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Saperstein's Proposal Might Create Problems for Obamabatts

Yesterday, on ABC's website, I noted a blogger who referred to
the Tea Party as "right wing nut cases and kooks!" It demonstrates how the left continues to harbor misnomers about "who" actually makes up the Tea Party movement. I guess it is rather complicated.

This opinion is not unique. 30-35% of the American population continues to stand with Barack Obama. True, there are two million less Americans working full time than in 2008. Yes, the debt is spiraling out of control. No question that the foreign policy is becoming unraveled worldwide. With a doubt, the borders are less secure that at any time in recent memory. The fact is, "none of this would be happening if it were not for "malcontents" too stubborn to see the light!

To these devout "Obamabatts" things are proceeding in the right direction. Anyone who questions the judgment of their "hero" is a racist. If you're still not convinced, take it from an expert: Al Sharpton. The only problem in the country are some "kooky, wing nuts" in mainly Southern states who are "dumbing down" the rest of America.

On August 13th, an interesting revelation came into light. On "Gamechanger Salon," a closed Google group of Progressive organizers, reporters and campaign apparatchiks, led by Guy Saperstein, said they would support the South seceding. Saperstein is a major Democrat supporter and part owner of the Oakland Athletics baseball team.

Saperstein surmised, "For more than 100 years, the South has been dumbing down national politics, tilting the country in a conservative direction, supporting militarism, all while demanding huge financial subsidies from blue states.

"It would be 100% fine with me if the South were a separate nation, pursuing it's own policies and destiny." he added.

In an email thread from the previous October, Saperstein was discussing a Michael Lind story on Gamechanger entitled, "The South is holding America Down."

Saperstein is also a former president of the Sierra Club Foundation and former member of the Democracy Alliance. The Democracy Alliance is a shadowy group of wealthy liberals who direct donations to progressive causes and organizations.

"I thought it was an impressive(albeit tough) big picture political strategy and proscription," Gamechanger member, John Stahl wrote.

"My comment was not made in jest at all." Saperstein continued. "Could we just let the South secede? Secession would be a gradual process, giving any blacks who felt threatened time to relocate.

"Civil rights victories would not be lost for any blacks willing to relocate and the ones who relocated would do much better in their new environments." he added.

Progressives often smear the Tea Party as "treasonous Neo-Confederates," begging them to secede and take their undesirable politics with them. How convicted is the Professional Left toward Southern secession? Nobody truly knows.

What we do know is, "be careful what you wish for!"

For starters, the Tea Party is not confined to the South. It is a grassroots collection of Americans who seek a better America. "Better" equates to more fiscal sanity in government, more economic opportunity, respect worldwide, and greater security at home.

The Tea Party's view of "better,"in the eyes of Al Sharpton and other Democrat leaders amounts to "better segregated in an effort to keep the black man down." The South is that "glorious bastion of white supremacy."

Like Sharpton, this ABC blogger failed to grasp the true depth of the grassroots movement. Maybe it's because few on the far left have taken the time to breakdown "who" actually makes up the Tea Party. It's really not that difficult.

The original Tea Party was all about "fiscal conservatism." There are several Tea Parties nationally. I recall Tea Party Patriots publishing a blogging axiom: "No discussion on social issues, only fiscal issues." In short, they would not publish comments relating to "abortion, gay marriage or immigration."

The initial membership was not confined to the Republican Party. Democrats and especially Independents joined! The 2010 midterms reflected these new members!

Then came 201l. Slowly, the Tea Parties became co-oped. Libertarians, seeking a home, muscled in, on the wings of their champion, Ron Paul. Today, it is believed that 20% or more Americans consider themselves Libertarians. They are in all 50 states.

Many of these Independents who became Tea party members can be classified as "Reagan Democrats." They support a Progressive Tax system. But, they also support overturning Roe versus Wade and a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a "union between a man and a woman."

Some of these new members ultimately moved on from the Tea Party, landing with Glenn Beck's 9/12 project. They chose to focus on Agenda 21 and the threat of a one-world government. Many of these member were later referred to by the left as "Tevanglicals." To the standard Democrat atheist, their faith based passion qualified them for a "wing nut," distinction.

While a large number of "Reagan Democrats" live in the South, they too are coast-to-coast. It is believed that "Reagan Democrats" constitute an much as 10% of the population. Coupled with Republican Social Conservatives, the
total tabulation may exceed 25%.

The original members, AKA "the fiscals" care little about abortion or gay rights. They want to rein in government spending. They favor a "balanced budget amendment," and seek to "reduce the size, scope and cost" of the federal government.

Sprinkled throughout the Tea Party movement are the "10thers." These are "strict constructionist conservatives," such as Texas Governor, Rick Perry, who take a literalistic view of the 10th amendment.

When broken down accurately, the Tea Party doesn't look like anything, save "red blooded, patriotic Americans!" So what's the rub?

Evidently Saperstein, this ABC blogger, Sharpton and others have concluded that the
Tea Party is nothing more than a fringe element of "right wing nut cases and racists, mostly confined to the South." To attain true social justice for all, maybe it's best that these "misguided reprobates" simply depart quietly in the night.

The question becomes, "what states are considered Southern?" If "Southern" translates to "red," we're talking a lot bigger piece of real estate than the eleven states that seceded in 1861!

Let's review the map for a moment.

By excluding "Cook County, Illinois, Wayne County, Michigan, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin and Cayahoga County, Ohio, the Midwest becomes solidly "red." Those living in the remaining counties could "hermetically seal," or "cordon off" those counties from the remainder of the state, requiring a visa for entry.

Remove Philadelphia County from Pennsylvania and another solidly "red" state results. If you divide New York west of the 75th parallel of longitude and north of the 43rd parallel lattitude, you have still another "red" state. Both "red" Pennslyvania and "red" New York would hold populations comparable to North Carolina.

Did anyone study Tim Draper's idea of "six Californias?" I did! It's a certainty that South California, Central California and Jefferson, would join the "red" states! There are 16 million people living in these three Californias!

Would we be disporportionate in population? Maybe. But, assuming Saperstein is correct, Black Americans would flood the remaining "blue" states! I am sure that they would be welcomed with opened arms by what remained of America!

Are we getting ahead of ourselves?

Not really. When "blue" states such as Minnesota, Washington, what was left of Oregon and New England pondered their options, one aspect would become apparent: "Their states would be quicly overrun with illegal aliens!" Not to mention "refugees" from "hermetically sealed," Midwestern cities.

States in the west would see "departing with red states," as their only way of not being overrun. Alaskans would consider themselves "liberated!"

It's possible that Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont might ask Canada to annex them. Three-fourths of Maryland's counties would be joined by one or two Delaware counties, eventually petitioning for separate statehood.

Because of the fear of being "swamped" with newcomers,the transformation would take place in months, not years.

Be careful what you wish for!

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