Monday, August 27, 2018

Session's Unexpected Ploy Could Spell Destruction for ANTIFA

ANTIFA has Marxist orientations.

For those seeking insight into what's unfolding, please google

Former Idaho Congressman, Curtis Bowers spells it out. This extremely well done, 93- minute documentary is worth every penny of the $15 dollar investment.

I recall chatting with Bowers, one night in Louisville at an American Family Foundation seminar. He told me at the time that he planned a sequel. I haven't seen it. But, it might exist. What the Congressman revealed in his initial offering, "Agenda-Grinding America Down," was not pretty!

Essentially Bowers translates "Socialism" to "big government."

ANTIFA is violent.

Socialism plus violence equal Communism.

In a previous post, we discussed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions and his apparent reluctance to do his job. Most Republicans are resigned to the fact that nothing can be done until after the midterms. After that point, his resignation, or termination, looks imminent.

Session beats to his own drum. Why he has turned a blind eye toward the Mueller probe, while virtually ignoring infractions committed by both the council and the other side, cannot be fully explained.

His agenda? I'm not sure that even the President knows! I don't often agree with Lindsey Graham. But, I am totally with him in that Trump, or any President, deserves to have a cabinet that is consistent with his agenda. The American people elected Donald Trump. Not Jeff Sessions!

Still, Sessions might take the heat for what could be the most controversial move in modern history. Here is how it could unfold.

Sessions appears committed to upholding the current immigration laws. It would not be inconceivable for him to issue a mandate to sanctuary city mayors: "Turn over all criminal illegal aliens in seven days. Or, face arrest on the grounds of "aiding and abetting criminals" and "obstruction of justice."

Could Sessions legally do this? Absolutely!

Let's think about this for a minute. Imagine Sessions issuing warrants for the arrests of Gavin Newsom, Rahm Emanuel and Bill de Blasio. If those criminal illegals aren't delivered as ordered, it could happen!

ANTIFA would react. Suddenly, there would be terrorism on the streets of San Francisco, Chicago and New York. Their immediate targets would be the local police forces and ICE. Overwhelmed, law enforcement would appeal to Washington for help.

Then what?

What is uncertain is what Sessions might do. Especially if he met resistance in the manner anticipated.

Donald Trump would not back down. ANTIFA is violence manifested. They are Marxists seeking to overthrow the United States of America. Nothing less. In all likelihood, the President would view resistance as the culmination of a long festering feud between the left and the right.

The measure of "great" versus "good" is defined on how a crisis is confronted. Sessions would light the fuse. Trump would pull the trigger. He would have millions of allies.

We would be at the ultimate crossroads, a hair's breath away from Civil War. The President would first summon the National Guard to assist law enforcement maintain order, while the Attorney General's order was carried out. From a legal perspective, this is the correct move.

He could further his case for denying federal funding from sanctuary cities. ANTIFA's action would add fuel to the flame. But this would take months, a new Congress and might never get out of the chute!

The wildcard in this entire scenario is if California opted to secede. There is certainly support for "Calexit." In the event that the state did go that route, they would be handing the President a "gift," beyond imagination!

Suddenly the President would be on familiar ground. In 1861 Abraham Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to suppress the rebellion. If Trump called for "volunteers" to suppress the rebellion, the numbers would likely top one million! They would see it as their patriotic duty to "preserve the Union."

These would not be Sunday soldiers! 90% of them would be men, ages 18-50 of all colors, races and national origins. Many would be veterans. While CNN would have you believe that "only white people love America," the American idea is as diverse as the love of a hamburger!

What ANTIFA, and California's left, may be miscalculating is that this grassroots opponent has been longing for this moment for decades! Throughout America, in basements of all shapes and sizes, sit automatic and semi-automatic weapons. We are not talking about squirrel guns! More like assault rifles, automatic handguns and thousands of rounds.

A huge number of the "loyalists" would be Californians. In their thinking, "deliverance had come at last!"

The universal cry would echo from all parts of the nation: "Just tell us who to report to, Mr. President. Don't worry about transportation or weapons. We've got that covered. Our friends in those locales will take care of the rest."

You might say, Jeff Sessions would have opened up the "ultimate barrel of eels!"

While confrontational and pugnacious, ANTIFA would be no match for these ready made warriors. It is probable that the entire movement would cease to exist in a few hours.

Just imagine! A 39-year-old veteran showing up in San Francisco with a 12 gauge pump in his hands, an AR-15 over his shoulder, a nine mm in his belt and an Arkansas toothpick in his boot! Not to mention blood, in his eye!

The watchwords: "Let's cleanse the continent of Communist traitors."

Would not the mainstream media have a field day? I can only imagine how Chuck Todd would react!

At first they would! Then, they would face the grim conclusion that if they sided with ANTIFA, they would be lumped into the Marxist hopper. And, if they supported Calexit, they would be considered traitors and interned indefinitely. Lincoln did it.

Many in the MSM might see such action as their "journalistic duty!" Until, they received their pink slips! Speaking of CNN...Has anyone noticed that they have lost 25% of their audience over the past twelve months. Media companies won't lose money indefinitely.

At this point, many ANTIFA sympathizers would be heading for the exits! Don't be surprised if leftist college professors follow. There is already a nationwide movement for states to stop funding state colleges and universities who exercise bias.

Amazingly, the storm would pass as quickly as it started. These "millions of allies" would return to their homes quietly. Calexit would have been crushed. Those leaders of the movement would be given the same punishment as military and political leaders of the Confederacy were given: "They would be permanently disenfranchised and prohibited from holding future political office. The punishment would include their children and grandchildren.

Meanwhile, it would be business as usual in Washington. Except that many seats in Congress and the Senate would be vacant, as was the case in 1868 when "birthright citizenship" was introduced.

With the Communist element temporarily discredited, America would finally accomplish long coveted objectives. They would include, but not be limited to, a peaceful working relationship with N.A.T.O., Russia, Iran, North Korea, China and the Middle East. We would see Trump's wall built and an immigration standard that would be in the nation's interest.

Many more decisions would be diverted to the individual states, in accordance with the 10th amendment. This would result in the need for less government at the federal level.

English would become the official language. Picture voter I.D. cards would be required. There would be a requirement that "only U.S. citizens" would be allowed to vote. Congressional representation would be based on "citizens and not persons."

Taxes and health care would fall in, based on needs of the many as opposed to needs of the few. Because immigration reform would include new qualifications for entitlements, money would be freed up to shore up both Social Security and Medicare.

Sounds relatively routine. Maybe it would be. It goes back to Thomas Jefferson's pronouncement.

"The liberty tree benefits from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots."

Hopefully, there would be very little bloodshed. Smart money predicts that ANTIFA members would "run like scared rabbits."

Secession is another thing. The California left may think that the rest of the nation would let them depart quietly. I think the chances of that happening are slim and none! What they would do is give the rest of the nation an excuse to do what is needed in the "Golden State:" Reconstruction.

In the end, the problematic Sessions could ultimately position the President to destroy a destructive element. ANTIFA is Marxist in origin and has nothing save destruction in mind for America. Yet face to face with their enemy, those "god fearing, bible thumping, gun toting, deplorables," they will crumple like "cheese to a knife." Along the way, they will "stimulate implosion" of the corrupt left.

People should be careful what they wish for.

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