Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Tale of Two Americas

One insightful Texan proffered an idea worth considering:

"Have Attorney General Greg Abbot and staff determine if and how Texas could draft legislation." This legislation would include giving "state tax credit, to be filed with residents' federal tax return to cover the expenses of sending the guard to the border."

The cost is estimated at 12 million per month. While small(about $50 per year per taxpayer)"it would send a signal" that Texas wouldn't be "double dipped from central government's failure to do their job."

True, this action would be mainly symbolic. But, it would return focus on the waste that is today's norm in Washington, D.C.. The Administration's failure to secure the border has spawned the immediate crisis. Yet, in the President's 3.7 billion dollar request, only 100 million would be allocated to border security.

How would the rest of the money be spent?

"Humanitarian" necessities, such as healthcare, food, shelter, clothing, transporation, lawyers and college tuition for the soon-to-be, "new Americans." The thinking behind the action is these "new Americans" will remember those behind the overture. The end result: New Democrat voters!

How ingenious!

Two problems for the Administration: (a) The Republican Congress won't pass such a measure. (b) Should the President attempt to by-pass Congress, he could fan the impeachment flames that grow brighter with each passing day!

Many Americans don't know what to think. While only one-third are ready to oust Barack Obama, more and more are questioning his judgment. When your disapproval rating stands at 54%, the 33-35% wanting impeachment could surpass 50%, with one catastrophic event. Such as 9-1-1...

Strangely enough, the President has been all but obtuse regarding the international scene. In Russia, Vladmir Putin is challenging Obama, fully knowing that America holds most of the cards. The Middle East is now more perilous than at any time in history. China is getting stronger every day. Yet Obama remains oblivious to it all.

Instead, the President has made "getting people here at home under control," his top priority. Continued calls for gun control, an aggressive N.S.A. seeking to learn more about our people, an I.R.S. gone partisan and an E.P.A. gone wild, have kindled a fear of government never imagined.

Amazingly, Obama's core supporters are with him all the way. Maybe it's because they believe that having "more government" is the only way they'll get a fair shake! His 2012 Presidential campaign emphasized class warfare. But it goes deeper than that. Many in the President's camp are not poor, or even slightly poor. In fact, a lot of them are doing quite well.

Some Obama constituents are relatively easy to fathom. The trial lawyers union opposes any suggestion that may point to tort reform. Even a "loser pays" standard, as established in Texas, is viewed as a threat to their interests.

Federal, non-military employees have always been more comfortable with the Democrat party. The President has enjoyed a "buddy-buddy" relationship with S.E.I.U., the international service employees union that includes 2.1 million workers in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Harry S. Truman warned of the danger of public sector unionization. He predicted that they would ultimately become a political action committee. His prophecy has proven accurate. Today, they are a rock solid constituency of the Democrat party.

The mandate of "forced union membership" is coming to a head in states like Michigan and Wisconsin. For decades, "big labor" has ruled the roost. Now, workers are questioning their leadership. And especially the political candidates their bosses throw their support(and their union dues) at!

The black caucus is more enigmatic. Founded in 1970, they have been some of the most loyal Democrats. Yet, while previously closed doors have opened to African Americans, the unemployment rate for blacks continues to be highest of all segments of the population. The increase in single parent households and gang violence in the black communities suggest that the mere "promise of boonies" will eventually not suffice.

The Gay and Lesbian movement has experienced an "open arms welcome" from this Adminstration. Emboldened by recent court rulings of left leaning jurists, they have concluded that advancing their agenda is as simple as proposing it! If the states don't like it, never fear!

Planned Parenthood can't complain about their "half billion" in federal subsidies. With Obamacare's implementation, more is on the way!

In essence, these constituencies are guaranteed votes for the Democrats. They see the "wisdom" of Barack Obama's "border strategy." It's all about future Democrat voters.

Much of the world now sees America as a "nation of wimps." But, in the eyes of Obama constiuents, "isn't it better to be seen as a wimp than a bully?"

Sovereignty? What sovereignty? In their eyes, the whole system is rigged! The only guarantee of "fairness" is to have the government play referee! After all, that's what "social justice" is all about!

Most disquieting is how few Americans question this intentional progression toward American insignificance. The good news is that "a tiny spark," can provide a "wake up call." Such as a reminder that Texans are paying for Washington's negligence!

Sadly, the aforementioned who comprise the Democrat base, could care less! Only their individual interests and well beings matter!

"Never mind" that there are two million fewer Americans working than in 2008.

"So what" if energy costs have skyrocketed during Obama's watch!

"Too bad" our young people are suffocating under the yoke of student loan debt!

"Who cares" about the "twenty-somethings" who can't fine work!

For the Blacks and Hispanics who continue to lead the unemployment rolls, "what else is new? Just keep voting Democrat!"

For the millions of middle class families witnessing spikes to healthcare costs, due to Obamacare, "Get over it!"

For those losing their individual physicians, due to Obamacare, "It's still a great idea. Especially when you're exempted from it!"

Evidence indicates that one-third of America has succumbed to the promise of percuniary advantage. The disposition of the nation has become secondary.

For these and other reasons, Barack Obama is playing a dangerous game with his opponents. Although making steady gains, his faithful still does not compose a majority.

Eventually, those unable to access the government's "bennies" list will heed Rick Perry's promise: "The American economy, minus the burden of unnecessary regulations and government meddling, will take off like a rocket,"

In reality, most of Obama's constituents have been spared the full horror of their "emperor's" economy. In effect, they have avoided participation in the great recession.

They have stood silent while the their leader turned his back on our military and our veterans. They have accepted America's new world position that "it's better to be liked than respected."

To be sure, there is opposition. And, it's growing with each passing hour. How Obama's opponents will play it, remains to be seen. A lawsuit? Impeachment? Something more drastic?

On one side are Americans who love their country, have faith in a higher being and believe in the family. On the other side are Americans who believe in nothing, save themselves, what money can buy and instant gratification.

Conflict between the two Americas is inevitable.

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