Friday, January 30, 2015

Rick Perry Riding Point Against Tyranny

Travis County, Texas is known statewide as a "liberal cesspool."

Outsiders to the state are quick to ask "why" is a District Attorney from Travis County given statewide latitude; as is the case with the Public Integrity Unit? Fair question!

The newswires are buzzing with Governor Rick Perry's seemingly politically motivated indictment. A Travis County Grand Jury argues that they are "not questioning Perry's right to exercise a veto." Perry's retort is simple. "Look at the video, if you're not convinced!"

He's referencing Rosemary Lehmberg, the Travis County District Attorney and the drunken escapade that landed her 22 days in the county clinker. Without question, it was an embarrassment for Travis County Democrats. They let Lehmberg know about it! But, resign she didn't! And, as the defense insists, a lot of Texas tax payer money was on the line. And we were not talking about just any position!

Governor Perry contended that his decision to veto the 7.5 million dollars needed for the Public Integrity Unit was solely due to his lack of confidence in Lehmberg. He doubted that any Chief Executive would have responded differently. After all, District Attorney is the chief law enforcement official.

So, if it is not politically motivated, what it is? Malice cannot be proven! True, Perry isn't exactly popular with far leftists. And, in exercising his veto, he was saying "nyet" to funding for one of the few "left leaning" departments remaining in the Lone Star state! But isn't this type disagreement dealt with in the voting booths?

Republicans are not happy with Barack Obama, especially in regard to measures such as Obamacare, Keystone, and Dodd-Frank. The President has threatened to veto any and all repeal legislation that may come through the Legislature. This is the way out system of government works. If Republicans don't like it, they can elect someone from their party in 2016.

Could not Republicans indict Barack Obama for refusal to see it their way?

This is essentially the argument made by both Alan Dershowitz and Lanny Davis. Such action would amount to nothing less than the "criminalization of politics." As the former warned, such action is "befitting of totalitarian governments." In essence, it would amount to a "Sovietization" of the American legal system.

Make no mistake! Alan Dershowitz and Lanny Davis are no fans of Rick Perry! Both are professed Progressives. Their problem stems with the the attempted sedition that Perry's indictment portrays. When opposition uses the legal system to advance their agenda, we embark upon a dangerous path.

As fate would have it, Rick Perry finds himself "riding point" on perhaps the greatest illustration of the difference between "freedom" and "tyranny" in a generation. Lehmberg supporters ultimately land on the side of "suppression." It amounts to "acquiesce or consequences!" Never mind that the captain visually demonstrated both her irresponsibility and ineptitude.

Predicted outcome? The Perry camp surmises that Judge Bart Richardson is "careful." The process is quite extensive. Yet it is remembered how the Travis County Grand Juries indicted Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Tom DeLay! Both were proven innocent. In the case of DeLay, it came with great cost.

The left has made it a standard to use the court system to advance measures that had failed legislatively. Travis County takes it a step further. Theirs is to prosecute any and all in disagreement. For them, Perry is especially dangerous.

Rick Perry is a former Democrat. He actually managed Al Gore's 1988 Texas Presidential campaign. He hails from a working class background. He brings more experience to the table than any candidate. Furthermore, his experience is Executive experience. His state is the second largest and one of the more diverse. His governorship is arguably the most successful in U.S. history, beginning with the economy and ending with border security and the environment. Last but not least, Perry flew C-130's in the Air Force. Demitry Medvedev described him as "a cowboy with deep understanding of military affairs."

The bottom line: Rick Perry connects with "Joe Six-Pack." This translates to appealing to "blue collar" Democrats and Independents, voters already skeptical about a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Perry even maintains active membership into he AFL-CI0, although he is staunchly "right to work."

The end conclusion is Perry will fix what ails America, domestically and abroad. The left sees him as the ultimate threat. He is plain spoken, personable and cordial, a stark contrast from the airy Barack Obama. Once in the White House he will be more than a "tap dancer" or an"accommodation artist."

When weighing the thought of a Perry Presidency versus one held by Hillary Clinton, or "Republicrats," Jeb Bush or Chris Christie, it is understandable why liberals would go so far as to advocate a "Soviet style" system of justice.

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