Sunday, September 28, 2014

Conservatives Face Four Stark Choices

Conservatives in America have essentially four choices.

Choice number one amounts to starting a third party, possibly nominating Ben Carson or someone outside the political circuit. It generates strong emotions and would be the ultimate "in your eye" to the Republican Establishment. To many, telling them "it'll teach you a lesson, once and for all" would be worth it!

I call this the "Kamikaze pilot approach." If I didn't know better, I would think that a Democrat was behind it. After all, what strategy could do more to elect Hillary Clinton to the Presidency? A third party will not win. Even when the candidate is an experienced Chief Executive, as was the case with Teddy Roosevelt and his "Bull Moose" party during Ragtime. It never has...

Choice number two can be described as "Splintering." We witnessed this in 2012. Conservatives can't decide on any one candidate. Libertarians back Rand Paul. Fiscals get behind Donald Trump. Evangelicals choose Mike Huckabee. Tea Party opts for Ted Cruz. All the while, the Republican Establishment is uniting behind a Mitt Romney or a Jeb Bush.

In the end, we have a repeat of 2008 and 2012.Convervatives are divided. The party leadership picks the nominee. Conservatives are given a choice: Vote for our guy or stay home!

In actuality, Barack Obama and friends see a divided Republican party as the optimum future direction of America. They see the nation evolving into a one party system. A fragmented conservative front contributes to this aspiration.

Third Choice is to unite. The conservative groups outlined in an earlier post, choose one candidate who best represents all of the constituencies, including the Establishment. It would come down to answering the following questions:
(a) Which candidate would be able to energize Tea partiers, mobilize Evangelicals and be acceptable to Establishment?
(b) Which candidate would be capable of raising the money to run a 50-state campaign?

I refer to this choice as the "Elimination Approach." In essence, through process of elimination, we exclude nominees who,
(a) are unable to appeal to all of the three main segments
(b) are unable to attract low income, blue collar independents
(c) have never attracted more than 1/3 Hispanic voters in any election
(d) are tied to one prinipal issue

The "tie-breaker" considerations for the "Elimination Approach" should be as follows:
(1) Previous Executive experience
(2) Previous Military experience

Fourth Choice will be as the topic of a future post:

"The Three Americas."

America will still be composed of fifty states. But, some of her parts will be missing.

Google Tim Draper's "six Californias." Now google the recent(2013) movie hit that starred Matt Damon and Jody Foster. Three of Draper's six Californias, West California, North California and Silicon Valley will compose the new, 20 million strong nation, "Elysium." Chelsea Clinton could be their first President.

Turning east...Imagine New York, south of the 43rd parallel and east of the 75 parallel. Add New Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware counties, Pennsylvania, six Maryland Counties and two of the three Delaware Counties. Now, throw in New England. Presto! We have, "The Peoples' Democratic Republic of America." The capital would be located in New York City. Michael Bloomberg would be named "Despot for Life."

Washington D.C. would become an "open city," more like a giant museum. It's historical documents would be available and accessible to citizens of the all three "Americas."

The Americas would enjoy a relationship comparable to Americas' current standing with Canada: "friends, allies and trading partners."

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