Monday, September 30, 2019

A.A.'s Should be Furious with Democrats, Neo-Cons

The first noticeable distinction between 2016 and 2019 is the number of new cars now occupying the roadways.

The second noticeable distinction between 2016 and 2019, are the increased numbers of black faces greeting you when you drive through a McDonalds, walk into a Kroger or enter a bank.

In essence, people who were looking in from the outside in '16, are now in the middle of things. Working! And, working for companies that provide benefits and longevity.

True, there are the cynics, who find disfavor in everything. Yet the fact that more Americans are working today than ever, can't be slighted! I hear the naysayers now. They called it "trickle down economics." As in, the rich get richer and the poor get the "crumbs." That was Nancy Pelosi's description.

Amazingly, even Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, the two leading "progressive" candidates vying for the right to face Donald Trump in 2020, have deleted a major point. They have talked about the rich getting richer. But, they have been vague as to "how" the rich have gotten richer.

Here's a tip: The President's "American First" agenda is about, "charity beginning at home." In short, take care of Americans first!
This translates to using every means possible to encourage American companies to keep their plants and factories within our shores.

Neo-Cons, such as Mitt Romney, Carly Fiorina and the late John McCain described themselves as "free traders." Which translates to, "the best jobs are those that can be outsourced."

The border crisis hasn't been solved, but is solvable. It's about "having the will" to solve it. Neither Progressives or Neo-Cons have showed must interest in a solution. Why should they? For Progressives it's about new voters. For Neo-Cons, it's about cheap labor. Never mind "who" in America gets hurt by this posture!

When you push for open borders, you hurt Americans at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder. Traditionally, these Americans are black and brown. You do it by depressing the wage. When you have people slipping into the country, living in the shadows and accepting less for their labors, this is the result.

We're not exclusively talking about Eight-dollar-per-hour jobs! I recall my wife's friend's husband sharing a poignant story that exemplified "why" Corporate CEO's tend to be so wealthy.

"Roger," a $46,000 per year technician working in Hewlett Packard's Sacramento office, was called in one Friday.

His boss related, "I have some good news and some bad news, Roger. The bad news is that your job's being outsourced to India. The good news is that you'll be able to stay on six months; to train your Indian replacement."

Bad news! But, it could have been worse!

In the following weeks Roger learned that his Indian counterpart would be paid $9800 per year. This represented a significant savings for the company. As then CEO, Carly Fiorina phrased, "it's about acknowledging that ours is a global economy and we must make the necessary adjustments."

Donald Trump came on the scene and immediately saw the fallacies in the Trans Pacific Partnership. For Fortune 500 companies, it brought greater access to sweatshop East Asian labor. That it might compromise the American worker, well...

I recall a friend from J.P. Morgan Chase who whispered, "you see all the empty cubicles. These used to house 35k per year Universal Bankers. But why pay that when someone in the Philippines will do the same job for $7,000 per year?

I can't spite Warren or Sanders too much for their slip up. Neither are business people. They talk about increasing disparity of incomes. But has either come out with proposed legislation that would include, but not be limited to, a "prodigious outsourcing tax" for these American companies who choose to take their jobs offshore?

This China trade war is really not a trade war. It's about punishing American companies who elected to move their plants to Mainland China. Here they have been able to take advantage of the Totalitarian Chinese Government, the docile Chinese population and slave labor conditions. It does make for a better bottom line!

What mystifies me is "why" our mainstream media has not brought all of this to the nation's attention! Maybe it's because they too, are "globalists," caring little for their countrymen.

Even more baffling is why especially Black Americans have not seen through it! You look at long term Congressional members, Maxine Waters and Elijah Cummings then look at how people live in their districts. Then you ask, "how" can their constituents keep electing them! Stokely Carmichael once posed this question.

In short, they can hate Donald Trump with every ounce of vigor in their soul. He never promised that he was going to be their "buddy." What he has done is stood up for them; against Democrats advocating open borders and depressed wages and Neo-Cons seeking to siphon off their prosperity to a foreign country.

It thoroughly pisses me off! And I am not even Black!

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