Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Enemy Within

Grassroots America fully understands the need to take on the status quot. Yet, most Americans considered it a lost cause.

I recall a son of a former CIA operative who described the American political system as "red team versus blue team, playing for the same university." As he coined, "You just live with it, try to enjoy life, make some money and accept the fact that nobody, NOBODY will ever change it. It is part of us."

This seemingly resigned point of view was disheartening. Yet my friend seemed to know more about the inner workings of our DC establishment than I. My question to him was, "what if, some how, some way, somebody came in and said, "no, I am not going to accept this; there is an alternative!"

"Alternative?" My friend appeared puzzled. "What alternative? The only alternative that I can possibly imagine would be an outright revolution, at best a civil war! But, that won't happen. The United States is so intertwined with the rest of the world, you would be talking about a world wide readjustment! Believe me, Jeff! It won't happen!"

This was 2009. America had just elected Barack Obama. Obama was a fresh face, with an equally empty resume. He did have a strong, clear voice and appeared to be right on target with half of the electorate.

It helped that the Republicans had nominated a weak challenger. When John McCain took federal funds for his fizzling campaign in spring 2008, it signaled "end game." There was brief hope that a unified party might tip the sales against his inexperienced opponent. Then the meltdown came.

One Chicago friend had an interesting retrospect observation. "Had McCain handed the nomination to Mitt Romney at the convention, and Romney subsequently named McCain V.P., it might have changed the election. At least Republicans would have had a candidate who was a "financial specialist," without campaign spending restrictions! We now know that McCain's demeanor, would never have allowed this to happen.

Barack Obama ran as a centrist. To the average voter, he appeared nothing short of "Bill Clinton." Universal Health care was not new. The Democrats had sought it since the days of Jimmy Carter. Obama proved great at selling it; even though many of his promises turned out to be outright lies!

The promises Donald Trump made were mostly ridiculed and chastised by the political establishment, Republican and Democrat. His economic projections were scoffed. In 2016 Obama went as far as to say, they would happen only "if pigs could fly." Now that they are coming true, "experts" are suggesting that they are a "blip."

What's painfully evident is that so many members of the Washington establishment seemingly want Trump to fail.

Maybe it's because they are experiencing a giant "ripple" in the normally placid D.C. political pond. Yes, there have always been two sides, always more than one position. But it was all within limits. Suddenly their cozy nest was being threatened, by a bawdy, politically incorrect outsider, who seemed to have captured the favor of "Joe Six Pack."

A border wall? A merit based immigration system? New and revised trade deals, that would actually be "fair" for America?

No Trans Pacific Partnership? No North American Free Trade Act.? No Paris Climate Accord? Big Tax cuts for Individuals and Corporations?

A national defense that suggested that America was ready to take on anybody, anywhere? China? Russia? Kim and the Mullahs?

None of these initiatives should come as a surprise! Trump promised all when campaigning in 2016.

Donald Trump may be a lot of things. But, he is not a Communist. This is something that even Lanny Davis would acknowledge!

You can't say the same about some others, including Obama insiders John Brennen and Valerie Jarrett. We can safely conclude that the 44th president holds comparable views.

For dissenters, the Helsinki summit went over like a bowl of hot soup in the middle of the Sahara in July! Members of both parties were horrified at the apparent congeniality witnessed by Trump and Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Did our president actually suggest that he trusted Putin more than his own security team?

Contrary to popular opinion, Putin is not a Communist. He is a Fascist. He and Trump connect in two areas. Both are Nationalists. Both are Pragmatists. Both see advantages in attempting to accentuate commonalities.

Isn't this good?

Yes, unless your obsession is that Trump fail!

Sadly, there are a lot of Americans who hold this point of view. Didn't Bill Maher say that he would be "okay with a recession, if it meant getting Trump out of office?"

I was amazed that Putin immediately pointed out the division in America, actually sounding almost sympathetic with Trump's plight! Of course, Russia has been predicting that America would split into two or more countries for decades.

MSNBC contends that Russia aspires to destroy the American system. Which may translate to the American status quot. If this is true, they may not be alone!

Most illogical is how a stronger N.A.T.O., a revitalized American defense investment and total energy independence benefits Russia? No Democrat can answer this!

What Dems are quick to point out is that the Russian Foreign Minister proclaimed Helsinki "better than excellent" and that Russia welcomes continued dialog. In other words, "we have a starting point." In you hate Donald Trump, this is bad.

Perhaps most alarming to the D.C. establishment is Trump's premeditated plan to shake up the world order! He didn't mince words with China or the E.U.. We know how Mexico and Canada are taking it.

It seems that everything the President has done is either out-of-bounds, unthinkable or politically incorrect! We have heard his positions on immigration. Not surprisingly, the majority of America is with him! On everything from the Wall, to merit based acceptance, to no VISA lottery!

The key for Republicans holding the House this November is keeping suburban woman from straying. With a mostly partisan media hell bent on destroying the President, it won't be easy. "Democratic Socialists" want open borders. So do "Paul Ryan Republicans." Yet, most Americans do not. Border security is a winning issue.

Remember Willie Horton and the 1988 Presidential election? Creating apocalyptic images of open borders, violent illegals wrecking havoc in "pink house suburbia" might do it!

In short, Trump's foremost adversary is not Kim Jong Un, Iran's Mullahs or even Putin. It's closer to home! It is an entrenched Washington Establishment that we now label "the swamp."

These insiders are truly the "enemy within." Suddenly, we have a participant who is neither "red team" or "blue team." Maybe he is green, orange even lavender. What matters most is America has finally been presented with an alternative.

How we handle the coming 30 months will tell the story.

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