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The Diva Deception: Compromising the American Family

Amazing how "sneaky" the left is!

Some disturbing trends are taking place in our population. Recently Fox News reported an alarming drop off in marriages in the United States. It seems that more and more of the American population is choosing to simply live together than enter matrimony.

A lot of reasons could be named. One has been the unfairness with which fathers are often treated in custody cases. But it goes deeper. Perhaps it has something to do with the acceptance of divorce.

Former Idaho Congressman, Curtis Bowers cited "easy divorce" as a contributor to the demise of the American family. In his documentary, "Agenda: Grinding America Down," Bowers revealed a Communist plot to replace the American father with government. This chilling expose is scorned by the far left. In effect, it unmasked the entire liberal game plan to compromise America. Without question, it's working!

Historically, the most frequent cause of divorce was infidelity. Today, as more states adopt the "no fault" standard, other motivations come into play. Most common are instances where the partners simply become tired of each other. Frequently "marital weariness" is suggested, even encouraged by society as a whole.

It starts with the notion that the offended has been short changed in the relationship. More often than not, the wife sees herself sacrificing all for one man. The longing for a better house, better car, better clothing, more disposable income and more free time become dominant as her attention turns inward. Television and Tabloids speak of another world; an attractive world, complete with polished, self fulfilled, successful people. This is that mythical world of the "Diva." In essence, "not as it is, but as it should be!" The question becomes, "why not me?"

What is a "Diva?" More specifically, where is the connection with Bower's documentary?
Let us first explore the multitude of "Diva" definitions. The original meaning, by the way, came from the Latin word, "Goddess."

According to Wikipedia, a Diva is "a celebrated female singer; a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera and by extension in theatre, cinema and popular music."

Merriam-Webster calls it, "a usually glamorous woman who is preeminent in her field of activity."

Maxmillian Dictionary adds, "a woman, especially a celebrity, who thinks that she is very important and difficult to please."

The more modernistic, Urban Dictionary adds, "a female performer, ususally an opera singer, who is extremely talented but very imperious and tempermental." It adds, "a woman who has self confidence, self respect and hell swagger. She knows who she is and exactly where she is going. Her style and attitude are on point, even when she is not trying. People typically gravitate to her because of her swagger."

Urban goes on to add that the woman is "usually perceived as bitch or self absorbed, which in some cases, they are..."in effect,"a bitchy woman who must have things her way, or no way at all. She's "often rude and belittles people, believes that everyone is beneath her, and thinks that she is much more loved that she really is." In short, she is "selfish, spoiled and overly dramatic."

"Prima Donna" and "Drama Queen" are synonymous words for "Diva." goes one step further in using the word "rude" as the modern day translation. Per Chatslang, "Diva, originally used to refer to a talented female singer, now refers to women in general who think the world evolves around them and are rude to others."

Per the free, "The thing that even Moshinsky doesn't come to grips with is how the dictionary meaning of Diva(Goddess) degraded into that of a self-centered creature who makes ridulous demands, thereby losing all wisdom and humanity, the very thing that defines a goddess."

Could it all have been by design?

Have you watched "Keeping up with the Kardashians?" For those who have, you've already put "two plus two" together!

Two weeks ago, I happened to see an episode that portrayed the older Kardashian advising her younger, married sister, to "move on." In other words, "divorce" your inattentive husband because, "you only lived once." The advice came after little sister complained that hubby wouldn't attend counciling.

There is never an excuse for not trying! In reality, however, if the younger Kardashian was reflectant of her older sister, she, like big sister was your classic, "Diva." Any counciling would have centered around "me,me,me!" Not, "we, we, we!"

Often, "Divas" float from relationship to relationship. The type man generally attracted is one who refuses to "let their partner in." Because, it's pretty much a given: The typical "Diva" has no room in her heart for a significant other or husband, let alone a child! In short, "why love someone who is incapable of loving back?"

In this case, little sister's husband likely anticipated in advance that the counciling would be nothing more than a bitch session, accomplishing nothing. Since he likely never gave his heart to her, the loss would be minimal, if even existent.

Such are the trials of a modern day "Diva." Goddess has somehow been transformed into the Kardashians! Disquieting is how this make believe family has been utterly glamorized by the media. Perhaps it's the illusion created from trendy clothes, exotic residences and a fat banking account: accepted symbols of the American success story? But are the Kardashians actually no more than strategically placed agents of the unattainable?

Defenders of Kim and the girls consider them, "together," and going places. In essence, "role models" for today's enlightened woman! It's about "getting the most out of life!" You must, after all, "love yourself first!"

Through the difficulty of an America in recession, reduced income and rising costs of living, by-products of the Obama economy, frustrated American women have welcomed a respite. The Kardashians have subtly introduced a question: "Don't you deserve better?"

When you are struggling, it is easy to find faults. With your family, employer and especially your partner. Frustration can often be at least temporarily appeased with harsh words and condescending reminders. Unfortunately, over time, it becomes a habit. Gradually, reasons to stay together give way to reasons for breaking up.

The sad reality is that the solution almost always proves to be worse than the perceived problem. In some cases, much worse! Homes are broken. Children are permanently impacted. The original reason behind marriage is disregarded. The "Diva disception" focuses on "what's in it for me?" Not, "what can I do to make it better." Or, "am I doing all that I can?"

Traditionalists remind, "that's why man and woman were meant to marry." Yet in todays thinking, it's "okay" to not even define a marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Maybe that's our starting point. Perhaps it's time that we demand a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Per the Kardashians, "it matters not where you poke your thing!" Maybe the time has come for these "guilded mamas" to be called out; for what they are and what they are shoveling!

Not to mention both the objective and the desired end result!

Bowers referenced an almost forgotten, 1958 guidebook entitled "The Naked Communist." In this writing, a plan to replace the American father with government is flagrantly presented.

Without question, the American family unit is the greatest obstacle to universal acceptance of Communism. To undermine it begins with destroying the marital union. The key to making this happen is to use the mass media to create dissatisfaction between marital partners.

Sadly, ill advised women often trade a passable marriage for a single parent existence that leaves them worse off than before; financially and emotionally. They are usually forced to turn to government in an effort to bridge the unexpected solace that nearly always accompanies divorce. And it all began because they bought into the Diva illusion of "you deserve better, because you are better!"

On a positive note, a few of the brighter women are connecting the dots. And, they don't like what they see unfolding! They view it as intentional manipulation aimed at directing women toward a path designed to increase dependence on government!

Unfortunately for the left, these enlightened ones are not naive! They know who the accomplices are. Media and celebrities top the list. Most disturbing is how fully focused these accomplices are on their cause! They have an agenda. It includes loneliness, suffering, misery and ultimate hopelessness for millions of American women! Has Communism ever delivered anything to the contrary? Most importantly, can anything be done to thwart these efforts?

Maybe. There is a saying: "Hell hath no fury like that of a scorned woman!"

It has been noted that "women are often meaner than men." Could this be a hint at things to come? As in, just retribution for those who would attempt to destroy something as sacred as the family? Could be!

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