Friday, September 5, 2014

"Red State Convention" Could Doom Republican Party

Something big is evidently brewing in America!

Earlier today, I was privy to some feedback from a November 2013 post, "All Roads Lead to Nashville." It discussed a proposed "Red State Convention," that would take place in Nashville, spring of 2015. The topic, "replacing the existing Republican Party."

The post also appeared on Tea Party Nation. Conservatives throughout the country are obviously thinking along the same lines! But, as this caller warned, "you are talking about destroying the Republican Party, no two ways about it!"

Maybe the time has come to commence entertaining such a notion! It is apparent that the party leadership has abandoned the party base! The disgraceful Mississippi Senate primary is proof that some people within the party have become so powerful, so important that they could care less what the majority thinks.

It doesn't take a whiz kid to recognize the "rift" in the Republican party. Only through threats of a "third party will do nothing but elect Democrats," has the so called Republican "Establishment" maintained their grip.

The Tea Party has been continuously ridiculed and chastised. They have been called everything from "fringe elements to NAZIS;" by everyone from Al Sharpton to Thad Cochran. Never mind the fact that they fished a broken GOP from the stagnant, post 2008 sewer, achieving major legislative gains in 2010!

2014 yields a different landscape. Today's Tea Party is marked by one basic question: "Which Tea Party?"

Originally founded as a "fiscal issues only" movement, today's Tea Party has become the landing spot for disgruntled Americans with a cause. Yet, getting everyone on the same page, as a convention would require, could be like "herding cats!"

It begins with adopting a platform. "All Roads.." introduced 15 planks. Today's caller added another idea.

"Cut our Corporate tax from 35% to 17.5%, if companies brought "half" of their outsourced jobs back to American soil. Bring "all" of the jobs back to America and the tax would be "zero."

"Each American company would be required" to provide "a minimum of $10,000 in health insurance coverage." This would work hand-in-hand with the $10,000 and up "catastrophic pool" initially proposed in "All Roads..."

The caller predicted the return of "millions" of jobs to our shores. Some would be low paying. Some would pay fairly well. American companies that continued to send jobs abroad, would be taxed accordingly.

Another Red State convention advocate sugggested that we ban public sector unions. Harry S. Truman would have seconded that motion!

"A fourth grade English proficiency test as a prerequisite for a voter I.D. card, complete with photograph?" Most of the folks in Washington would be horrified! But mainstream American would likely say, "why not?"

As the caller phrased, "we need to concentrate on "ideas, not people." The "people will come later." What's important now is "winning elections!" This equates to increasing the overall appeal. For years, Republicans have talked about "broadening the tent." The "Red State" platform would do just that.

"Those in charge" would suggest that this ploy would accomplish the opposite. Yet, are we certain that "those in charge,"don't merely amount to "opposite extremes of the same ingredient?"

True, there are exceptions. But, by and large, we have, to quote one conservative broadcaster, "Democans and Republicrats." They first argue and debate. Then, they assemble, usually behind closed doors and eventually reach a "consensus." If anything, it sounds like a game!

Ultimately to "scare" those entrenched to "get on the mainstream America bandwagon, while they still can," may be the the only sure way. Some won't. But, a lot will. Especially when those holdouts have been accurately fingered!

Mouthing "RINO" won't be sufficient! The distinction must be made between the "strict constructionist" conservatives and the "new conservatives." When "new" equates to "favoring large, Washington D.C. based power, preemptive wars and globalist ties," the knockout punch can be administered! And that is...?


Disgust with corruption has non partisan sentiment. It is indeed sufficient to bring the walls of Jericho tumbling down!

It's vital to include those Americans who consider themselves forgotten. Therefore, it's critical that we concentrate on issues that impact everyone. It's imperative that we do not get "lost in the weeds" over specific items such as "Gay Marriage and Abortion." We must listen. If we do, we might learn something that we didn't know!

A convention as outlined would create the forum to make this happen. This is the starting point. Next, however, must be the "positioning statement." To leave it at we're the "disgusted with Washington party," won't be enough. Any replacement party must immediately define itself. Otherwise, the mainstream media will do it for them.

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