Sunday, August 19, 2018

Media Fake News May Have Impact on Midterms.

To hear Morning Joe or Chris Cuomo's American situation analysis, you would think that they had recently returned from Tijuana; accompanied by an ample supply of Mexican Mushrooms!

There is simply no other way to explain their departure from American reality. In the face of good times, both are experiencing a "bad trip."

Perhaps by design. Chris' brother made it clear, that he didn't think America was all that hot! The Governor of New York has a role to play. Especially if he has presidential aspirations on his mind.

Joe's lady friend, also known as "Bimbo" can only nod and wink. For those who were around during the "Peanut Farmers" fowl up tenure, it's remembered that her father, Zbigniew Brzezinski(our favorite meathead) advised the president that "the only thing that is saving America is world opinion."

It's fitting that "Meathead" would sire such daughter! I am certain that "Morning Joe" sees assets that don't include what's between her eyes. As far as his take on Trump's America, a four-ounce glass of Mexican dream potent will go a long way.

Fair minded people simply scratch their heads, wondering where these "Donald Trump hating" media pundits get their material. What they are reporting often doesn't exist, other than in the psychedelic world.

It's understandable that they don't like the president. But, does not their profession demand some semblance of objectivity. Apparently not...

Perhaps they are relying on the stupidity of Americans. After all, their mentor, Hillary Clinton referred to Trump supporters as "a basket of deplorables." It's fact that the majority of these "gun toting, God fearing, bible thumpers" are not Ivy League products!
Still, if "Morning Joe's and Chris Cuomo's" continue to repeat the fictitious and divest in the delusional, some of those assertions just might stick.

Democrats are counting on it!

Let's pause for a moment. Through a year and a half of his Presidency, Donald Trump has done everything promised. We see a massive tax cut coupled with regulatory relief paying dividends like only Trump imagined. 18 months ago, Democrats and few Republicans were saying that it couldn't be done.

Having finally admitted that the economy is exploding, Dems are trying to give most of the credit to Barack Obama, conveniently deleting that "regulation rollbacks are believed to be as much of the key, as the tax cuts." Besides! These tax cuts were just "crumbs" anyway! Right Nancy Pelosi?

Immigration reform? Trump's proposal included more than double the dreamers that Obama's plan provided for. But, it came with a price: "No Chain Migration. No Visa Lottery. Increased border security. A Wall."

Dems said "no."

It's fact that many in Trump's own party were initially appalled at normalizing the status of 1.7 million dreamers. Obama wasn't that generous. Evidently the President saw it as a good faith gesture. I did. But Paul Ryan didn't. Not to mention the Democrat leadership.

On the surface, it represented a bridge. In a true compromise, neither side is particularly happy. Donald Trump knew this. In his mindset, he concluded that it would be best to accommodate those in the country illegally through no fault of their own. It may also have been a ploy to force the Democrats true intentions to the forefront.

Paul Ryan's pitiful alternative drew only 110 votes. But it did starkly portray the difference in Trump's vision and Neo-Con priorities.

At the bottom of it all, almost all Democrat and Neo-Con agendas are found to be in conflict with American interests.

In Laura Ingraham's words, "Democrats want to change the demography of America." As expected, she was touted as a racist and a bigot. Yet, is it racism or bigotry to aspire to bring in the best qualified immigrants into the country? As in those applicants already fluent in English with advanced degrees who can't wait to assimilate?

Neo-Con's could care less about English proficiency or prior educational achievement. They simply want to keep that endless supply of cheap labor coming. Never mind if it keeps wages stagnant. Enhanced security and a border wall will severely curtail this source.

In short, both Neo-Cons and the Democrat leadership have something in mind, other than the best interests of Americans. Could it be that both see America as part of a much larger picture?

In Thomas Friedman's, "the World is Flat," America was portrayed as a spoiled, overly indulgent nation that had preyed and exploited on the rest of the world. The solution, according to Friedman, was to "level the playing field." This included, but was not limited to, "sharing jobs with less fortunate nations and paying the Lion's share for global initiatives such as the Paris Climate Accord.

In essence, "sharing the hegenomy."

Alarmingly, Democrat Leadership and most Neo-Cons are fine with this idea! Even more disturbing, the mainstream media has not only joined them but embraced the general idea!

Trump's "faith based, national populism" is "secular, global socialism's" polar opposite. Herein lies the conflict.

The President sees America as a "melting pot," where people from all parts of the world could come, marry and build a nation based upon freedom. Their strain would be "Americans," adopting the English language, American customs and traditions.

The other side sees America as a salad bowl. Every newcomer is welcomed, no matter what circumstance they left behind in their previous country. There is no urgency to assimilate. All are included in basic services. ICE can be eliminated, because the borders will be open.

The "sharing the hegemony" crowd is nervous, dying a little with every foreign policy gain or shred of good economic news. Immigration didn't work in a decisive way. In fact, some are finally questioning "who" the 14th amendment's birthright citizenship actually was intended for.

Then there are the trade deals. To "one world government globalists," what Trump is attempting to do is nothing short of heresy! How dare the President turn America's back on those less privileged countries, in favor of "a bunch of fat, lazy, American deplorables!

Odds are strong that the Trade deals will ultimately work to America's advantage. Trump and his crew are dealing with aces. Unfortunately, the true fruits will may not be fully felt until after the midterms...

Democrats have a good opportunity to reclaim the House of Representatives. But their chances in the Senate don't look good at all. Americans could see losing the House while picking up a "half-dozen" Senate seats. Republican Optimists insist that they will hold the House and pick up as many as eight to ten Senate seats.

Imagine a Nancy Pelosi led House, and a Senate where 57 seats were held by Republicans. I see a lot of wasted time.

Hopefully, the average American will take an inward look, questioning "if" Trump should be given a Republican Congress. It's a choice:

Giving Trump a friendly speaker will help implement his agenda, because what he's done so far is good, if not extraordinary?

Or, agree with Chris Cuomo, Morning Joe, and others, that Trump does not "jive" with one-world government objectives. Therefore, Congress will be in better hands under Nancy Pelosi, who's goal is to impeach him.

"Secular Global Socialism" versus "Faith based National Populism."

In retrospect, Paul Ryan was, and still is, an adversarial figure, who just happens to be in the same party. Any of the three Republican's vying for Speakership would be an upgrade.

It may come down to "how much credence" the average person places on "fake news?"

How effective will Morning Joe, Chris Cuomo and other media personalities be in shaping the paradigms their audiences? They selectively discuss every conceivable negative tidbit, while essentially ignoring achievements and accomplishments of the Trump administration.The information they are spouting is "distorted at best, non-existent at worst."

Unfortunately, all too many people will not confirm actual validity.

Many don't want to know.

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