hillary's lackluster performance, starting with Healthcare and ending with Benghazi. He would be joined by popular swing state Governors. In the end, Marco Rubio would define Perry and with it, himself.

Republicans would accomplish three goals with this strategy.

(a) They would be defining their nominee and not allowing the media to do it. The media called Perry, "George Bush on steroids." The two men are actually quite different, as are their ideologies.
(b) They would be laying the groundwork for Marco Rubio as Perry's 2024 successor. The party would be recognizing Rubio as a "president in waiting," similar to the "Jim Bob Fisher-Bobby Bowden, Florida State University coaching scenario."
(c) They would be sending a clear message to the Tea Party. It would amount to "you are an important part of the conservative movement and we are going to include your leaders in the most important positions. All we ask is that you be team players."

Division is the biggest single enemy of the GOP. Failure to conquer it, will result in a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Even though she is a deeply flawed candidate, her party is unified behind her. She has near endless financial resources and enjoys support from a highly partisan media.

Republicans can win only if they unify. It begins with examining which candidate best represents the objective, "to reduce the size, scope and cost of government," and has "most effectively implemented" these standands while on the job.

That is, unquestionably Rick Perry.

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