Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Sequence

Google "State of Jefferson."

Next google "Cascadia."

A few have noted Venture Capitalist,Tim Draper's proposal that would split California into six separate states.

For those unfamiliar with "Cascadia," it's a separatist movement introduced largely by environmentalist groups. It would join the states of Washington and Oregon with British Columbia. As of 2010, there were roughly 15 million people living in this proposed new country.

The state of Jefferson is one of the six California states, according to Draper's plan. The other five states are as follows:

1. North California
2. South California
3. West California
4. Central California
5. Silicon Valley

Unlike the other five Californias, the Jefferson movement has been around for a long time. It even has it's own capital and flag. It's basis is more ideological than geographical. Seven southwestern Oregon counties join these Northern California counties. All told, 1.6 million people live in this "Nebraska sized" area.

Surprisingly, these counties are heavily Republican. As are the eastern counties of Washington.

Like their neighbors to the southwest, eastern Washington has entertained a separatist movement. The proposed state of "Lincoln" was originally introduced in 1865. It's possible that at least eight eastern Oregon counties would join them, in the event that Portland and the western part of the state elected to go "Cascading!"

Is anyone aware of the separatist movement in Alberta? It's been around since the early 1990's and stems from the Province's sending far more money to Ottawa than received. Proponents talk about both going solo or teaming with like minded western Canadian provinces to form their own country!

This, too will never happen! Unless, something "screwy" takes place south of the border!

Something "screwy, south of the border" translates to hoards of Central Americans illegally entering the United States. This is the opinion of residents in California, Texas and Arizona! Barack Obama sees them as future "Democrat" votes!

Eventually, even the most reasonable of citizens reach their breaking point! Throngs of disease ridden newcomers and a disinterested federal government may do it!

Most "good Americans" not living in these states will proffer: "Let's see how the Senate midterms turn out. If the Republicans win the Senate majority, things will change!"

Maybe. Hopefully. But if so, can we count on the Lindsey Grahams and Thad Cochrans to take the necessary steps to correct the problem?

An equal number of "good Americans" ask, "can the problem be corrected, by people who are actually the center of that problem?" We may be "whistling Dixie!"

As one Chicagoan turned Texan phrased. "The Senators would lose too much power if states decided to go separate ways. They'd never let it happen!"

From a legal standpoint, Texas could secede. Most Southerners, myself included, maintain that any state can secede. After all, the original union was voluntary. Yet, even conservative judges such as Antonin Scalia consider the question "settled." Texas, however, is different. There is no debate about it's right to exit the union.

Governor Rick Perry vehemently opposes secession as much as his hero, Sam Houston did. But so did Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee. Without question, Perry loves Texas as much as Lee loved Virginia.

In Texas, the flood of "refugees" is personal, believed by most as "intentional." Didn't Debbie Wasserman Schultz vow to "turn Texas into a blue state?" The quickest way to ignite action is when homes are threatened!

The breaking point could be upon us! Politicians will say otherwise. But their credibility may have slipped to the point of no return. It only takes a spark! And Mississippi likely provided it last month!

What if Texas did exercise it's option to withdraw? Predictably, other states would follow. Starting with the Lone Star State's closet neighbors, Louisiana and Oklahoma. From there, the actual sequence is unpredictable.

Trends typically begin in California. Draper contends that California is simply too large to run under a single government. A large number of Californians concur. Especially those in South California where, like Texas, their homes are under threat. Ditto for Central California, where E.P.A. concern over a minnow has forced many farmers to the mat. When you include the Jefferson counties, we are now talking 15 million people and 80% of the Golden State's geography!

Would the three Californias follow Texas? Probably, if not definitely! And the exodus would be on, beginning with Arizona and concluding with most, if not all of the Southern States, the Great Plain States and all, or practically all of the Rocky Mountain States. Midwestern States such as Illinois and Michigan might vote to exclude some of their cities, in an effort to avoid being left behind.

Amazingly 100 of Illinois' 102 counties were carried by Mitt Romney in 2012. Only Cook and St. Clair went Democrat, albeit it by wide margins! Pennslyvania, sans Philadelphia and Delaware counties is a "red" state. Ditto for New York, north of the 43rd parallel and west of the 75th parallel. There is a current separatist movement taking place in Wisconsin. The President's approval rating is less than 40% in Minnesota.

It remains to be seen if Washington and Oregon would join British Columbia to form Cascadia. Two things would happen if they did! The state of "Lincoln" would be formed and join the states that followed Texas. Alberta would almost certainly request permission(not from Canada)to do the same!

The inevitable question: "Wouldn't Obama use the military to suppress the rebellion?"

Probably. But, we must remember! The military is sworn to uphold the Constitution, not the Presidency. The reason for such action would be based on the President's refusal to govern with the guidelines of the Constitution. The military would be torn between their oath to defend the Constitution and the predicted directives of their "perfumed princes;" AKA four and five star generals.

The hypothetical sequence would takes years, if it happened at all. Yet if it did, the new nation that emerged would be unquestionably the richest in the world! And certainly the most free!

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