Sunday, July 22, 2018

"Draining the Swamp" Will Require New Attorney General

A question that constantly emerges: "Why has the Justice Department turned a blind eye to Hillary Clinton's activities."

Melissa Hodgman. AKA Melissa Hodgman-Strzok. As in, the "wife"of Peter Strzok? You got it!

So, Melissa Hodgman-Strzok is the wife of the FBI's Deputy Head of Counter Intelligence? The shoe does fit!

Hedgman-Strzok is the Associate Director of the Security and Exchange Commission's enforcement division. She is very close to the Clintons. Her position allowed her to block attempts to investigate the Clinton Foundation's involvement with Uranium One,among other things. FBI sources contend that Melissa was the "insurance policy" referred to by Strzok in his email correspondence to Lisa Page.

Wait a minute!

Doesn't this sound like a "combination of cronyism and conflict of interests?"

It damn sure does!

What about Jill McCabe, the wife of recently fired FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe. She received $675,288 from two entities associated with Virginia Governor and close Clinton crony, Terry McAuliffe.

It is the "deep state" manifested. Donald Trump calls it the fruits of a "rigged system."

We observed the reactions this past week by John Brennon and James Clapper, post President Trump's meeting with Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Interestingly enough, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions has been relatively timid, regarding Eric Holder and his "Fast and Furious" fiasco and Susan Rice's "Benghazi" boondoggle! And we still haven't gotten to President Obama's "cash gift" to Iran...

Explanations range from Session's "fear of the Clinton's" to a "longtime close relationship with the Bushes." Neither clan are Trump fans!

Why Sessions was appointed to this critical position to begin with, is another topic for a different post. Perhaps it was due to his being one of the first to "jump on the Trump train." Maybe the Trump camp thought that the former Alabama Senator would solidify support in the South. 18 months later, his tenure as Attorney General can be described as "wooden" at best, "misguided" at worst. Overall, he gets a "D." Which, ironically is the first letter of the word "dud."

In all, Donald Trump has opened some eyes. First and foremost, there is the Russian collusion question and subsequent Christopher Steele dossier; which turned out to be a creation of the Clinton campaign.

To say that Russia meddled in the election is a no-brainer! But America has done it's share of election meddling. People living in glass houses should not be throwing rocks!

At the root of the argument: "If Republicans hold on to the House this fall, the investigation will continue. There will be indictments, followed by convictions. There will be firings and likely prison terms handed out. God only knows who might be recipients of the latter.

If the Democrats win the house, all of this will quietly go away...

The question becomes, "Are we satisfied with the knowledge that we have a "shadow government behind the government," made up of largely non-elected persons? If the answer is "no," Republicans will hold on to the House, increase their Senate majority and begin the painstaking process of truly "draining the swamp."

Actually, it's more serious than just a few justified firings! Attempting to undermine a fairly elected government is considered "high treason" by many, if not most Americans.

Should Republicans hold onto the House, as I expect them to do, and if Newt Gingrich's prediction of "six to eight" Senate seat pickups proves to be accurate, look for Trump to replace Jeff Sessions as first order of business. His replacement? Rudy Giuliani? Trey Gowdy? It won't be a "wuss."

Why wait?

Two reasons. Almost assuredly, Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer will "slow walk" the confirmation. It could literally take months! Meanwhile, Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein would assume responsibility. This is an equally unattractive prospect! The House Freedom Caucus has urged Sessions to fire Rosenstein, or at least, remove him from the Mueller probe...

2019 could be a pivotal year for America. The Mueller investigation will come to a conclusion. That it has dragged on this long is puzzling. Considering Melissa Hodgman-Strzok's S.E.C. position, common sense insists that had there been any wrong doings by Trump, they would have come out long ago.

At the very least, Strzok and his wife should be "canned." And Hillary Clinton should at last, be indicted! Eric Holder and Susan Rice should also be placed under the microscope! Not to mention, Brennon and Clapper! Can we see where this is going?

What about Obama? Many in question are his appointees!

Put it like this: Had a corporate C.E.O. advanced cash to a hostile nation in the way that was done with Iran, he would be serving time this day. Need I say more?

A strong Attorney General can go a long way toward "draining the swamp." Once indictments are passed out and it becomes apparent that there will be prison time involved, resignations from the F.B.I., C.I.A., Justice Department and N.S.A will be coming in waves. It will be reminiscent of "rats leaping from a burning ship."

A strong A.G. will likewise pressure sanctuary cities; forcing them to relinquish criminal illegal aliens. Mayors who refuse, should be cited for "aiding and abetting criminals" and arrested.

In short, the 2018 midterms are as crucial as any in history. If Republicans turn out, they will win. After all, the economy is what drives most elections.

"Draining the Swamp" is something that must be done, in post haste! We simply cannot tolerate a shadow government, attempting to undermine the legally elected government. These participants should not be handled with "kid gloves!"

Thomas Jefferson put it best:

"When people fear government, you have tyranny. When government fears the people, you have liberty."

It is time to put the "fear of God" into these DC elites...

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