Sunday, August 3, 2014

Not All Democrats Sold on Hillary

This past week, tremors were felt from California Governor, Jerry Brown's domain. Could it be? Is the 78-year-old icon considering throwing his hat into the 2016 Presidential arena?

Could be. While Hillary Clinton is the overwhelming favorite to be the 2016 nominee, the deal isn't quite sealed. There are reasons why.

Richard Kim, the Editor in Chief of "The Nation," wrote, "Anointing Clinton now isn't just anti-democratic; it paints a big sign on the party's door: No New Ideas Here."

This obviously is cause for concern within some Democrat circles. Hillary leads in every poll. Even Fox News is showing her with double digit leads. DNC National sees Hillary Clinton as the logical successor to their enlightened hero, Barack Obama. The lure of the first female President. Bill's wife. Huge Warchest. Could it possibly get any better?

Evidently it could get a lot better, at least for some in the party! Jerry Brown has always been a rabble rouser. But his purist liberalism connects with many within the Democrat base. He has never been shy about seeking the nomination. Odds are, this might be his last hurrah.

3000 miles to the East, Elizabeth Warren has a growing buzz regarding her possible candidacy. As Kim longed, "Senator Warren, your country calls!"This is the same Elizabeth Warren who advocated the $25 per hour minimum wage.

Governor Brown, AKA "Moonbeam" has been around a long time. Amid his flamboyant rhetoric, a case could be made that on sheer experience and competence, he is one up on Hillary! Brown does have Executive experience. It's fact that his state is the nation's largest, the home of 35 million souls.

Wall Street shudders with the very notion of either Brown or Warren as the Democrat nominee! To many Democrats, Hillary represents the status quot. Remaining are unsolved problems, coupled with unanswered questions. It begins with how Middle America is currently doing.

According to Berkeley economist, Emmanuel Saez, "the top one percent captured 95% of all income gains in the so-called recovery. The bottom 99% percent barely gained at all."

Yet this was during Obama's watch. Why conclude that a Hillary Clinton administration would not arrest this trend? According to Peter Beinart of the Daily Beast, in an article written on "the Rise of the New Left," Millennials are facing "scacer job prospects, lower wages, fewer benefits and a weaker social safety net."

In a climate that exhibits unrest among American youth, according to Kim, it is "hard to imagine a Democrat of national statue more ill equipped to speak to this Populist mood than Hillary Clinton."

Enter Moonbeam and the Professor!

It's probable that RNC national would be licking it's chops at the prospect of either unseating Hillary! Together, things get real interesting! Let's dig a little deeper.

The Democrat party has balled itself into a tight fist. They talk about the Tea Party's rigidity. They should look into the mirror. You can especially see it manifested in the global warming debate.

Even though evidence crumbles daily, these "true believers" continue to live in Al Gore's fantasy world. While Gore flies around the globe in his private jet, pausing only for brief respites at his Malibu mansion, they remain convinced. Never once was it imagined that the former V.P.'s "Incovenient Truth" was really about his own personal convenience!

Hillary Clinton is a Progressive. By daughter Chelsea's words, "more progressive" than Bill. She has been on the correct side of every Progressive issue. But she is still suspect with much of the Democrat base. Maybe it has to do with her close affiliation with Wall Street and the Fortune 500 companies.

Democrats are quick to chide and ridicule Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz. But they fail to see the parallels. There are arguably as many ideologues on the left as on the right.

Growing evidence suggests that global warming at best is "an exaggeration, at worst, a hoax."

Obamacare is a disaster, with unimagined problems. It is truly a plethora of broken promises, based on faulty data.

The border crisis is growing with consequences still unknown. Their "hero" continues to turn a deaf ear to Rick Perry's pleas for help!

Our military is weaker than ever.

Our national prestige is slipping world wide.

Most American's are living from pay check to pay check.

In total, there are two million fewer Americans working than in 2008.

College tuition is out of sight for most Americans.

Could America expect better from Moonbeam and/or the Professor?

Evidently their supporters think so! The question becomes, do either Brown, Warren or Clinton have a grasp of the true problems facing the country? They think that they do. But is America buying it?

This will be the argument that Republicans must win if they are to reclaim the White House. It starts with the proclamation that these mostly "warmed over ideas from the seventies" haven't worked!

Our nation is literally "suffocating" from regulations. Both our Interal Revenue Service and our Environmental Protection Agency have been partisan arms of the Administration. It was 1861 when the nation was as ideologically divided as it is today.

The political left will have it's differences. There will be considerable clamor for change and a new Populist direction. In the end, however, it will be "same song, second verse!"

"Wealth redistribution with protection for the limited few."

"Socialism for the rest of America."

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